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    Hello, I'm back with a new minigame plugin request.
    ===THE BASICS===
    Set spawnpoints, the lobby point, and the endpoint. The kits each have special abilities based on the mob. The kits also have a specific regen time, a cost to use and armor. Some abilities can block certian types of attacks or make them do more damage.
    You can only select one ability per item the kit gets in the lobby.
    Uses Essentials Eco to buy kits.
    When you join a game and are teleported to the lobby and click a mob set my /mdmsetmob, it opens a GUI. In the gui, there is a large chest box layout. In 5 rows going downward, there is an Iron Sword, Iron Axe, Iron Shovel, a Bow, and a glass bottle. When you hover over each of them, they say "[Item] Skill" (for the glass bottle, it says "Passive Skill"). 2 boxes over from each of the items, there are books with each of the abilities and descriptions listed on the books when you hover your mouse over them. When you click on a book ability, the ability is equiped and linked to your item it was listed under. You can only select one ability/book for each row.
    Same as enchantwars only with /mdm as the prefix and without the setenchantlobby command.
    Passive (Always is activated)
    ===THE KITS===
    > Zombie
    Cost: FREE
    Regen: 0.15 per second
    Armor: 3.5
    - SWORD: None
    - AXE:
    Venomous Bite
    Cooldown: 6 seconds
    Lunge forward, dealing KB2, 5 damage, and posion for 4 seconds to whoever you collide with.
    Death's Grasp
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Must be right clicked near an enemy within 2 blocks. When used, hold the enemy in place for 1 second, and you recieve slowness 3. Afterwards, they are thrown forward (power of KB3) and take 7 damage.
    - SHOVEL:
    Undead Awakening
    Cooldown: 13 seconds
    Summon 3 zombies surrounding anyone within 6 blocks of you. Zombies do not burn in sunlight.
    - BOW:
    Rotten Flesh Launcher
    Cooldown: 2 seconds
    You can only fire your bow every 2 seconds, and when you do - launch a piece of rotten flesh that deals KB3, 3 damage and poison for 3 seconds.
    - PASSIVE:
    Every time you hurt your opponent, you have a 15% chance of infecting them for 7 seconds, giving slowness 2, weakness 1, nausia 2 and regeneration 1.
    > Skeleton
    Cost: FREE
    Regen: 0.2 per second
    Armor: 4.5
    - SWORD: None
    - AXE:
    Bone Shotgun
    ooldown: 6 seconds
    Shoot a bone in front of you that deals 4 damage and KB3.
    - SHOVEL:
    Bone Explosive
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Place a bone at your feet. If any enemies come within 3 blocks of it, it explodes, dealing 8 damage and KB2.
    - BOW:
    Inferno Arrow
    Cooldown: 12 seconds
    Your next arrow will be on fire, dealing +3 damage. Also iflicts burn and KB3 instead of the regular KB2.
    Trap Arrow
    Cooldown: 14 seconds
    Your next arrow will stop your enemy in their tracks completely in a wall of webs (2x1 blocks), for 4 seconds.
    - PASSIVE: None
    ===Essentials ECO Earnings:===
    +5 per kill
    +25 per win
    Same as enchantwars.
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