Mob Arena Class Permissions HELP!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kbrad1760, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Okay so I have at least been reading and exploring this field for ages but nothing is working! I want to add /fly command to a class in mob arena. In the config I do - like what the mob arena wiki says, and it should give /fly to my class, but when I go into the arena it does not work! I use essentials group manager plugin if anyone knows what is wrong can you please help! Thanks heaps.
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    can they do /efly? if yes, then another plugin is overriding /fly.
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    Nah they cannot do /efly
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    if it says no permission, paste permissions file. if something else, mention it.
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    Have you added the command to the allowed-commands list in your MobArena config?
            enabled: true
            allowed-commands: /list, /pl, /fly
    If so, do you have WorldGuard? You may be blocking the command via a flag on WorldGuard.

    Are you getting an error.log for it?
    Are you making sure you've done it correctly with
    Have you tried any other permissions plugins?
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    Okay it worked thanks heaps Kolugo, your the best :p

    Okay now I have another issue. All the classes can do /fly xD, I did - to remove the permission from the class but it still does not want to work. The wiki even says this and I am doing it right...

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