Mmorpg Attribute System

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lordfulger, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version:
    1.7.10 (I like this version a lot)​

    Suggested name:
    Mmorpj Attribute System​

    What I want:

    1. I am creating an mmorpg server, not another one of those cheap ones, but a really good one and one that I feel could possibly hit around the tops. (When I get serious, I get serious)
    2. So for this plugin request, I have been looking all over, days and days of research (legit) to find an attribute system that is handled in a gui format and not in the chat similar to that of hack slash mine. Forexample, if you level up, via normal experience, you will get a certain amount of attribute points that you can spend on a certain stat. Here is a picture to convey my words.
    3. This plugin would have a good config that I could freely edit so as to add more attributes (Agility, Strength, Archery, Magic, Vitality, etc). This is a plugin that I feel many people have been looking for and just haven't gotten to creating one. As of right now, I am trying to learn how to code so I can try to create plugins that I need but I am no where near that level.
    Thank you for hearing me out.
    ~ Lordfulger​

    Ideas for commands:

    Not too many commands as this would mainly be in GUI format that is accessible via pressing a key.​
    • /give atr (player)
    • /set atr (player)
    • /remove atr (player)
    • /reset atr (player)
    Ideas for permissions:
    I am not to familiar with permissions but:​
    • player.allowatr.
    When I'd like it by:
    Whenever you can get it done. I'd like it soon but I'm not in a huge rush as I can be building while it is being finished. Maybe a 2/3 month time frame (It would be great to be sooner).​
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    First of all

    I like how you wrote I agree to the .... XD second, I do this! I got an idea but not sure. Any idea for The GUI itself? Like hover over an item in custom config or?
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    Awesome! For the GUI I was thinking along the lines of something like how Hack Slash Mine works. It can be in the inventory (to the side, top, bottom) or like most mmos do it, pressing J or K (depends on the user). It shouldn't be to fancy but yet not dull. I really like how Aura Kingdom did theirs LINK. I think that either way would be cool, easy on the eyes, and help flow with the theme.

    I was faced with the problem, should I have classes? But I think I will not so as to provide a fully customizable character without restrictions. Want his to have all points in strength but have no defense, be my guest. Want all that defense but no vitality, if it suits you. You want to be evenly distributed? Go on ahead. Want to go only certain atr? Good idea. You know what I mean?
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    I'm limited to minecraft only ofcourse. Otherwise we are talking about a mod and not a plugin. The best way I can access a GUI is opening a custom inventory In Minecraft with a different title and blocks in there, any idea? I might have an idea .
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    Right, it is for Minecraft. Yeah, the GUI can be a part of the inventory just like in Hack Slash Mine but have a look similar to the Aura Kingdom GUI. What do you mean by different title and blocks?
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    Yeah, if you can only do it as part of the inventory GUI, that is fine with me :D
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