Missing Spawn Protection In server.properties

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by creepycreeper, Aug 14, 2011.

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    THe title says it all. I've seen people say , " Yeah, just change spawn-protection to o " If only I could do that. I'm running the latest build and with too many plugins to list. The problem is that I can't build, edit or place anythings within the spawn protection unless I'm OP, which is no problem for me but I personally don't like everyone on the server being OP. That means no one can open doors, place blocks, open chests or even sleep on beds.

    I'd make it 0, but I can't find it. Maybe the problem lies with other plugins, but I've tried editing with nearly all region/spawn-related plugins. Can I just edit the file to add spawn-protection=? I hope so.

    And I've seen other who faced this problem but not give descriptions as to how they solved it. Any answer would be hopeful

    PS: It's a little confusing, so the main thing is theres a spawn protection on my server but I can't edit it in the properties file. Cheers
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    One of the recent versions of Bukkit created the bukkit.yml file. It is in the same directory as the server.properties file. In the bukkit.yml file, you can change spawn-radius to 0 and all of your problems will be solved.
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    Just give me a minute to search for the file, I have to broadcast a server wide shutdown and make sure everyone gets it.


    Btw, thanks for the mighty fast reply. I knew I could trust Bukkit forums :p

    Owh, I forgot to reply last night, dozed off in front of my PC. Yeap, it worked. I don't know why I missed that out ;) Should check it more often. Thnx a lot eh!

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