[MISC] WheatHeal v2.0.1- Heal your friends by hitting them with Food! [1.1-R4]

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    Wheat Heal
    Current Version: 2.0.1​

    Ever wished you could heal your friends? Now you can with WheatHeal! Left click any player with wheat (or anything else), and they will be healed (by default) half a heart, while costing you one piece of wheat. Now with customisable values, ingame commands, permissions support, and Tools!

    Version 2.0.1 has been released fixing the null pointer error from 2.0 .

    WheatHeal version 2.o is out!
    With the addition of Tools, and support for Minecraft 1.8, alot of changes have been added with this update.

    We now are on BukkitDev! Go to http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wheatheal/ to get help, information, and get alternate links to downloads.

    As always, put WheatHeal.jar in your plugins directory, and start Bukkit. It should work without any initial configuration. To change how much each food heals, however, edit WheatHeal/config.yml in your plugins folder. there you can also choose which foods are enabled, as well as which Permissions plugin to use. An example Configuration:
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    # WheatHeal Configuration File
    # Foods each have two values: healValue and enable
    # healValue decides how much a person is healed by (yes it can be negative...)
    # and enable is whether it will trigger the healing event.
    # If set to false, it can be used like normal, hitting people to do damage.
    # All heal values are in half hearts, therefore 10 equals five hearts.
    # Remember, YAML rules apply; Do not use Tabs!
            healValue: 3
            enable: true
            healValue: 3
            enable: true
            healValue: 10
            enable: true
            healValue: 7
            enable: true
            healValue: 7
            enable: true
            healValue: 2
            enable: true
            healValue: 5
            enable: true
            healValue: 3
            enable: true
            healValue: 4
            enable: true
            healValue: 20
            enable: true
            healValue: 4
            enable: true
            healValue: 10
            enable: true
            healValue: 8
            enable: true
            healValue: 6
            enable: true
            healValue: 7
            enable: true
            healValue: 1
            selfHeal: true
            enable: true
            healValue: 8
            enable: true
    # Decides how much health a player can be healed (yes, in such a way people can get more than 20 health)
    MaxHealth: 20
    # Whether to heal people directly or fill the food bar. False designates food bar filling.
    DirectHeal: false
    # Which permissions to use. Uses Permissions by default, set to true for bukkitPermissions
        useBukkit: false
    # Custom Tools:
    # Here you can define special tools to heal that WhatHeal will recognize.
    # Example tool:
    # Tools:
    #           Wool:
    #                   id:
    #                   type: 1
    #                   healValue: 5
    #                   damageTaken: 4
    # The first number is the id number of the item
    # The second number is the type. This can either be one or two.
    # One will make one of each of the item [U]dissappear[/U] when used to heal.
    # Two will make the tool take damage, eventually being destroyed.
    # The third is the heal value, same as before.
    # Fourth is the amount of damage a tool of type 2 will take.

    Note that the quantities are in half hearts.
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    /wh reload
    Permission: 'WheatHeal.commands.reload'
    Reloads the configuration file.
    /wh restore
    Permission: 'WheatHeal.commands.restore'
    Resets all values to default.
    /wh edit
    Permission: 'WheatHeal.commands.edit'
    Changes a value.
    /wh edit [item] [amount] - Sets the amount an item heals
    /wh edit [item] [true|false] - Dis- or Enables the given item

    /wh get
    Permission: 'WheatHeal.commands.get'
    Gets a value
    <no command>
    Permission: 'WheatHeal.heal'
    Allows player to heal others

    Currently implemented foods:
    • Wheat
    • Pork
    • Cooked Pork
    • Fish
    • Cooked Fish
    • Bread
    • Cookie
    • Apple
    • Golden apple
    • Mushroom stew
    • Red and Brown Mushrooms
    • Cake! (this.[cake] != Lie )(unless of course i am lying:))
    To do list:
    • Water buckets
    Known Problems:
    • None!
    Changelog (open)

    Version 2.0.1
    • Fixes NPE
    Version 2.0
    • Added tools! Create them in the conf by the specifications of the directions, and have personalised healing tools!
    • MC 1.8 Support, it now feeds people by default, though you can still go back to the old methods byt changeing the correct conf Node.
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed API, will be creating a tutorial for hooking in very soon.
    • Annotated conf! TO get the latest version you will need to delete your old config.yml file.
    Version 1.1
    • Added get, edit, restore, and reload commands
    • Added API
    • Throw an egg, and they're healed!
    • Heal yourself with wheat (same as healing others with wheat)
    Version 1.0
    • New permission! To heal you now must have the wheatheal.heal permission!
    • Fixed infinite heal with one item
    Version 0.4
    • Added Milk, eggs, sugar, and sugarcane
    • Fixed a bunch of errors in 0.3
    Version 0.3
    • Added Cake and Mushrooms
    • Small fixes
    Version 0.2
    • Added Pork, fish, Bread, Coookies, Apples, and Mushroom Soup.
    • Mushroom Soup returns a bowl
    • Added "/wh reload" command
    • Config file now has controll over which foods are used and what they heal.
    • You cannot heal people beyond ten hearts now
    • Added permissions/Bukkit Permissions support
    Version 0.1 (initial release)

    Very special thanks to @EdTheLoon and @Lathanael who are both collaborating on this plugin.

    Also thanks to @BR_ , who helped me develop this plugin.

    Source Code

    Old versions:
    2.0(CB: 1185)
    1.2(CB: 1060)
    0.1 (CB: 1000)
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    So you basically shove food down their throat! Very nice, hope this gets accepted.
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    Thanks, i like your take on it.
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    Instead of hardcoding the food items, you could add it to the config - the ID and the health it heals.
    Also, a little offtopic, could you add an option to take health instead of items? For instance, punching someone with a sand block hurts you half a heart and heals them a full heart..
    Also, a little less offtopic, will this work when PVP is off?
    Anyways, nice plugin :)
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    I will update as soon as i get home from vacation.

    No, that didnt occur to me, i will test if it works without PvP. I also like the idea for including the designated food items in a conf, and it is on my to-do list

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    I'm interested in helping out with this if you would like?
  8. Suggestion:
    1. Tie in with Bandages Plug-In so you can heal them with wool. (it occurs to me this functionality may already exist).
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    Hmm, not a bad idea. List will be added later, so i guess anything will be posible.
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    Title needs to include the latest release build ie. [953]
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    Thank you for the notification, you may have noticed this is already addressed.
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    Very interesting! My server's players are asking for it. Is it compatible with 953+ ?
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    Glad to see people will use it! I believe it will, but I can't test it until tomorrow.
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    Thank you

    Updated to newest RB, should work now

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    good job :D Please could you add permissions?
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    Sure. What exactly do you want to be controlled by Permissions?

    Version 0.2 is almost finished! We are currently looking for testers; if you are interested, please send me a message

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    *poke* hi :)
    EDIT: this means that I am interested (wasn't very clear)
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    1. recieving the wheat heal
    2. ability to use the wheat heal
    Greetings from germany and thx for the fast reply :D
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    It is amazing to see that Bukkit truly spans the world. Salutations from America :)
    I will add them to the Todo list, probably in version 0.3, or maybe 1.0. Permissions has been added for a command, but what that is shall be seen when .2 is released .
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    Yay, slapping people with pork and (soon to come) greasy steak sounds fun XD
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    Can't wait for others food :)
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    Need update :(
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    I know, it is mostly finished, but i keep running into errors, and i cant find anyone to test on(it requires two). I think i may have fixed the last major problem last night, but i havent tested it yet. I could release a fairly buggy version right now, but i dont want to ruin anyones day with it.
    EDIT: I just now fixed two or three big problems. To see how it is going, find the "source code" link above and press the comits button on github. There you will see as we fix more problems, and hopefully when we finish.
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    Cool :) ! But sorry i can't help you i'm not a deveoper at all ^^ ! But can't wait :) ! Great Works and i'm glad you keep working on this plugin !
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    If you are interested, you could help in one way. I have no way to test this; With only one account, i need to have a friend come help, and it is rare when they can. If you want to try testing it, it would allow me to release it much sooner.
  27. What do you need? someone to connect to your server? I'll gladly help ;)
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    Either that or to try it o your own server. if you are willing, i am running a test server with it on it, which i have been using for testing if i have someone to test with. Thanks for the offer :D
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    Ok, i can try !
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    Its out now, but thanks anyway!

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