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    TimeLapse - Record in 3d, play back at any speed
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin is the response to the age-old problem of "Who will sit out to record the time-lapse video of our build operation?" The answer? Nobody! This plugin records block changes in a highly compressed format and lets anyone who knows the recording ID play it back to themselves. Nobody else sees the playback, so multiple people can be playing different recordings in the same place at the same time.

    • /record stop
    • /record start [chunk radius] [ticks per frame] [frames per keyframe]
    • /playback stop
    • /playback start <recording ID>
    • /playback speed <percent>
    The /record command is for OPs only. /playback can be used by any player.

    This plugin does not modify any blocks, so it's perfectly safe to play back multiple recordings near each other while an area is being built in.

    Download - Source Code

    Still don't get it?

    Version 0.2
    • Added superperms code (disabled for now)
    • Fixed bug where keyframes would not store the correct data
    • Added workaround for recordings containing the keyframe bug
    • Fixed recording with a radius of 1 (the default)
    • Added a few more sanity checks to the commands
    • Fixed recording of data value changes when block type did not change
    • Added chunk refresh after playback finishes
    • Crossed out cryptic joke in 0.1 changelog
    • Added high volume explanation to 0.1 changelog
    Version 0.1 (5 downloads)
    • Added the ability to release this plugin in this topic IT'S A JOKE THERE WAS NO PREVIOUS VERSION HOW COULD I CHANGE ANYTHING
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    Is the author going to update this?
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    Is there a problem with it?
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    I'm a little confused here. When the recording is made, is it a static camera or can I wander around while the playback is happening?
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    It was throwing Java errors everywhere until I realized that it was a problem with another plugin.
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    Everytime i do the command : /playback start 2011-7-5 i get connection los ...
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    It does NOT work!
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    Any new updates for 1060?
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    yes, whenever i do the /record command, it just shows the /record [chunk] [ticks] [frames] no matter what i do
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    Eehm im having a small problem here, everytime a playback the hole server crash-.- i did like this:
    /record start 4 2 2 then when i was done i did
    /record stop and i made short once like 100 frames,
    then i did /playback 2011-11-22-1 ... the id for the TL , then the server crashed, i tryied 3 times,
    some help here?:p
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    If you look at the build number it is very, very out of date
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    This is an incredible plugin. It's just when you play back your recording, can you walk around while it is building or is it recorded from a fixed point?
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    Hahaha yeah you can walk around. It's not actually recording from your client. It records the block changes and then reacreates those. So when you do playback it is as if someone else is building the thing you where building before. As if you get another player and ask him to rebuild it, only the server rebuilds it itself.
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    i have two questions:
    1. is it possible to record players, too?
    2. will it be updated?
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    so is this video stored in a file on the server so i can download it and show it on youtube. or can this be a up coming feature
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    Any chance someone can link me something similar but up-to-date ?

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