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    SpoutCoords - Coordinates for Spoutcraft:
    Version: 0.6.1

    This plugin will allow those players who are using Spoutcraft, the Spout client, to have updating, on-screen coordinates. Players who have Spoutcraft can press F4 to toggle these coordinates. Requires: Spout & Spoutcraft

    • Enables F3 like coordinates for those using Spoutcraft
    • Permissions
    • Fix coordinates flashing and disappearing
    Screenshot (open)

    Source Code
    Bukkit Dev

    Version 0.6.1
    • Fixed "You don't have permission to do that" issue.
    Version 0.6.0
    • Updated to CB1185 & Spout 381
    • Fixed Pemissions error
    • Refactored code
    Version 0.5.0

    • Updated to latest Spout RB
    • Compass
    • Easter Egg
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial Release
    Thanks to the entire SpoutDev team for both Spout and their assistance in helping me get this working.
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    OK, thanks, waiting...
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    Hello, I found somes issues with your plugin.

    Two player cannot active spoutcoords at the same time, if a second/third/... player want to activate spoutcoords he need to press F4 two times, the first time to disable spoutcoords for the last player who used F4 and the second to enable spoutcoords for himself.

    When two or more players enable spoutcoords at the same time they get coordinates of all the players who activated spoutcoords.
    Numbers displayed are those of the lastest player to move.
    This persist even after a player disconnected from the server.

    Appart from that, you plugins is really great, everyone on my server enjoy using it.

    I hope I'm undersantable since English isn't my native language.
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    I am having trouble fixing this right now, I am waiting on the SpoutcraftAPI to be ready to fix this properly.
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    i got a request:
    Can you stop the enable/disable coordinates log directly into the console and logs into a file? SpoutCoordinates\log.txt
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    That may not be a feature when I re-introduce it as SpoutcraftCoords.
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    i don't want to use default...
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    I also found that with this module missing the permissions node, users who use spout that are not admins get "You don't have permissions for that". for every step they take.

    Update: I added SpoutCoords.* to the group and the message went away.
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    Found the error...need to swap around a couple of if statements. That means I have to get to the computer that has the release code on it to fix it. :oops:
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    does this work with the newest versions of spout/bukkit?
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    It has for me.
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    So it's compatible with newest RB and we can safely use it?
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    I have not noticed anything broken, so it is compatible. I do have a small fix to make to some of the permissions stuff, and that will be out later today.

    Okay, 0.6.0 released.

    Fixed permissions error noted by dockter.
    Refactored namespace.

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    The permission bug noticed by dockter still there for me. :<
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    hmm I dont know what error their was before but with this new version every key I hit I get you dont have permission to do that.. even while in op...
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  16. @_infina_

    Same for me :/ Still there with or without the node 'SpoutCoords.*'

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    Same here >.<
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    0.6.1 will be out trying to fix the issue tomorrow @ 0900 Eastern.

    The offending bit of code:
    if(event.getKey() == Keyboard.KEY_F4){
                    SpoutPlayer player = event.getPlayer();
                    plugin.setCoords(player, !plugin.hasCoords(player));
                        System.out.println(player.getDisplayName() + " has enabled coordinates.");
                        System.out.println(player.getDisplayName() + " has diabled coordinates");
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    Its actually worse, for groups that have spoutcoords.* enabled, it even errors then.
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    I really don't program in Java, I just have a little knowlendge... but the error message we all are getting, occurs when hitting ANY key, not just F4. And the error message says "You don't have permission to do that."

    Sorry if I'm mistaken, just trying to help.
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    Version 0.6.1 fixed it. For some reason I cannot fathom, I put my own error message in the code. Gone now.
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    Pro tip: How about you update the OP and BukkitDev page to include what the permission node is...I shouldnt have to look through a whole thread hunting for it in a reply somewhere.
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    True, same here. Two times hunted for it.
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    Also, there appears to be glitching when multiple people are using it, between it updating my co-ordinates it seems to display other peoples.
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    Confirmed. We had to disable it on server to prevent exploits. :(
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    Any update coming to this soon? Coordinates some times jump all over the place by 3000+ or more. Randomly disappear from the screen, takes multiple F4 attempt before they reappear.
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    I am waiting on SpoutcraftAPI to be ready. I have most of the code for it ready.
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    The SpoutCoords shows the wrong coordinates. So the y-coord. is +1 as via F3 (example: F3 69, SpCo 70)
    Can you fix it?
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    It is not actually an error, the program is casting a float to an int. It is accurate, just not precise.
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    spoutcoords broken since spoutcraft 787
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    Hmmm strange, I have a similar error: It doesn't show up any coordinates if I press F4. Could you please upload the code for 0.6.1 so I may take a look?


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