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    SpoutCoords - Coordinates for Spoutcraft:
    Version: 0.6.1

    This plugin will allow those players who are using Spoutcraft, the Spout client, to have updating, on-screen coordinates. Players who have Spoutcraft can press F4 to toggle these coordinates. Requires: Spout & Spoutcraft

    • Enables F3 like coordinates for those using Spoutcraft
    • Permissions
    • Fix coordinates flashing and disappearing
    Screenshot (open)

    Source Code
    Bukkit Dev

    Version 0.6.1
    • Fixed "You don't have permission to do that" issue.
    Version 0.6.0
    • Updated to CB1185 & Spout 381
    • Fixed Pemissions error
    • Refactored code
    Version 0.5.0

    • Updated to latest Spout RB
    • Compass
    • Easter Egg
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial Release
    Thanks to the entire SpoutDev team for both Spout and their assistance in helping me get this working.
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    This is useful! I'll try it out.

    Any chance with BukkitPermissions? (Maybe want to give it to certain user's) ;)
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    maybe when I get around to finding some extra features that would fall into a similar area as what this already does.
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    very nice!, really needed this :)
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    I would say compass. Maybe even some kind of radar that's got no terrain data still purely server side where could send dots on the map? Locations maybe?
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    It might be worth changing it so that it only updates when a player changes block position.

    Also, it seems you are creating a new label each time. Have to admit I haven't looked much into the label side of things, but depending on how it is implemented, that could cause a memory leak.
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    I fixed that before building. I just haven't pushed the changes yet.
    Edit: Pushed the changes.
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    You know server admins can turn the cords back on in the spout config right? by setting allowvisual cheats to true

    Kind of pointless if you ask me maybe add some other features might make it a bit more useful :D Nice start never the less.
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    I think the idea is that it is just coords. Using f3 uses up around 1/3 of the screen.

    Btw, does this work if there are 2 players online? :). You need 1 label per player right ?
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    Haven't been able to test with 2 players.

    Confirmed for v0.5.0: (in about 2 weeks)(my schedule is going to be a little tight.)
    • Permissions Support
    • Directional indicator (Sun rises in the north)

    • Easter eggs
    • Config file

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    Doesnt work, hitting F4 toggles it but it flashes random numbers and then dissappears.
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    Make sure you have Spout running.
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    That would be interesting. It should disable itself without spout loaded.

    Did it show any errors(on either server or from spoutcraft)? How many players were using it at the time? CB build and Spout Build numbers? Plugins that you have on the server? Give me as Much info as you can about this issue.
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    i got the same problen. no errors in the consol or in the spoutcraft client.:confused:
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    Nice plug in! This may already be covered in your comment about the config file; however, would like to the ability to change location on screen.
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  17. What sun/cloud texture is that on the screenshot??
    Its beautiful!
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    I don't find a spout config file for the server. Maybe anyone can tell me where to find it?
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    When you install the server plugin spout makes a folder called spout in the plugins folder of the server inside the spout folder there is a config file inside that there is a setting called allowvisualcheats set it to true.
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    yes, and it takes up a good portion of the screen with stuff most people don't care about.
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    Simon Welker

    Will give me bad packet id errors :( Any chance of fixing that?
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    The coordinates seems to be sometimes laggy or flashing wrong values. Usually this works ok, tho.

    Is it possible to make this mod as responsive and accurate as the default F3 coordinates?
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    I am working on that. I should have something a little better in a month or so.

    I believe I know what the issue is. It is caused by two or more people using them at the same time. I will work on a different way to get them on the screen, and it may be more stable.

    know what packets that they are?

    Use the Bukkitdev page for issues now. It will make it easier for me to track and respond/fix.
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    I would also like to know what sun/cloud texture pack you used for that pic =)
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    Simon Welker

    It was 163 right now, and I remember before it was... 127, and 160, but that's only a guess. Also, this happens only when I press it two and more times, but the thing is, that it won't show up when I press f4 just one time.
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    Working on a fix. Other than that 0.5.0 is ready to go.

    LB Photorealism x256 5.5.2
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    i agree a compass readout would be nice. a lot of worldedit operations need it and you always wind up typing /compass or whatever.
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    Spout is about to go to 1.0.5, and Afforess just broke everything, so I will be waiting until that is released.
    0.5.0 update list:
    • compass with the coordinates
    • permissions
    • anything else I can think of while I wait.
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    Could you make it like More Info mod that comes with CJB Mod Pack, or is it not possible before SpoutcraftAPI is released? SpotMoreInfo :rolleyes:
    Screenshot snippet
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    right now I am going to limit it, but I will work on something like that when the client-side API is usable. (server-side would use too much bandwidth)
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