Inactive [MISC] Sign Utilities v1.8- Color, edit and more [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by timcolonel, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Nice !!! Could you add a support for mysql with your news system ?

    I mean : for exemple we make a sign with [news] written on the first line and then it load automaticaly from a mysql table a content.

  3. See the plugin submission guidelines stickied in this forum if you want your plugin approved.
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    It is save in a yml file for the moment there is the name and the text. The admin can modif it without going in the game.
    But I dont't know how mysql works and if I really need it.

    Thanks for your intrest
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    Really cool plugin.
    Please read the plugin submission.
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    I think the Download Link may be broken.. When attempting to Download via MediaFire I get the Error: "Error downloading file. Retrying... "
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    Thanks for the information, I think it's fixed now!
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    Hello. Hum... I found a problem. In fact, the reprint of the sign who are not on the ground (I mean, laid on a wall) don't works. It says "No sign detected (The sign may have been removed)". But there is a sign, and it's on the side of a block of dirt. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french and the only thing I had it's my brain (not a good thing at all) and google traduction...
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    thanks for the information now it is fixed.

    Ps: don't hesitate to send me private message in French!!!!
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    Every time I right click and select a sign to edit it and type "/setcolor gold 1" it says "too much args"
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    Hello, did you download the version 1.0 and is it a wall or standing sign you are using?
    I tried on my server and it's working so check if you download the version 1.0 which corrected the wall sign bug.
    If it's still not working show me some screenshots
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    Thanks, I had 0.9. I'll let you know if this doesn't work.
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    Really ? Ok, let's go ^o^

    Merci beaucoup d'avoir réglé ce problème aussi rapidement. Ça m'a embêté de pas pouvoir modifier les panneaux sur les murs... Bref, les personnes sur mon serveur apprécient beaucoup ton plugin et moi de même d'ailleurs ^o^
    Je cherchais depuis un petit moment un plugin me permettant d'éditer les panneaux, tu peux pas savoir comment je suis heureux :D Et les couleurs mettent un peu de joie pour remplacer le noir pessimiste de base.
    Bref, je te souhaite bonne continuation et j'espère que ton plugin ira au moins jusqu'à la 5.0 (avec plein plein de trucs inutiles :D ). Je tiens à préciser que j'ai sortit mon français niveau 2 pour pas avoir de méprises. XD

    P.S. : Je sais que c'est pas un message privé mais j'avais envie de faire ça. :)
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    Je te remercie pour ton interet pour mon plugin. Ceci est tres encourageant. N'hesite pas a parler de mon plugin autour de toi.
    PS: Desole pour les accents, j'ai un clavier anglais!!!!
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    Et mais c'est que t'es carrément super bon en français ^o^
    T'es québécois ou un truc du genre ?

    Autrement, je vais essayer de parler de ton plugin autant que faire se peu, mais malheureusement je connais pas beaucoup de possesseur de serveur Minecraft... ^^' Mais je te promet de te faire autant de pub que possible! :cool: *mode warrior : on*
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    Je suis francais!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Et c'est dans ce genre de situation que j'ai l'air idiot. ^^' Bof, c'est pas grave, j'ai l'habitude. ^o^
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    This is a great and easy plugin to use, sir. Might I ask for one more feature if it's a possibility?

    When I have signs that are literally at maximum capacity I lose letters when I add a colour. Could you perhaps allow sign overloading so I can fit in a colour code and a full line of text? Thanks.
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    I saw that bug but it's a minecraft problem, we must wait Notch to fix it: only 15 characters are allowed and the colors takes some.

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    VERSION 1.1 OUT NOW: copy and paste commands have been added!!!
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    This is fantastic! It's just missing one feature I'd love to see: edit a sign with right click while holding a sign. With a permission node, something like (directly edit a sign).
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    Salut. ^^
    Je viens juste pour dire que maintenant on peut plus mettre de panneau sur un autre panneau (comme ça).

    Donc voilà, j'aimerais juste savoir si déjà ça vient de ton plugin et si tu était capable de régler ça.

    P.S. : Désolé si j'en demande trop...
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    Could you add a list of colors?
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    I do not reqlly understand what you mean. Do you want to see the screen where you print the text just by clicking with a sign on q other sign?

    Doyou mean on the post or somewhere else?
    By the way you can go in plugins/SignUtilities/Color.yml and had your own word or the colors:for example: use "wh" for white just write -'wh' in the white line.

    I have a bad internet connection for a few days so do not panic if there is no answer or if no update comes. The next update is planned for the 25 or 26(when I will be able to upload in fact)
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    Yes, to open the 'sign editing' screen (that normally shows when you first place a sign), when right clicking on a sign, and have what you have written already there on the screen.... so that you can replace it with whatever changes you make.

    (for those that just want to change 2 letters of a word or something, and dont want to have to type out the full command/message)
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    VERSION 1.2 OUT NOW: Commands on sign now in SignUtilities
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    WOA! Best EVER!
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    Just to keep you busy - here's another request :)

    redstone connected to a command sign will activate the command on the sign =)
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    Great idea, but for the direct sign I dont have any idea how to do it. I know that simpleSignEdit already do this but I dont know if it display the text which is on the sign or clear it all and you write as if it's a new sign

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