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    Selfless Enchanter

    Version: v1.0

    first of all, i want to apologize for my bad english (i'm italian)

    Hi, everybody i'm here to introduce you my first plugin.
    Selfless enchanter allows people to enchant other player's stuff, i've developed this plugin basically because i have the need to remotely enchant items through HTTP calls.
    So i've been thinking..."why not share my work with other people ?" maybe i can be helpful to someone ;)

    • allows people to enchant other player's stuff
    • allows people to enchant other player's stuff Using Server's Console
    • Lists all avaible enchantments showing EID,Max Level,Min Level
    • shows what is contained in 0-8 slots of a player's inventory
    • allows to apply all the supported enchantments at maximum level to an item
    Commands and Permissions:

    • shutdown your server
    • download the JAR file
    • put it in your plugin folder
    • start your server
    • it's Done !!
    no config file needed ;)

    Download Enchanter Plugin

    Source Code [Coming Soon]


    Version 1.0
    Released my plugin

    Please report me all bugs that you can find so i can fix them
    all tips are welcome :D
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    This could actually be very useful, especially for just full enchanting your own stuff.
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    Excllent plugin! Thank you! [zombie] Zombie luvs you! -Lol wut-

    Your Eternaly Insane Wolf,
    ~~iNsAnItY Wolf

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