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    ScrollingMenuSign - scrollable command menus
    Note: ScrollingMenuSign is now on dev.bukkit.org:

    All documentation for the plugin can now be found there. General discussion for the plugin is fine here, but please use dev.bukkit.org tickets for problem reports.

    ScrollingMenuSign lets you attach a scrollable command menu to any sign or map and add menu items to it. Right-click the sign to scroll the list of items, left-click it to select an item and execute its associated command. The inspiration for this plugin was the large number of Minecart Mania station names I (and others) have to remember and type in.

    Some possible uses:
    • A menu of station setting commands for Minecart Mania
    • Newbie user guide menus
    • Warp menus for your favourite teleportation plugin
    • A shop menu - buy/sell/swap items & credits
    • Controlled access to commands that users can't normally run

    See the Changelog on dev.bukkit.org
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    Sounds awesome! I'll give it a shot.
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    Me to.
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    Screens ? pls ?
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    Yeah, I'll see if I can get some screenies sorted soon.
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    changelog cannot be in a spoiler (only older changes can)
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    Fixed - most recent changelog is now outside any spoiler.

    Version 0.1.1 released with two bugfixes:
    • Fixed NPE on sign creation in some circumstances
    • Fixed problem where menus were destroyed if any block was placed/removed beside a sign (bad processing of block physics event)

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    Look nice!

    Ill test it
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    Looks pretty cool would be handy for new users at spawn can put up a list of guides and have it link to them via warps :)

    I have a question but Can you have more than 3 items on the 1 sign as well as the title? that is just a little unclear from the post that's all a video would clear that up.

    Edit dose it also allow the color i see in the picture or is that another plugin?
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    Yes, there's no limit on the number of entries you can have on a sign (although a sign with loads of entries would be a real pain to scroll through :) ). I'll update the docs to make that clear. I've submitted the plugin for review by @jamescosten, so hopefully a video guide will follow sometime soon.

    Not sure what color you mean? If you mean the title line in blue, the plugin does that automatically. I could make that configurable in a later release...
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    Yes thats the color i meant you could make it so we could use a standard Color code in the title when we make it like say i did.

    /sms create sign1 &1color1 &2Color2

    Would make some thing like Color1 Color2 on the sign that would be really cool being able to use that on the menu items would also be handy so we can highlight important things.

    Also another thing i think would be nice is a change in how its used atm right click moves down and left click uses right what if you made left click move up and right click move down and shift+left or right accept would stop people bumping the sign and doing some thing they don't want just an idea. as well as navigating the list easily.
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    Good ideas, all - will add to the TODO list :)
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    heh you don't get 500+ posts around here with out some good ideas :)

    I'm hunting down topics atm i have a bunch of very strange small error messages from 2 separate plugins. once that is done ill be looking at adding some thing like mywarp to my server along with this. becoming a full time job keeping up with plugin changes. Some thing like 20 plugins now :D
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    Is it possible to create signs that allow a player to execute a command that they normally would not be able to execute?

    Example: Joe is not an OP, so cannot execute the /god command.
    However, when selecting the option on your signmenu, he can activate the /god command through selecting it as an option.
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    No, but that's already on the TODO list.
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    yggy I was thinking the same thing but with out interfacing with permissions in real time and adding say - '*' for a split second while the command is run would be a lot of effort I'm sure

    I know permissions plus has all the right makings to edit permission nodes from in game. some thing like that could be applied.

    The reason i said add the * node for a split second and say not someother.node is because that way the user making the sign wont have to set the node to give for a split second.
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    Yeah, PermissionsEX has the same capability. Upgraded to that one just yesterday. Because I was thinking of that example of day and night, which would actually be quite cool on my Creation world, but normal users (the ones that would actually be using the sign) don't have that power normally.

    Don't get me wrong, this is one of those really cool ideas that has some serious potential.
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    Yes i agree its a lot like the metamenu mod (client and server parts to it) But simplified and brought back down to a user level :D

    This with some cool new powerful features will be a real winner i am sure.
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    It looks like Permissions v3 has some support for changing permissions on-the-fly. I haven't looked into that at all yet, but it might have some promise...
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    Cool :D

    atm i found a work around for the warps

    I gave the users power to use /warp name but they cant find out what the name is because i with held the list command :D so the sign will hide the name for me :D I WINZ

    @ desht Any chance this will work with 766? Its what my server is on :/ Upgrading might not hurt me but being this close to 1.6 i dont think its worth the effort.
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    Yes, it should work just fine. I tested a pre-release version with 740 and 766 with no problems. I see no reason for v0.1.1 not to work.
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    Im confused on the actual format, can someone post a few examples here
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    Please make that label text will be in the middle
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    You should go here: https://github.com/desht/ScrollingMenuSign/blob/master/README.md
    Every thing is explained very well there It should all be in the OP in a spoiler called how to use.

    EDIT FYI for all you cool people out there The signs will not work for players inside spawn protection I was trying to work out why my players could not use the sign then I face palmed.
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    Do you mean the labels for the menu entries? I can make that centered, it's currently left-justified by default. That can be a configurable in the next release, though.

    Yeah, I admit this bit's a little non-intuitive, but there are some examples in the README.md on github (linked to in the OP). I will get some examples into a spoiler in the OP as suggested by @RustyDagger.

    But as quick example, the following would create a menu sign named "test" with title "My Test" and 4 entries:

    /sms create test My Test
    /sms add test Day|/time day|It's day time
    /sms add test Night|/time night|It's night time
    /sms add test Compass|/compass
    /sms add test Hello|Hello everyone!
    The menu entry spec. consists of 2 or 3 fields: a label, a command to run (or string to speak), and optionally a feedback message which is sent to the player who clicked the entry. The separator for the fields is a pipe symbol '|', but this will be a configurable in the v0.2 release.

    OK, I've got colourable menu titles and labels working for v0.2 :)

    And regarding the way it's used, I can go one better: fully configurable actions! You'll be able to specify in the config file how different player inputs control the sign - left-click, right-click, mouse wheel scroll up/down, along with a sneak modifier. So you'll be able to set it up however you please :)

    v0.2 is released! See the OP for more information. I've added a little tutorial as well to complement the detailed docs in the github Wiki (used to be README, the Wiki is a much more sensible place to build full documentation).
    • Added colour support for menu titles & labels.
    • Titles are no longer blue by default - colour support means you can choose their colour yourself. However, any previously saved menus will have lost their colour after upgrading - sorry! You can re-colour them with the new "/sms title" command.
    • Added config file (config.yml) and "/sms getcfg" / "/sms setcfg" commands
    • Added "/sms title" command to change an existing menu's title
    • Menu item field separator for "/sms add" can now be set in configuration
    • Menu actions (left-click, right-click, mouse wheel) are now configurable

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    Wow you have been busy The main reason i want to move accept away from just left click was to make removing it easy. Should see my spawn and noob system i set up with these very handy Plugin 1 of my fav's for sure.
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    @desht awesome! Also wrote this on CommandSigns, but you two got to get together and look at my suggestion there. Also, how does it scroll, is it only the bottom 2 lines, or is it the bottom 3 lines or is it all lines? Looks a bit confusing as why the selection starts at line 3 when you create a sign. Perhaps a video of creation, scrolling and execution?
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    Thanks! I'm aware of CommandMenu - although the two plugins have a similar basic function (click a sign, run a command), I had different goals in mind when I created ScrollingMenuSign. Partly because I was getting bored always typing out Minecart Mania station names, and partly just to learn some Java & plugin writing. There could be possibility for sharing of ideas, not quite sure what yet. But both projects are open source, so... :)

    There will be a video coming soon, hopefully (a guy called @jamescosten who specialises in reviewing plugins has it on his list).

    In the meantime, a quick explanation: the top line is the title and is static - never scrolls. Lines 2-4 are a three-line window onto the list of menu items. The currently selected item is always line 3. So if there are only one or two items in the menu, lines 2 and/or 4 will be blank.
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    @desht thanks for the explanation. I think I will go bug @Fluff for integrating something like this cause it is simply to good to not be integrated in some kind. What about creating a version that checks if CommandSigns and Annotate is installed on the server and then integrates itself? I know that Annotate got an API, just need a bit work between CommandSigns and SMS so you can scroll it all. Again, awesome creation!
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    Color codes are not working for me.

    They are showing up on the sign and no color on the sign example i did.

    /sms create spawn &1Guides

    the sign then shows &1Guides on the top line :/

    Edit NVM Im stupid Did not give my self the permission to make them LOL.
    EDIT 2 Nope still not working :eek:

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