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    I have several ideas that I would love made into plugins so I will try to keep them all in one thread.

    I currently use MonoPort, and a port of this would be acceptable as well.

    For those of you that don't know how monoport works it works like this.
    Typeing /setdest <name> sets a destination, exact position and rotation at time of useing /setdest
    Using the admin tool you set in the settings, you right-click on the portal block type you set in the settings. Once you click you type /makeportal <name> <dest name>
    Walking over that block now teleports you to the destination (it also tells in you chat porting from <portal name> to <dest name> but that I don't like actually).

    The features I like of MonoPort that aren't on other plugins (at least not all of them in 1, that I know of) are:
    Each portal is unique, I don't want every portal linked to every other portal.
    I don't actually have to use a portal, I can set it on anything. (I do have to set it on the block I set in the settings, but after it's set I can replace it and it'll still port)
    Multiple destinations to 1 portal. These are still unique though, it will pick one of the destinations linked to it at random.

    Other features I would like on a portal plugin:
    Ability to set a destination area (selected like a cuboid area perhaps) that the portal will drop people in random spots.
    Ability to edit existing portals easily.

    I want a plugin that allows me to tempban someone and have it automatically unban them after that time.
    Usage might look like
    /tempban stupidnoob 60m
    Can ban for minutes, hours, days.
    Setting for default ban time. (i.e. default tempban = 1h)
    /tempban stupidnoob
    With no time set it would use the default time.

    Thanks for reading! If theres a plugin I'm missing that does these things already let me know.

    Another option I would like for tempbans is for it tell tell the person how long is left on their ban when they try to connect.

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  2. Temp banning players is a nice feature, I would like to see this as well:)
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    Temp ban is definitely my number one wish right now, having it even integrated into bukkit would be great..

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