Inactive [MISC] PersonalMOTD v1.1 - Include a player's name in your server's MOTD [1.4.2 R0.2]

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    Version: v1.1

    This plugin will show a players name to themselves in the MOTD of your server (that's the message shown in the server list!)
    It uses mySQL or yml (your choice) to save a players IP. Once the player has logged in at least once to save the IP, it will begin showing them a custom MOTD you define in the conifg, where %name% is replaced with the player's name! You can also set special MOTDs for just one player so that only they see it.


    • Easy config
    • YML or mySQL support
    • Custom MOTD where %name% is replaced with a players name
    • Can set a special MOTD on a player-by-player basis
    • This plugin was tested on my server for over a month with an average of 50 players online, thought sometimes as many as 125 players. No issues were caused via this plugin.
    • Colored MOTDs via using "&" - see colors here.
    • mySQL settings ask the basics
    • Set Main.SQL.Enabled to false if you want to use yml
    • If mySQL connection fails, it will use YML
    • Main.MOTD - Use %name% where you want the player's name to be
    • Custom MOTDs: - If a player is entered here, only they will see this motd.
    • Want colors? Use '&a' in the message.
    Color Codes:

    Use these codes to add colors into the MOTD. Simply use the & symbol followed by the number or letter.
    Example: '&9Welcome to the server, &c%name%&9!' would show: Welcome to the server, %name%!
    &0 &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9 &a &b &c &d &e &f

    • '/personalmots Reload' - Reload the plugin's config file
    • personalmotd.reload - access to '/personalmots reload'
    Download here
    Download is official from BukkitDev. Souce code is in the Jar.
    See the full change-log here!
    See the bukkitDev project page here!
    • Suggest things!
    • See Tickets~
    • Fix issue where only one name can be shown per IP (maybe I can track hostnames?)
    • Create a method to transfer data from yml to mySQL and vice-versa.
    • A command or API to set the custom MOTD for a player. This might enable "You are banned from this server!" messages or something.
    • Pruning of the IP lists after X days or after X days that a player hasn't logged in
    Live Help
    Need live help? Join my IRC Channel to talk to me live! (#itsatacoshop247 on

    Like the plugin? Help me keep my programming hobby alive! Please consider donating!
    Don't comment if you have an issue or suggestion, make a ticket on bukkitDev instead! Otherwise I probably will not see it, or ignore it.

    Updated to V1.1 to include color code support

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    Thank you very much!
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    This should be renamed to "CreepyMotd". It's amazing! :D

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