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    //Echo transitions in of a pre-recorded message//

    Handsom Jack here, just letting you know I am expanding my corporations reach to this, "square" planet you call, "Overworld". From this point on, Hyperion will be handing out free New-U Stations to all residents in, "Overworld". These babies are here to help you come back to life after death, for a small fee of course. Also, my QA guys will be listening to feedback and adjusting any minor "bugs", though I find it hilarious that you respawned without a leg, and adding new features that people suggest. See how cool I am? You get a FREE New-U Station and, I let you suggest improvements without the danger of your lips being cut off!

    //Echo transitions over//

    QA Guy here, this is what New-U Station does:
    • Gives player personal random custom message after respawning
    • Charges player a percent amount of money
    and this is what New-U Station requires:
    • Vault
    If you want change the messages, just open the control panel from the side. If you want to change the percentage the machine charges, just adjust the dial found next to the monitor in the control panel box. My boss tells me you might get "super powers" if you turn the dial up, but I know thats nonsense.

    You can download a New-U Station from here

    //Echo ends and prompts information//

    NewU - New-U Station
    Version: v1.0

    Bukkit Dev:

    • Perms
    • Color codes in config messages
    • Allow edit of plugin tag
    • Do something if player cant pay
    Version 1.0
    • Released

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