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    when you fix your plugin message me becaese it seems good but every picture i upload says its too big yet i took the time to shrink the picture repeatedly and i used every "usable format" that you said will work heres the picture also

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    The images are limited to a size of 100x100 at the moment.

    @everybody and anything:

    Coming features aka ToDo list (just tell me if they're worth being implemented)

    -> Faking Logblock/Whatever blockhistory

    -> Configureable image-size-limit

    -> Importing images by paying some iConomy/Whatever money?
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    It would be REALLY helpful to remove the 100x100 restriction.
    (Or at least make it a configuration option.)
    I have a series of very large HORIZONTAL images (around 1000 x 500 x 1 pixel high)
    that I wish to import, so the height limit is NOT a factor.
    And before you ask, yes, my 6-core 16GB server can handle that with no problem :)

    One more feature to add to your "todo" list if possible ...
    A parameter to only use the Black, white, and two grey colors of wool
    (2-bit greyscale) ... or just black and white wool (single bit images)
    so that color artifacts do not creep into what was intended to be
    a black and white image. Thanks!

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    Nice plugin! Here's my result:
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    I would like to vote for the ability to import very large pictures. I want to use google earth overhead views of cities to lay out the roads, and to define where the buildings, trees etc should go. It will be placed on a flat plane that will likely be a large sandstone pad on a large ocean area.

    Want a real challenge? Analyze the colors used in the currently loaded skin to determine which blocks match the image pixels the best.
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    Bumping since I can't find other alternatives.
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    the plugin says An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command for me how do I fix it?
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    I still cannot get a simple URL copy and paste into the imgimport command like, /imgimport http://???
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    does this still work with 1.4.6?
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