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    One request. Could you add sandstone in to the wool option. It sounds daft but its the closest thing we have to a skin colour and it kinda should be there IMO.
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    We got a new Version, 1.31
    Changes Include
    • The mxImgImport-Folder is now created automatically if not existant.
    • Fixed the bug described by Sh00ck in #96
    I'll think about it .. maybe as a import woolextended option^^
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    Ohohoh and also could you have a warning feature "WARNING THE IMAGE IS X BY X THIS COULD CAUSE LAG" instead of not allowing us to go over 100 pixels.Then we can confirm or deny if we want to do it.

    Also your awesome. Just saying.
  5. But I have just got a mxImgImport.jar.
    There is no folder or anything other.

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    Thanks :)

    Mh, the problem isn't really that it causes Lag. The problem is: It makes not really sense to import bigger images as the world is only 128blocks high.

    Redownload the .jar
    Then put it in the plugins folder and replace the old one. Now the folder will be crated once you reload the Server so that the plugin gets active ;)
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    First, did you notice the interesting change in Bukkit 1015 with regards to the height limit?
    Second a pic i want to import is 50 high, 150 wide. See the problem I have?
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    OK, you got a point :D

    I'm going to rethink this.
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    Just add limits in for both, make it around 128 for height, then 500 for width (who needs to go bigger than that REALLY)

    If height limit change comes in 1.8, remove the limits. That would be my suggestion.

    Oh and with regards to the height limit thing
    "Added world.getMaxHeight (currently static until 1.8)"$craftbukkit/1015/

    "might be cool" is a understatement here.
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    Your plugin is awesome, but every picture i choose to get converted in is bad quality and i can really se what it is.

    I need a little help here :p
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    doesnt work for me, got installed only this plugin, tried commands /imgimport file 2.png and /imgimport file 2
    for first it sends me message after i chose blocks 'the selection points have to lie on a 2d plane' [they do, flat world]
    for second it prints errors in console
    the image i want to import is 50x50 in .png format
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    True true. But I'm going to wait with this until this feature is in the next recommended build.

    Mh, try to use:
    -> Pixelart: So 1px is really a important unit, not one of these 1000kx1000k Pixelarts
    -> GIF / PNG format (rather GIF) to avoid image compressing issues
    -> Maybe some manual preprocessing on the pictures but that shouldn't bee needed.
    -> Pictures with an appeareance independend from the difference between e.g. light green and a little bit lighter light green.

    Maybe some of the other users of this plugins may post their experiences here to help me making up a FAQ for the image choosing :)

    Well, the 2nd is a bug. But it will (thanks to your great report :) ) be solved in the next update. Looking at the first: I'll upload a video soon that helps you through the selection progress as this seems to confuse many here ;)

    New Version! 1.32
    Fixed a bug described in #103: Not providing an Ending with the Filename not longer results in a exception.

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    What File Do i put The Photo An ?



    Ever wanted to have your favorite Pixelart in your Minecraft-World?

    Then this plugin is the right for you. It easily imports an image with one command directly into your minecraft world. Basically all Blocks are used, based on their Color appeareance from middle-far distance.

    /imgimport undo
    Undoes your last Image-Import. That's only possible until the next reload.
    Example: /imgimport undo

    /imgimport file [Filename]
    Imports the Imagefile given in Filename (supports png, gif, BMP). The Path is relative to the 'plugins/mxImgImport/ ' Folder.

    /imgimport file [Filename] w

    Imports the Imagefile given in Filename (supports png, gif, BMP) but this time only with Wool-Blocks! The Path is relative to the 'plugins/mxImgImport/ ' Folder.

    Direction Selection Progress

    If you start the Imageimport, you have to select 2 Points. These two planes have to be coplanar, as they span the Plane the Image is imported on.

    Also available as a Video

    Permission NodeFunction(Without Permissions) OP Only?
    mxImgImport.ImportImport Images and Undo your importYes

    Click me!

    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] if you want to support my development activites :)

    Show: (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Changelog: (open)

    • Fixed the bug described in #103. For further information see #104

    • The mxImgImport-Folder is now created automatically if it isn't existant
    • Fixed a Bug described by Sh00ck in #91

    • Added wool-only import
    • Improved help menu

    • Complete Code Rewrite
    • New Method to specify Import Position + Direction
    • Improved Algorithm (-> No Bedrock)

    • Vertical Import
    • Confirmation for Big Imports
    • NO JPG Support
    • More Mapped Colours

    • More mapped colours (if you find some missing, just send me the file and the Position, so that I can find them ;) )

    • Fixed the ingame helptext
    • fixed Permission Checks

    • Fixed bug described by RazorFlint

    • First Release

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    The photo has to be in the <yourserverrfolder>/plugins/mxImgImport/ folder ;)

    Bwt, may you please remove the full-thread quote from your post, I think that's kinda weired. ;)
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    I love it !



    Thanks mxE333xm !
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    can u make it so we can make images bigger than 100*100 if we want?
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    Somethin like that will be there when the next RP appears as you can read in the posts above ;)
  18. hi i need help wen i type /imgimport file 1.pgn and then pick point 1 and 2 it says cant find the image can someone tell me what i should do
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    Is .pgn a typo or the real format? If it is the real format you have to convert the image into one of the supported formats (PNG,Gif) in order to get it working. If not so make sure that the image is in the Plugins/mxImgImport Directory. (Not in a subfolder).
  20. oh shit lol its a png not a pgn LOL sorry
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    works great now, movie clip helped a lot, thx for great plugin
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    A very nice plugin. I've imported TNT & tools.

    Here's my screen:

    Some small mistakes, but they don't annoy.
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    Awesome plugin, but any chance of making the picture size limit bigger then what it is know?
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    i like the idea of this plugin But how hard i keep trying i cant import it cuz the size is to big

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    Give me some pics. please! :)
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    so WHERE exactly do I put the file? when I put the picture in the /plugins/(pluginnamehere) directory it says its not there, help?

    edit: what does it mean by 2d?

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    You have to put the file into /plugins/mxImgImport/. So e.g:
    File: /plugins/mxImgImport/test.png
    Command: /imgimport file test.png

    2D means 2 Dimensions ;) Just look at the "The image importing progress" video and you'll see.
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    now its saying too big to a 25x25 pic
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    Very strange, shouldn't happen ... May you post your image here so that I'm able to reproduce that?
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    awesome :D
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    Live or Die

    awasome job :D works!
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