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    Wow, I'm really sorry, but I can't really imagine why. Maybe you tried to use an Unsupportet File Format, or a corrupt Image file? I would appreciate it, if you may upload the image, so that I can reproduce your errors.

    The failure of the undo function is also very mysterious. You cannot undo it, if you log out and log in after that. Thats clear, but I know no other case, the undo function fails. To solve the Problem, the Imagefile and (if there were some) the console errors are needed :)

    Well, thats possible. But I can't really imagine, how that would be useful in the Current state ;) Before I add 3D and/or Horizontal Import, you'll only get a vertical glass Plane (maybe with the outlines of the image), won't you?

    @WolfGangSen: Thank you, will be fixed in the next revision today.

    Oh. But you're right, the next revison will have a question for a confirmation before importing a Image bigger then 10k blocks;)

    So, uploaded v1.10.

    JPG File Format is not longer Supported.
    Reasons: Buggy Undo, and if you get an JPG-Image imported, the quality is due to the JPG Compression very very low.
    Confirmation for big Imports
    If you try to Import an Image bigger than 10k Blocks, you will have to confirm the Import.
    Horizontal Importing
    Images can now be Imported horizontally.

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    So yeah, did the import, got a giant messed up bit of art, then when I tried to undo it; nothing happened and it caught fire. 'Twas a bit of a disaster. Meh, needs a little fine tuning, but I have hope. Also, where do you get your art?

    Edit: I failed to mention that it also carved a nice neat line about 1k blocks long all the way down to bedrock. Fun times
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    What the hell? But also: Without the Image file and the console Log i can't really help you.

    Well .. if your image wasnt 1000x1000 pixels, it's basically impossible, that there was a line down to the bedrock. Looking at the undo, thats also wery confusing. I've tried 43 Images with all kinda commands and shit and you know .. and every time it worked.

    Were there outputs or console errors?
    Did you logged out before undoing?
    Was your image bigger than 20000 pixels?

    I get the art by googeling after Pixel Art. I found out, that PNG/GIF Images smaller than 64x64 are the best to import. For example:
    "tv pixel art" 2nd hit: . That ends up in the TV you see at the examples.
    "my little pony pixelart" gives you the source image for the "rainbow" import in example 2.
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    The log really showed nothing, literally. It doesn't even show me inputting the command for the import, which is odd. The file was also a 301*500 gif, so I dunno. I got no errors, when loading at all. A few things I did notice: if it does go down to the bedrock, it deletes it. I also think that using bedrock for some of the pixels is a bad idea in the sense that many servers don't have any plugins that will allow ops to delete or remove it in case of any issues. I didn't log out for the undoing, and I gave it almost 5 minutes of standing there to see if it worked. I will say this: I was using the version that you had up literally 5 minutes before you updated it, so I may have gotten a corrupted jar.
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    That may be possible, and very bad ..

    Yes. At the moment, I just tell it the Player. Will be fixed in next version

    That may be the Problem. This image is ways to big for minecraft. 1 Pixel = 1 Block, so that were 150000 Blocks. In the new version, you have to confirm that big images, but I don't think, you should import them. These big sizes aren't realistic for Minecraft (just think: The world is only 128 Blocks high ;)).
    In the next version I'm going to block import higher than 128 and/or bigger than 20k blocks due to this errors, I think.

    Yes, thats true. I used the Bedrock only to detect Colours, that aren't mapped at all. So theoretically no Bedrock should appear, if the mapping is complete. But it seems like there are some Remaining.

    I can imagine, that that is also caused by the very big image size.
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    It's great, but along with that one guy, yellow is bedrock, brown is bright blue, black is sandstone, and green is chests. Any reason why? :'c
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    Ok, Been testing this with much smaller images, and getting pretty good results. The undo function now works, and most images are coming through fairly clean. I think that gif's are coming through a bit borked though. I imported a gif of charmander (don't you judge me!), and it came out looking like a squirtle. All of the orange had been turned blue and black. I tested a pink gif as well, and it came out pure bedrock.
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    Yes, I know why. But I thought, it wouldn't appear that big. I'm thinking about a fix for that, but that will require about 2 or 3 days ;)

    Same problem as above.
    RGB(255, 197, 197) -> Skin Color and RGB(255,255,197) -> Light yellow are mapping to the same colour.

    That's one of the Mapping fails. Do you have the color values?
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    I'm assuming, after my experiences with this plugin, that not all colors come out correctly?

    Do you know if there are any other plugins that do the same thing as this?
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    Sick plugin.
    When the image to import is too big the text prompt says use "/imgimport confirm" to confirm but its "/imgimport confirmimage" in the help. You may wanna fix this.

    Also, it'd be great if the import process could take the block you're looking at or the direction you're facing or something so that it's possible to import the images east-west as well as north-south. (sorry if I've missed something and this is already possible)
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    Yes, as u can see, that is also in the Known Issues list in the first post ;) I'll fix it next version, but in the moment I think, there will be no more confirm, insted a hardcoded limit.

    That isn't possible yet, you're right. Yes, I'm thinking about, what to do, to make the import better usable. Currently I'm thinking about (wiht yours included):
    • Pasting into a worldedit file
    • Pasting in the direction, you're facing
    • Clicking two blocks, to set the directions
    The thing is, that that has a lower priority than the Coloring Problem, so it'll take onto next weekend to implement it.
    Yes, that accords to the problems mentioned at the other posts at the top of this page. I'm working on it ;)

    I've heard about copycat and the Worldedit import script.
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    Im using a host where I cant directly upload files to a certain directory...""

    Is there anyway you can now or in the future make the path customizable?

    When I say path I mean so that it can look in different directories for an image.
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    Same thing happened to me. The image in question was HUGE (my 1st import attempt). In my case it didn't catch fire when I tried to undo it, it caught fire when I was importing another image. This hasn't happened to anything of a sensible size though, so I guess once the size limit is in place it wont be an issue. Though, if you want a log I'll post one.

    This plugin is pure gold. I cannot recommend this plugin highly enough. I just made a sweet maze with the horizontal import function. So mad.

    P.s. If anyone wants to try their hand at solving it, PM me...

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    Love it! .. though I was importing mario pixel art while screwing around on my SMP server ... the minecart client died on me after I did an import so I had no ability to undo when I logged back in .. had to use worldedit to remove it.. mario left two gigantic holes in the ground where his feet used to be lol ..

    still excellent..
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    Totally not working for me!! I put the files in the .zip file into my plugins folder (so the .jar en the folder) and then i started up my server, with a .png file in the /plugins/mximgimport folder. Typed /imgimport file taz.png and it said Unknown Command. I'm using version 803
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    Yes, with the big update tomorrow it will be 803 compatible ;)
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    Neeeew Version!

    • Complete Code Rewrite
    • New Method to specify Import Position + Direction
    • Improved Algorithm (-> No Bedrock)
    Fixed very much bugs, and now there is a very much better codedesign. The Position + Direction selection is also ways better to use :)
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    i do /imgimport file creeper.gif and it say file not found?
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    are you sure, the creeper.gif File is in the /plugis/mxImgImport/ Folder?
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    their is no folder for it

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    Then you have to create manually. In the next version this folder will be created automatically ;)
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    I can't use this all it does is to tell me; "The Selection Points have to lie on a 2D plane" and I don't know what to do :/ :p
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    You may read the Chapter "Direction Selection Progress" again ;)
    Make sure the 2 points you select are coplanar on a plane wich is 2D ;)
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    MLG Darren :D

    Remove The image size limit!!!!!! every picture is too big it says for me!!! :(
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    You have to think: Every single pixel is a block ingame. So, for example: 200x200 = 40k blocks. So, just use images smaller than 100x100 pixel ;) Everything bigger wouldn't make that much sense.
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    In light of the DNF, i did this with your plugin. :D
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    Updated to b860
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    what does it mean image to big
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    That means that the Image is to big for importing ;) Images over 100x100 Pixels would be bigger than 10k blocks, (and sometimes higher than the 128), what causes bugs and is due to that disabled.
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    I added a giant troll into my server, :p

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