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Do you think this is a good idea?

  1. Yes - I'm going to start organizing a team now!

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  2. Yes - I want to be part of it!

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  3. Yes - Other (comment)

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  4. No - Doesn't sound playable.

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  5. No - I don't think I would enjoy it

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    Minecraft Competitive Mod is a Bukkit modification that is designed for leagues and cups. It uses a concept that is used by most first person shooters of just eliminate the enemy team but in this it incorporates various Minecraft features like base building and mine exploring. The Bukkit modification will be communicating with the client mod.
    The Concept
    5v5 - Three Fighters & Two Explorers/Miners
    The Fighters - 1 Archer and 2 Sword-fighters - Sword-fighters start with iron armor and stone sword and archer starts with bow, 10 arrows and leather armor
    The Explorers/Miners - Start with stone pickxe and 2 cooked pork
    The two teams are separated by a barrier of bedrock/adminium and have one minecraft day to get the materials they need to fight off the enemies, make their base and create their shrine which is what the enemy need to get in and destroy. The shrine (a custom item/block) will be allocated to a random player on one team after the ready up period which decides the teams and allows people to get ready. The shrine must be placed down in a secure location before the day is over otherwise the team that didn't do it get disqualified. Next they all battle it out until one team destroys the other's shrine.
    The Development Team
    Coder - Me
    Coder - You?
    Coder - You?
    Suggestion Manager*** - You?
    Comment on what you think :)
    Features and their status - Red - Not Started, Amber - Started but not finished, Green - Finished.​
    • Ready up mode (base building and gathering materials)
    • Server config checker
    • Classes
    • Shrine locator (for enemies)
    • Auto Shrine Builder
    Overall status: [[air][air][air][air][air][air][air][air][air][air]]
    (1 :) = 10% done)
    * - Not sure, maybe they can both go do whatever they want?
    ** - Not sure if two days is enough or too little bearing in mind that monsters are still on so they will have to defend the nights and have enough food for cave exploring and PvPing.
    *** - Suggestion manager manages the suggestions and sends the best ones along to the coders. The coders will also be watching this forum post so be careful what you say ;)
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    This might be a good idea, though changes i would do
    1) Archers start with a bow and 10 arrows + hide armor
    2) Swordsmen start with a stone sword + iron armor
    3) Miners/Explorers start with stone tools + 2 cooked pork
    4) limit Archers to bow + arrows, stone tools, hide/iron armor
    5) limit Swordsmen to sword (any), armor (any), stone tools
    6) limit miners/Explorers to tools (any), hide armor, stone sword
    7) make it one Minecraft day (ie 20 mins), before attack, and limit borders to something quite small
    8) other plugins to help create defensive structures

    allowing the Archer/Swordsmen classes to at least use stone tools means that they can help mine when they can't attack, and when there is attacking allow Miners to some basic protection

    EDIT: unfortunately i don't have time to help on this kind of project
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    OK, Those are good ideas, let me just edit the main post now.
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    Why not?
    I think, i could have some time do help you out with it( i know, more vague would be no :p)
    just add me on Skype if you are interested (Kostronor)
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    I like the idea, maybe the items the players have and the amount of players in each class could be customized. I have some spare time on my hands and could help with the coding if you would like.
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    Hey, I'd be glad to help with the coding! I'm looking for a nice big project to work on instead of a small one :) Got 3 plugins out, working on the 4th, and I'm pretty knowledgeable in Java. Also, I've got pretty good ideas for gameplay, like traps.

    EDIT: If you don't have one yet, make a Github repo.
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