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    Mob Spawner Changer - Change what a mob spawner spawns!
    Version: v0.3

    48943+ downloads!!! Thanks for your support guys! :cool:

    This plugin allows you to change what a mob spawner spawns, allowing you to create unique mob arenas and traps on your server, and even build a admin farm! This plugin only works for server Ops, to prevent cheating.

    • changes a mob spawner to spawn any mob type
    • only ops can change the mob spawning type
    • the block will permanently stay spawning the type its changed to, even if it was picked up.
    • Check what a mob spawner currently spawns, works for non OP's

    Download for minecraft v1.8.1 [1337]

    just drag and drop to your plugins folder!

    Type /mchange in-game for usage instructions.

    NOTE: /mchange check works for non op's

    To Do:
    • implement a custom spawning script to eliminate default spawning rules/bugs
    • Support Permissions
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    no, it has to be at bedrock level up to level 12
  3. hmm can this go around somehow? like can u possibly break this rule and make it spawn slimes on top of ground if wanted? understand? XD im sry my bad english


    i made to level 5 to bedrock area floor with 5-6 blocks from floor to roof and spawners changed to slime , they can spawn now?
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    Cant seem to get giants to spawn with them, any tips?

    Also is there any mod out there that lets mob spawners spawn mobs even if light is present?
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    Dont worry, when i make my custom spawn script, you will have the option of spawning when its light, also giants are bugged at the moment, also should be fixed with the custom spawn script

    When i make the custom spawn script, then you will be able to spawn them anywhere

    only if they are in a slime spawning chunk
  6. it worked, there do spawn slimes :)
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    Great! Works fine! Thx!
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    I keep typing /mchange zombie and It just says The mob spawner currently spawns: pigs. Im trying to make a zombie survival server and I need this to work
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    Do you get a error in the console when you use it? if so, post it here.
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    nope nothing
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    does any other mob work?
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    I have tried positioning it in different coordinates, giving them more room around the block and less room. I have tried every mob and it just repeats what I stated above.
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    Are you an OP on the server?
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    Ahh thats great news, really looking forward to your custom spawn script, will make my dungeons a 1000x better.

    *watches thread with great interest*
  15. Sheep -> not spawning
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    I made the server
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    I can´t spawn pigman, if i looking on the spawner, i write /mchange and it write avaiable monsters, or something like this, and there´s pigman, but when i write /mchange pigman, while i´m looking on the spawner, he write pigman is invalid mob type. Please help. (I´m from Czech Republic, so i don´t have perfect english)
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    its PigZombie i don't know why it says pigman, but i found that PigZombie works, on my server it seems to be case sensitive too.
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    Ahhhhhh!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for! but... it wont download as a jar file! just a zip!
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    i'm having the same problem. i'ma an admin on my server and the same scenario happens, it repeats the same thing when you try to change the mob it spawns.
    does this plugin require you to use the bukkit permissions??? an op in that permissions file?? (the one that comes with bukkit)
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    at the moment it has no support for permissions, you have to op yourself using /op <username> although i will make permissions for it soon
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    if there are lights around the spawner, will they still spawn? if not.. can u make a configurable of this?

    also can u make all mobs spawner in the whole world changed by a command or a config?
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    the lighting will be configurable when i get the time to finnish the custom spawning script. as for all mobs, do you mean what they spawn? or if they spawn? or just general configs?
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    what they spawn.. let say i saw a dungeon.. they will easily beat this by adding a torch in the mobspawner and they won't spawn anymore.. and I want all the dungeons mobspawner that they will find to be a zombie spawner, so i won't go to all the dungeons and changed it..

    suggestion too
    interval - the number of seconds between spawns,
    spawning - the number of creatures to spawn when a player get near it
    limit - the maximum of the spawner will spawn mobs, if it reached 5 mobs, it won't spawn no more unless they kill 1 of that mobs
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    with this plugin , does the mobspawner spawns mobs on peacefull world ?
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    arf too bad
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    I can't seem to get mobs to spawn. Trying zombies / creepers /skellies in a cave underground. Nothing is spawning, check shows they are set though.
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    I think this plugin needs a little work.
    - Pigman is an invalid mob type?
    - Giants are bugged?
    - various mobs won't spawn under certain conditions, (this plugin should override that)
    - Grammar improvements needed - the mob spawner will now spawn wolfs (wolves)

    I'm not hating at all, I just think it needs a little work, for now it looks like I will have to get a /spawnmob type plugin. Good luck :)
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    when I write /mchanga cow or any other mob says the mob spawner spawns Currently: pig
    already tried to disable other plugins and still continues
    what do I do? (sory the English, I used the google translator)
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    you have to OP yourself using the /op command

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