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    Mob Spawner Changer - Change what a mob spawner spawns!
    Version: v0.3

    48943+ downloads!!! Thanks for your support guys! :cool:

    This plugin allows you to change what a mob spawner spawns, allowing you to create unique mob arenas and traps on your server, and even build a admin farm! This plugin only works for server Ops, to prevent cheating.

    • changes a mob spawner to spawn any mob type
    • only ops can change the mob spawning type
    • the block will permanently stay spawning the type its changed to, even if it was picked up.
    • Check what a mob spawner currently spawns, works for non OP's

    Download for minecraft v1.8.1 [1337]

    just drag and drop to your plugins folder!

    Type /mchange in-game for usage instructions.

    NOTE: /mchange check works for non op's

    To Do:
    • implement a custom spawning script to eliminate default spawning rules/bugs
    • Support Permissions
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    Thanks so much, this is exactly what I needed :)
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    add permissions to allow other then op to use.
    Add register for a econ surport. That will make it better for servers who want users to be able to use but at a cost
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    Sounds pretty good. If you need any help with permissions or economy support, just put the source up on github and I'll make some modifications if you want.
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    I really like this plugin, and I was wondering if you are able to spawn monsters and if you can if there was a curtain time in the day to do it because they wont spawn when I have tried.
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    Would the spawner still spawn the same mob type in singleplayer if the world would be used in ssp?
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    Sorry but there is already a plugin which makes that and other things and it's name is creaturebox. (Sorry for my bad english: i'm french :))
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    @espion5000 I just think this one is simpler, and is quick to get going :). It's preference really.
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    tnx, youre awesome!
  10. Sweet plugin ill give it a try.
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    oh okay I didn't think that, but it's true :)
    (Sorry for my bad english)
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    be sweet if u can get the Human's to spawn =) hint =p
  13. In some reason, this does not work with Monster. :(
    Just animals (other than pig)
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    Um it doesnt work at for me, theres no jar file to make this work is there? Ive installed this and reloaded my server and done everything and it still doesnt work
    I have no idea if im doing anything wrong or what.
    I extracted the files from the zip file into my plugin folder and everything.
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    @brazcool do you get any errors in the console or server log?
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    Limit the amount of mobs spawning please.
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    i cant spawn pigman:(
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    they all work for me u must bedoing it wron!
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    I can not spawn pigman either...
    Deaddragon please tell us what you typpe
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    make sure u do it right. with caps /mchange PigZombie make sure u are looking at the spawner!
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    wow... amazing... i was just going to make a arena and ruins... now i can just use mob spawners... great plugin :)
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    @tyzoid Sorry for the late reply, Yes i believe it would, however im yet to test it
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    I found that this can be done via worldedit. Thanks anyway!
  25. can spawn anything? zombies also? etc. ? :O
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    yes, yes it can
  27. noticed
    really nice working and light weighted plugin. Thank you :) now my city can have cow/chicken/pig farm and also my mobworld can have spawners so there WILL be mobs :D


    added my mobworld Spider (works), zombie (works),archer (works), creeper (works) spawners,Monster (works). ALL works
    added Wolf and Slime spawners -> not working. They do nothing , no spawns :( ?
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    Is there any plan to make non ops able to use this? either through permissions or a textfile in the plugin folder? One of my world devs has been bugging me to get mob spawners working for one of his projects, but i dont want to use the vanella server op. heck, im run the server and im not even an op :p
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    Wolfs only spawn on light grassy biomes in forest areas, and slimes only spawn in certain chunks at bedrock level. they wont spwan anything unless they are in these places, however, im workin on my own spawning script to make mobs able to spawn anywhere!

    Once i figure out permissions, then you can use that system other than the OP system.
  30. If i make the Slime spawner on ground but make the floor bedrock does it spawn then?

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