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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by TMAC_Kratos, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Fun Plug,
    an idea if its possible

    ...[IC] ... OR..... [IC]...... [IC]
    Random.......... 2-54... 54-104 ect

    idk if that can be done every time u open it would be filled with something dif. or one square for number 2-54
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    Tested this on
    MC 1.0.0
    CB# 1532 Dev

    And its working for me. Even dispenser. Great plugin!
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    Only question i got is does this work with ChestShop? Could I put this one on the back of the block the chest is up against and the chestshop sign on the front and have them both work?
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    the infinite chest sign has to be above the chest in the front, so if the chest shop sign has to be in the same area as the infinite chest sign then no it wont work, for now anyways, i am planning to make it how the sign can be somewhere else, doublechests though it may work on since theres two spots above the chest, just gotta to test it.
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    You have it setup that way for Dispensers according to your OP. Wouldn't it work that way?
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    the dispensers are actually setup up so you can basicly have the sign behind the dispenser, but i dont got chedsts setup that way currently the sign for chests have to be directly above the chest, thats y
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    Why not use an "Admin Shop" with the ChestShop plugin instead?
    No chest at all and never runs out of stock or gets full. ;)

    @ TMAC_Kratos
    Could you make it, so that placing a sign on the left part over a doublechest will only fill the first half of the chest with infinite stacks, and by placing a sign over the right part filling the second half?
    So it would be possible to have 2 different items in it.

    We switched from the old "FullChest 0.3" plugin to yours, and now we are missing this feature a bit.

    Just for information: I tested this on Bukkit 1597 and MC 1.0.1.
    It works fine so far. ;)

    But one thing bugs me: I cannot use it for sub-items like birch saplings with ID 6:2 or wooden halfsteps 44:2
    It always fills the chest with 6 or 44.
    Is there a way to get those items out of a chest? :confused:
    Other Plugins use this syntax "x:y" too, but y is meant as the sub-id and not the stack size.
    Why does it actually need a stack size parameter? It's an infinite chest....
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    Can i put signs under, beside or behind it?
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    Currently no you can not

    P.S. Sorry guys for takeing so long to update, I'm about to go down to meps and everything for the navy and all the work is being extensive.
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    The sunitems within minecraft are because of the item damagecounter which will be the y in x:y and i havent set that up yet if you look in my todo list it is there. Also the stack amount is nice for you to manage how many each person can take with every time they click on a slot in the chest. Currently im working on makeing it how on the second line it will have a item id only setup with the damage counter. You will also be able to use item names. Then im gonna move the stack size to line 3. So it will be a 3 line setup, this is actually starting to become very important for me to hrry on update to since mojang is adding more and more sub items. That i will try to release in next update. After that update should be most likely the beta release with the sign fix, to make it how you can put the sign anywhere around the chest and it still will work. Another one of the beta releases i should be trying to add furnace support and also command support and make it how you dont have to use a sign at all. My full release will be after i add all these features and make sure that its almost fully bugless. There's nearly no way to make a plugin comepletely bugless through all the update of minecraft all you can do is mange the bugs and fix as many as you can and hopefully make the ones that are there un-noticeable.

    P.S. Got back from MEPS and it actually pissed me off (They say they will for sure get me one job and end up trying to offer me a none interesting very extensive job, its not worth it), so i may just comepletely give up with joining the military that will give me alot more time to do things
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    don't work in 1.2 :(
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    Long time no see TMAC_Kratos. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.
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    This plugin is back alive, with a PR awaiting approval.

    If a mod can please move this back to the release section.

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