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    There is a PR of V 0.3 awaiting approval, not everything below applies to the PR. Once the full release of V 0.3 is released it will have everything stated below.

    Have you ever wanted your containers to never run out of items? Well you are in luck this plugin does just that. It can make Dispensers shoot unlimited arrows or a chest give you unlimited diamond swords.


    • Auto Refilling Containers (Chests, Trapped Chests, Dispensers, Droppers, Furnaces (Fuel))
    • It fills chests upon opening, Dispensers an Droppers upon powering and Furnaces upon smelting.
    • It uses a sign that is anywhere within 2 blocks of the container to tell it what to have in the container.
    • Sign:

      Line 1: [ic] [infchest] or [infinitechest]

      Line 2: (item id or name) : (Meta Data)

      Line 3: (Amount of items in each stack from 1-64)
    • Permissions:
      • infinitechests.placesign : Allows the creation of an infinite chests sign.
        • Defaults to OP

    The approved releases are located at: dev.bukkit.org

    All releases can be found at: github.com

    The latest build can be found at: drone.io

    New Videos (Video Showcase):

    Coming Soon

    Extra Links:

    Changelog: Link
    Future Changelog (Future Plans): Link
    Known Issues - Problems: Link
    Tutorial: Link
    All Videos: Link

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    Can you make it so a player can only access it once within a certain amount of time? this would be perfect for events. :D Something more eventish without players taking like the whole chest of goods.
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  3. [Misc/Mech] should be [MISC/MECH], [CB 1240 Tested] should just be [1240] and you are missing a changelog.

    Nice plugin, by the way.
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    @r3Fuze i can fix that i only had the simple alpha release for now once i relese v0.2 alpha realse 2 then i will add changelog.
    Just look under releases for current build info, and that will soon change to change log

    @kahlilnc building something for that is kinda useless because everytime they open it they can take everything anyways, then once they close again itll just refill, plus what i beleive if you want to regulate it get either lockette or lwc to regulate who can use it so people can just keep reopening and take stuff out, which i still dont see y u would need that either because theyll just fill up there inventory soon of a later so they wont b able to keep on doin that
    OFC though if more people want that done i can see what i can do.
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    I just gave the task to one of our server plugin devs to update this plugin... interesting :)
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    yes infinite chests can b used for many things and i still got a many ideas for this plugin
    makeing it easier to use and makeing be used for many things
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    Notice: posts have been removed above by request of the author.

    @TMAC_Kratos - I've removed these posts for you on your request.
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    I'd also like to see something similar to kahlilnc's idea, where the chest can only be opened once a day or something.
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    thats two reports of wanting it, mayb i can put it on the todo list, the thing is its not really important to me, also ill prolly put it how you can disable it in config
    im still not a hundred percent familiar with the bukkit api, so ill have to go through it some
    also im currently trying to code in the way to hide the signs better

    P.S. i beleive i got the double chests working do to some changes within RB1337 itself, dont hold me to my word still need some testing, if any finds that it does work or not with one sign, plz report confirm or deny ------ Confirmed In Video
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    Uh oh those arent allowed here :O
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    Do these work alongside ChestShop signs?
    Or is there any way to integrate them?
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    Just so u know. I just had an epic crash on client.
    Nothing in server..

    i had [Dispencer] [Emptyblock] [Dispencer] I placed a sign inbetween the dispencers... thinking it would use both.
    Well it don't.. lol..
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    AWESOME :)

    THANKS :)
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    where can i find permissions notes?
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    in the first post.. there's one.
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    I have some problem. I made movie about it.
    Please help me :/
    My world is named "FB", in config there is "FB" and "fb", im "admin" in game and in permision there is for admin " infinitechests.placesign: true" and its dont working all the time !! :/

    movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37XpkZgsEU0
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    @ freeze4
    dont put brackets aroud block type if you read the example that pops up everytime you get it wrong it says to how your suppose to type it

    @ enkious
    well this plugin is only made to be used above blocks for the most part and not for the sides

    P.S. although i am gonna be trying to add it how you can put signs all around chest and dispensers so once i do that update you may be able to put them in between of course idk if that will work still due them both trying to use same sign which may make it still crash due to that, basicly think as it being that the dispensers are people and the sign is a piece of paper, the chests are both pulling on the paper, but what will always happen when two people pulls a piece of paper it rips and with this happening it make your client crash

    @ freeze4
    as fffizzz there is only one permissions node and it is: infinitechests.placesign
    thats all there pretty much needs to be it allows for people to place a sign or not

    @ Lightningboy360
    Thank and ur welcome

    @ robxu9
    I have not tested useing this along side chestshop signs, but it would be nice if you can test for me and post a confirm on working or not, so i can add in main post a confirm or deny that it works with this
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    Can someone make movie how to place this fu... sings -,- I try about 999 times always otherwise and its dont working. When i try to make it like in firts video in first post its dont working too.
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    if you need a video for this plugin, you shouldnt be running a server.
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    But its dont working -,-
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    take a new video of trying it all the different ways, also make sure you are useing v2, because the video in orginal post doesnt work with v1, i didnt add the use of [ic] tell v2, so here's is a test of that try useing [infinitechests] instead of [ic] and see if it works, if not plz post link of a redone vid trying multiple different ways showing it doesnt work

    also check your log and make sure there is no errors, if there is any errors plz post them

    P.S. I'm waiting for the major bukkit update that should be comeing out within the next few hours - next few days, since it may actually break plugins due to minecraft beta goin to minecraft 1.0, we will see how this next update all goes and stuff b4 doing anymore updates, plus i gotta work for the next couple of days so it me be at minimum of 3 days tell i get another update out
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    with out brackets or () on second line
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    i really dont think you deserve to use this plugin because you cant read anywhere, i told you already dont put parentheses or brackets in the item id area, i also told you to look at the example, it pops up right in the chat box, just read, or watch the vid it shows you exactly how, its simple, you either need to not run a server and play on someone elses or just delete minecraft from your comp because it doesnt seem like your smart enough to be even playing minecraft.

    P.S. one more unintelligent post i will be getting your posts deleted and not bothering on trying to help you anymore

    this also may help:

    sign example 1


    sign example 2


    sign example 3


    sign example 4


    also added example pic in main post for people
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    Are you stupid? TMAC already said it a million times.
    You can read more carefully.
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    @ Atomic3kk
    I was trying to be a little nicer than that trying not to say stupid, instead saying unintelligent, but basicly he is sounding pretty stupid due to the fact that he already had this problem and already told him not to put brackets and if that doesn't work try the other ways to make the sign, but then he goes back and instead of just doing brackets he also try to put parentheses, but also hes to dumb to actually try not having them even though i specifically told him not to put them, hopefully he listens this time to us because it is quite annoying having someone that's spamming your plugin forum where he needs help when you point out his problem and he doesn't even fix it then reposts with same problem, its not on my end that there is the problem its on his, i cant help if he doesn't actually listen

    P.S. if you look closely to when he shows log file he is running v2 which means all ways of makeing sign works

    P.S.S im actually quite glad with my first plugin, even with it just being a revision, i did quite a bit of recodeing and doesnt seem to be any bugs or anything other than a minor one where you put a sign in between two dispensers and i beleive he said it made his game crash, the plugin isnt made for that so noone should really try that, that will be a minor thing to try to fix, but for now im not gonna wrry about it

    P.S.S.S. Lets all hope now that the major bukkit update which should be comeing out with the release of v 1.0.0 of minecraft wont actually break any plugins, this would just about be the first bukkit update that actually can have a real possibility of that, especially with how notch added so many things and prolly recoded so much to make everything work together, more things you add, more you actually gotta change code for game, more you gotta change code for mod, more of a chance the update will break plugins, so all we can do now is hope and see what all comes with the next update

    P.S.S.S.S. Some people wanted to know if this plugin is compatible with some other plugins, i asked them to post a confirm or deny, but they haven't, so i'm planning on testing a few of those, like backwards compatibility of the original infinite chest plugin infchests, to see if you can use your old sign and to see if you can use both infinite chests and chest sign shop on the same chests, also i will put makeing them compatible on my todo list if they're not, also if anyone wants any more plugins tested with this either tell me you want it tested or actually post confirm or deny for some plugins you wondered about compatibility issues. PLZ
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    I appreciate you making a new and updated infchest based on the old one. You just made my day :)
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    no problem, i needed an updated version of it so i updated my self and decided just to upload it since noone else seems to be updateing it
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    I've tried to use the 1337 version of infinitechest on my server which is running version 1467 of cb and it seems to work fine !
    You have done a great job, especially the [ic] instead of [infchest] (i've used infchest some time bevore)!

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