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    MCMA_Compat - McMyAdmin Compatibility Plugin
    Version: r16B

    This plugin provides improved compatibility with McMyAdmin when using newer versions of bukkit.

    MCMA_compat is shipped as part of McMyAdmin itself, it can be found in the Minecraft/Plugins directory in the main download.

    • Suppresses "Unknown Command" errors when using McMyAdmin commands such as /giveme
    • Allows McMyAdmin to properly pick up used in-game commands
    • Allows McMyAdmin to properly acknowledge user kicks
    • Stops server-side tells from showing as whispers (Doesn't apply to player -> player whispers)
    • Adds the "kickreason" (/kick <player> <reason>) command.
    • Adds the "ping" (/ping <message>) command.

    Version r16B:

    • Rebuild against Bukkit 1337.
    • Support for MCMA 0970 commands (/day, /night, /creative, /survival)
    • Fix for 'command not found' type messages.

    Version r14:
    • Rebuild against Bukkit 818.
    Version r13:
    • Fixes behaviours for the "kick" and "kickreason" commands.
    Version r12:
    • Add 'ping' command, (/ping <message>) the server will reply with whatever you say
    • Cleaned up command handling code
    • Whispers and tells are logged properly in the console
    • Added a 'tag' that's written at start for future versions of MCMA.
    • Updated for 674
    Version r10:
    • Initial public release
    • Built against 670
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    Is there anyway to get this to work with Permissions?

    Edit: just saw the latest update
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    My server won't restart when it gets spammed with "Read Timed Out" errors and freezes up. I thought that McMyAdmin was supposed to restart it if it detected a crash...that's why I bought it My server has been down for hours at a time (up to 6 hours) before I get a chance to log on.:mad:
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    Hydrosis, it takes about 10 minutes to cause a automated restart from a stall. It used to be shorter but this resulted in complaints. It'll be a configurable setting soon though.
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    I'm confused. What kind of crashes does it detect? Because it doesn't detect the Read Timed Out error crash/stall (even though it's been spamming the error for hours at a time).
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    Have you found a way to solve that error?
    Plz answer i need help;)
    if you have skype...vasil7112 my name
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    It detects any kind of stall that causes the console to become unresponsive, although the longer time window seems to be causing it to miss some.
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    I have not and it seems to be there no matter what. Can't say that it does anything to my server but sad to see every time.
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    I keep having a problem where my CPU usage goes to 98%-100% (it bounces between) and my RAM usage maxes out . If I click Restart Server it just sits there saying that it's waiting for the server to shut down. I have to do the force restart and then everyone gets rolled back to the last save. Is this plugin not being updated anymore?

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled ALL of my plugins from the ground up. PLEASE help.
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    At my friends noone can join anymore from this error;(
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    Read Timed Out happens when someone tries to join but the server is overloaded. Is another plugin slurping up CPU?
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    So there is no way to force the server to restart after it encounters this?
    2011-08-11 04:36:52 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:00 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:11 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:12 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:14 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:19 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:20 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:21 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:22 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:25 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:27 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:28 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:34 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:44 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:47 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:52 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:37:55 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:37:59 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:03 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:38:11 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:17 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:19 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:19 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:21 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:26 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:38:27 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:29 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:31 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:35 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:38:49 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:38:50 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:10 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:14 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:16 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:17 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:39:19 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:28 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:33 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:39:43 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-11 04:39:44 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:40:01 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:40:18 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:40:18 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:40:28 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:40:44 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-08-11 04:41:00 [INFO] Read timed out
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    Robert Pendell

    What are the permission nodes for this plugin? No one below admin can access any of the commands. :(
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    my server has been crashing a lot recently. Does this work with RB 1060?
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    Nice new MCMA commands, very useful to switch between a players gamemode types!
    +1 rep
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    How do you know how which players get to use the mcmyadmin with permissons?

    Is there any promissons commands for this?

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    You add them to MCMAs own permissions system.
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    New groupmanager support?
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    UPDATEEEEEE!!!! please
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    Update pl0x?
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    Released, Version r16B:

    • Rebuild against Bukkit 1337.
    • Support for MCMA 0970 commands (/day, /night, /creative, /survival)
    • Fix for 'command not found' type messages.
    Your version will be updated automatically when you update McMyAdmin to
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    You should honestly remove /lookup as it causes issues with Mcbans. Also the /lookup is pointless as it dose not work anyhow. So let McBans take over that.
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    CONSOLE: Command 'lookup' conflicts with plugin 'mcbans v3.2', McMyAdmin will not receive this command
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    I have a similar problem to SuperPyroManiac, but with CommandBook. The /list command is caught by MCMA_Compat and gives the same error, and then nothing happens. In addition McMyAdmin's MOTD is overriding CommandBook's, and I'd rather use CommandBook's. Is there a way to disable these two features in McMyAdmin or let plugins override them?

    Edit: Nevermind, I don't know what it was but something was set wrong in config.yml for CommandBook. Deleting it and restarting CommandBook (to get the default) fixed it.
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    Please update this for 1.2.3!
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    Download link, please?
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    No download link? D:
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    how would a i add bukkit plugins to it 1.3.1
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    Its seems to break RubyBukkit ...

    2012-11-17 17:38:25 [INFO] [RubyBukkit] Enabling RubyBukkit v0.8
    2012-11-17 17:38:25 [INFO] [RubyBukkit] Ruby version set to 1.8
    2012-11-17 17:38:25 [INFO] [RubyBukkit] Using JRuby runtime plugins/RubyBukkit/jruby.jar
    2012-11-17 17:38:25 [INFO] [RubyBukkit] Loading Ruby plugins...
    2012-11-17 17:38:25 [INFO] [RubyBukkit]  - uptime.rb
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE] /games/ni18666_1/MCMA/plugins/RubyBukkit/uptime.rb (No such file or directory)
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at Method)
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.jruby.embed.internal.EmbedRubyRuntimeAdapterImpl.parse(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.jruby.embed.ScriptingContainer.parse(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.notbukkit.RubyPluginLoader.loadPlugin(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.notbukkit.RubyPluginLoader.loadPlugin(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.notbukkit.RubyBukkit.loadPlugins(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.notbukkit.RubyBukkit.onEnable(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManagerAbstract.<init>(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(SourceFile:11)
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServer.init(
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE]    at
    2012-11-17 17:38:28 [SEVERE] [RubyBukkit] Error loading uptime.rb
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: org.jruby.embed.ParseFailedException: /games/ni18666_1/MCMA/plugins/RubyBukkit/uptime.rb (No such file or directory)
        at org.notbukkit.RubyPluginLoader.loadPlugin(
        at org.notbukkit.RubyPluginLoader.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
        at org.notbukkit.RubyBukkit.loadPlugins(
        at org.notbukkit.RubyBukkit.onEnable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManagerAbstract.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(SourceFile:11)
        at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServer.init(
    Caused by: org.jruby.embed.ParseFailedException: /games/ni18666_1/MCMA/plugins/RubyBukkit/uptime.rb (No such file or directory)
        at org.jruby.embed.internal.EmbedRubyRuntimeAdapterImpl.parse(
        at org.jruby.embed.ScriptingContainer.parse(
        at org.notbukkit.RubyPluginLoader.loadPlugin(
        ... 15 more
    Caused by: /games/ni18666_1/MCMA/plugins/RubyBukkit/uptime.rb (No such file or directory)
        at Method)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        at org.jruby.embed.internal.EmbedRubyRuntimeAdapterImpl.parse(
        ... 17 more

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