[MISC] LitterWarn v1.0 - Warns Ops of Illegal Drops [953][INACTIVE]

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    Simple plugin that will warn players when they drop items. Dropped Items Create Lag in rare cases. This also warns OPS when illegal items were dropped (Sponge, Spawners , Bedrock).



    • Warns OPS if illegal items were dropped.
    • Warns Players if He/She Is Littering
    • Colored Messages
    • Sponge / Spawners / Bedrock is Detected
    • Make It So Players Are Fined When Littering occurs!
    • Kicking procedure?
    • Give me Ideas.
    • V1.0 Release. Tweaks have already been done to make sure messages are correct.
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    Great idea for a plugin. :)
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    Thanks, its not really all the useful lol. im thinking about adding iconomy though. So for every 10 littering warnings you get fined or something like that. im also thinking about adding a kick command. so when the player is cuaght dropping an illegal item OP will get a message - " Would You Like To Kick " + .getPlayer() + " ? " + " If so Type /yes "
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    REQ: Custom messages for Multi-Language support
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    What if one player tries to trade an item to another? Will it say no littering?
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    WOA! damn thats a huge loop hole in my plugin. thanks for pointing that out. ill look into inventory events.

    ill look into it. configs are my weakness atm :p
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    And config files are easy, use Bukkit's included Configuration. I'm sure examples are everywhere, but:
    public Configuration config;
    public String message;
    public void onEnable() {
        config = getConfiguration();
        message = config.getString("KickMessage", "Would you like to kick %player?");
    You can use replacement methods to add color support for the message (and obviously replace %player with the player's display name). I'm guessing you know enough about Java to understand that fully, but if you don't just ask.
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    cool thanks, if i have any issues ill just take a look on the java docs.
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    Ideas (all of these can have settings in a config.yml):
    • Automatic cleanup of drops that you choose, possibly after a certain time
    • Warning on drops that you select
    • Customizable warning messages
    • Log drops and the players location
    • Players type /tradedrops to use drops to trade (like a temporary off switch), or only certain items can be traded
    • A /cleandrops [radius] or [world] that cleans up drops in a certain radius or entire world
    • litterwarn.ignore - ignores littering on this group/player
    • litterwarn.ignore.<itemID> - ignores certain itemID (See above)
    • litterwarn.item.<itemID> - warn on this item (override)
    • litterwarn.ignore.log - Does warn, but does not log the players drops
    • litterwarn.ignore.cleanup - Does warn, but does not cleanup
    • litterwarn.cleandrops - Allows use of the /cleandrops command
    I just went crazy with ideas, dont blame me. I dont expect you to do any of these! By the way, the idea behind the permissions is that litterwarn is enabled on all players by default.
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    Conjoined this to ModSiren!
    this is INACTIVE!

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