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    InfChests - Infinite Chests And Dispensers!
    Version: v1.0 BETA (1.0-b1)
    Tested Against: Bukkit-1.2.5-R3.0 (build 2203)
    Download / BukkitDev: InfChests
    What is InfChests?
    InfChests is a simple plugin that lets you create chests that will never run out. (Infinite)

    * Infinite Chests
    * Infinite Dispensers

    How does it work?
    It's simple!

    We use signs to get your information that we need to handle the chests with.
    All our signs require on the first line of the sign our plugin tag: [infchest]

    If you want a basic infinite chest with your own contents, you must first place a chest, and then place a sign above it with our plugin tag as described above.

    If you want a infinite chest with a specific item, you can place a sign anywhere, with on the first line our tag and the second line you desired item name.

    We have an advanced item name handler so you can use item names like: Red Wool, Golden Axe, Diamond Sword and many more.

    More detailed tutorial can be found here.

    Permission Node: "infchests.create"

    Since 1.0 InfChests requires Vault installed!

    What happened with 1.0?
    InfChests 1.0 the rewritten and improved plugin. I did this because I didn't like how I developed a year ago. And now it's much more stable.

    1.0 is rewritten and a beta version as of now. It's still slightly in development while a final version is in-sight.

    You may ask now, why release it now and not when you're 100% finished?
    That is because I write plugins to make you happy.

    I want to suite your needs. If you have any feedback, bugs, requests or ideas, I love to hear them all. So I can improve InfChests to be a better plugin.

    The way I'm going to release my plugins from now on is that I'll start with Alpha versions. I build a beta version using feedback that I got from the users. I'll improve the beta versions based on feedback form the beta. After that the final product should have taken shape the 'release candidate' will appear. If after bugs fixes i'm happy and the users are happy then I'll release it as a official 1.0 release.

    1.0 is also opensource now, Why is that handy? Developers can help me make patches and stuff and can learn from my code. Also 1.1-a1 is available on right now.

    You can use LWC to protect your chests and/or Dispensers!

    * - InfChests 1.0 BETA - Custom Infinite Chests and Dispensers!

    Older Downloads

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    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * - InfChests 0.4 - Powered by HMPF, and Permissions powered by FrozenCow
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    - Please like and comment on this thread and BukkitDev!


    Version 1.0 - Rewritten
    for newest changelogs check out our BukkitDev page.

    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.5.1
    * Updated for build 818.
    * Removed unnecessary lib folder, file now a lot of smaller.
    * Removed some unnecessary console outputs.

    Version 0.5
    * Updated for build 803.
    * Written my own Permission loader etc.
    * Rewritten a lot of things because of new/better events.
    * Sign now gets destroyed when wrong!
    * Signs can now be placed at multiple places for Dispenser.

    Version 0.4

    * Updated for build 614. Permissions support (limited).


    * Forgot to Reload Project, (plugin.yml was not imported in 0.3.6) - Fixed

    Version 0.3.6 - Not working Version

    * Fixed Linux/Mac File creating/reading.

    Version 0.3.5

    * Now Really fixed item Caps, Added Full Dispenser Supprt, Allowed World list.

    Version 0.2.5

    * Fixed names of items. & Added Limited* Dispenser support.

    Version 0.1

    * Initial Release
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    If you can get it working with dispensers this plugin will be nearly obsolete.
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    Not quite true, actually. You can put any single item in a SupplySign by naming it on the sign (rather than using "kit:kitname"). You can put up to three items in the sign without a kit by putting one per line, like this:


    But I do agree that the plugin is not identical. I've been thinking about moving from signs to chests, but it would be a major change.
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    Yeah I read a little more and edited my post, haha.

    The only thing with your plugin is I'd probably have to tell people to right click on signs, whereas chests they'd figure it out. Not a huge deal though.
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    I'd love to work on this again but my computer is broken :(

    And don't have the money to fix it, Everyone who loves this plugin and like to see fixes and improvements please DONATE!
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    how old was your pc when it broke? and By What do u mean *it broke* psu surge? diode blowup?
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    It's an Asus motherboard with Bios Recovery shit that apparently doesn't work. I tried to update my bios and after a restart I didn't get any video output. Now my bios is broken. Asus support is slow and the support from where I bought it is very slow.
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    Uh, not to be an ass, but did you try unplugging the computer and popping the battery? You have to be a really special sort to screw up a bios update.
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    I don't want to discuss this with you in my topic, Please read your Profile Messages.

    Anyone that wants to work on this while I'm unable to, Please contact me.

    Greetings, Wendell Misiedjan
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    I updated this to work with CB621 and added basic permissions support.
    If the player does not have the permission "infchests.placeinfchestsign" the sign gets destroyed if the first line reads "[infchest]".

    If no permissions is installed it will check if the player is an OP.

    I mailed WMisiedjan the source and asked for his permission to release this here.
    So, until I get an answer you have to stay put as I want to respect his rights as the author of this.
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    Read main thread for more info!
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    Can you give the source to the "CraftBukkitUpToDate" guy?
    His plugin updates others plugins automatically.
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    Hrm, Still can't get dispensers to work :(
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    The sign needs to be directly above the dispenser. So don't attach the sign on a block that's above it.
    Its like this (3x3 blocks, two levels):
    First level:
    x y x
    y d y
    x y x

    Second level:
    x x x
    x s x
    x x x

    d =dispenser
    s = sign
    x = any (or no) block you want
    y = redstone (at least one side)

    To load the dispenser it needs to be powered on via redstone at least once.
  16. whats the name for diamond shovels? seem diamond_shovel doens't work
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    Its "diamond_spade" in bukkit.
  18. Please add this plugin to CraftBukkituptoDate. Makes it so much easier to keep servers upto date.
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    Kevin Forte

    This would be a huge change, but is it possible for you to add an option to create these infinite chests via a command as opposed to a sign? If that were the case, then I could use this with iConomyChestShop to create chest shops that never deplete. :)
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    Bug Report:

    If you use 0 for the item ID, the server locks up.

    Reset the server and open the chest and there will be a single mob spawner inside with the text "Undefined Object" (Instead of "Monster Spawner") which will crash the client if someone tries to take it.
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    I've tried this, and it doesn't appear to work (using #670). I really would like for this plugin to be used on my server, it's incredible.
  22. I'm trying 2 make a chest with light green wool but the ID is 35:5 what do I do?
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    i know how to make a dispenser on 670 that gets never empty. watch this youtube video, without it you don't know what a redstone charger is: place the redstone charger at one site
    (make sure the redstone wire goes directly to the dispenser!), then place a redstone torch on the other site of the dispenser (no leaver!!!). the dispenser will now fire fast and forever, if the the infchest sign with the arrows is above it. if it is still not working i think you are kind of silly :p
    (if my english is bad: i'm still learning)
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    This seems ALLOT like iConomyChestShop
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    i noticed that it is working with the redstone charger and a lever too, but the wire must go directly to the dispenser, that's all
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    I'd like to know the same thing! :eek: it's the ONLY part of this plugin I don't like, otherwise it's perfect for what I need; I want to make a server supply depot without any economy plugins but cannot make "infchests" with colored wool or even chests with the dye to make the colored wool, not to mention slabs.

    Would this be difficult to add????
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    Confirmed working CraftBukkit b670jnks
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.
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    How do i do cloths?
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    I'll update this plugin tonight, I got a little bit faster replacement PC which I can finally code on after all those weeks.

    Release will be in the weekends I think, Because I decided to re-code everything because the source is a mess. Infinite Dispensers will work better because sings now need to be placed at the block above dispenser. Will change it to make it more do-able.

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    Just Released!

    0.5 - Read mean thread for more info.

    I'm also looking for beta testers, I have a few but I'd like some more! Please contact me if you like to have the newest version as one of the first!

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