Inactive [MISC] illegalName v2.0 - Block Illegal Characters in usernames! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    IllegalName - Offline Mode Security, Block Illegal Characters in usernames!
    Version - 2.0 [CB:1.2.4]
    [Download] - DropBox

    IllegalName blocks characters in usernames that minecraft can't see.
    This is only good for servers in Offline-Mode or Cracked. Before players could login with a name like ÁDogÁ and all the people on the server would see Dog.
    So when you went to /ban Dog It wouldn't work.
    IllegalName detects these characters and stops players with them from logging onto your server.
    When someone try's to join with a Illegal Character in there name, It will say "You have a illegal User Name!". The groups with the permission IllegalName.see will get a message in game saying
    "<Name> was kicked for illegal character!" No longer will those pesky griefers impersonate your staff! Example: You have an admin named Hello, One of these people with an illegal Character could just login with the name ÁHelloÁ and all you would see is your Admins name "Hello"

    • Blocks Illegal Characters MineCraft can't see (Such as Á¿Ü‰, ¶, © and ¾Ñ)
    • Kicks players, who log on with them
    • Sends a message to Specified groups, when someone is kicked because of it
    • Limits UserNames to Max: 16 Letters / Min: 1
    • Permissions 2x /3x / GroupManager Support
    (Add this to all groups that you want to see the, <UserName> is kicked for having Illegal Characters!
    Such as mods/admins or everyone :) )


    • Updated to new Event system
    Old Updates (open)
    Old Updates (open)

    • Updated to CB 1.0.1-R1
    • Changed Player Name size to 17
    • Updated to 1337
    • Now instantly kicks
    • Changed the KICK to it not allowing the player to Login.
    • Added Illegal Names
    • Updated to 1185
    • Added extra Features
    • Now blocks -
    • Stops Players with illegal Characters from ever logging in now!
    • Spanish Ñ blocked now too.

    Leave suggestions on what you want to see added, I want to add lots of new things to this, i don't know what to put though.
    Original Plugin by @robin0van0der0v
    Big Thanks to
    For helping me solve my simple error >.<

    Leave your thoughts, Thanks.
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    Works fine on 1-1R4, thank you
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    Please update.
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    any update to 1.2.3 ?
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    please update..
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    I have a easy solution when you use xAuth:
    go in xAuth config and make it like this:

      min-length: 2
      allowed: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890_-
      disallowed: '*'
      blank-name: true
    it has the same effect
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    id rather use this since i use something else less complicated
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    its not really complicated, and it makes illegalname unnecessary...
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    i know but i use something else i consider easier for me and other users.
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    • Updated to new Event system
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    Can this prevent users wity spaces? This are horrible too!
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    when i download it and do /ver on it it still says its 1.2 is link worng or u just dont change version name in plugin

    also does this kick people who use spaces cuz if it supposed to it doesnt.

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    Please update the plugin to 1.2.5 i need it very badly and i don't see why other servers shouldn't use it!
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    great plugin! will you also support spaces? i have some players who use it and it's very annoying since most plugins don't recognize them... :s

    EDIT: i have the same problem as this person:
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    Greetings! I got a quick question wich i couldnt make up from the description ( might be my bad ) but is it posible to put a limit. E.g. a maximum of 6 numbers in a name. Because our server is Non-Premium and lies under the attack of a spambot generating random numbers. Wich are made from 8-12 numbers so it could be blocked quite easily because they got that in common. Thanks already! Ciao
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    07:38:39 [INFO] Plugins (46): ... , IllegalName, ...
    07:38:39 [INFO] Online players: 1
    07:38:39 [INFO] a%20dog

    it's rather annoying because most plugins don't recognize his name, like my chat manager; he always turns up white and every time he says something an error in the log... I'm lucky that he's not very talkative though.
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    This plugin can disable spaces in name?
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    To all people asking if it can disable spaces in the name:
    Yes. It can. Look at the other comments before you post what a bunch of other people have posted. That is all.
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    This plugin doesn't work..
  21. Hey man i download this but for some reason its not working for my server, i men i placed the plugin there but it did not create a folder, neither its working!
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    it doesnt make a folder there is nothing to configure
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    Could you possibly update this for 1.3.1?
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    Good but now I want to know how to get those characters! :p
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    Visisble characters are an issue too, do you think they can be added? /Player and Player are the same person, according to Minecraft.
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    Update to R2 pls i need it =3
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    Please make an update of this. I really need this and lots of people need this too.

    Thanks alot. This is what im looking for. waiting for illegal name update is along time

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    No you don't. As TnT has repeatedly told you, offline mode is a very bad thing.
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    yea i know, but what can u do if its a local server (Indonesia)
    where most people dont have paypal or credit card... we only have wire transfer
    they cant buy a premium account, ussualy they buy from me

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