Inactive [MISC] HeroSneak 1.2.4 - The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! [302~1337]

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    Hello again,
    So do you think you will try and make it so that, using the works when you enter different world?
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    Unfortunately multi-world support really isn't standardized. As long as it uses a PlayerTeleportEvent, I could compare the old location to the new one and see if the world has changed, but that might not always work depending on what your particular multi-world plugin uses.

    I will build an indev version for you to test later, but professionally I'm in crunch in the industry so no promises.
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    That would be great if you could, but please add it to the other version you made for me if you do do it :D
    If you cant well I understand :)

    Regards Hayden.
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    I can't seem to get this plugin to work correctly.
    I am able to use /sneak as the server owner. But other players cannot use the command. It doesn't even return an error for them ie, "You don't have access to this command"

    Here is my globalGroups file (I am using permissions 3):
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    default: true
    - essentials.afk
    - essentials.motd
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.kick.notify
    - essentials.rules
    - essentials.ban.notify
    - simpleclans.anyone.*
    - simpleclans.member.*
    - creativegates.use
    - factions.participate
    - factions.viewAnyPower
    - showcase.basic
    - herosneak.sneak
    - simpleclans.mod.*
    - simpleclans.admin.*
    build: true
    default: false
    - essentials.afk.kickexempt
    - essentials.mail
    - essentials.mail.send
    - essentials.clearinventory
    - simpleclans.leader.*
    - factions.create
    prefix: '&3'
    - Guest
    default: false
    - permissions.*
    - essentials.ban.offline
    - essentials.banip
    - essentials.broadcast
    - essentials.essentials
    - essentials.kick
    - essentials.kick.exempt
    - essentials.mute
    - essentials.mute.exempt
    - essentials.tempban
    - essentials.tempban.exempt
    - essentials.tempban.offline
    - essentials.unban
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.tpa
    - essentials.tpaall
    - essentials.tpahere
    - essentials.tpall
    - essentials.tphere
    - essentials.tpo
    - essentials.tpohere
    - essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass
    - essentials.joinfullserver
    - dar.admin
    - creativegates.destroy
    - worldguard.region.*
    prefix: '&4'
    - Member
    default: false
    - essentials.bigtree
    - essentials.give
    - essentials.give.item-
    - essentials.give.item-
    - essentials.give.item-all
    - essentials.itemspawn.exempt
    - essentials.god
    - essentials.god.others
    - essentials.heal
    - essentials.heal.cooldown.bypass
    - essentials.heal.others
    - essentials.item
    - essentials.itemspawn.exempt
    - essentials.itemspawn.item-
    - essentials.itemspawn.item-
    - essentials.itemspawn.item-all
    - essentials.time
    - essentials.time.set
    - essentials.kickall
    - essentials.backup
    - essentials.antioch
    - essentials.reloadall
    - essentials.unbanip
    - essentials.setspawn
    - creativegates.create
    - dynmap.*
    prefix: '&1O&2W&3N&4E&5R'
    - Admin
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    Hello, work in 1337?
    and it is possible to sneak all user (non admin) whith NO persmission system?
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    Could I see how you've configured HeroSneak's config.yml? I imagine it's an issue of choosing the appropriate permissions system for HeroSneak to use. "permissions: Permissions" tells it to use the Permissions plugin. By default, or if Permissions is not detected, it uses Ops only for security.

    Yes, I just haven't updated the thread title yet (sorry).
    Yes, you can sneak all users with "permissions: none" in config.yml

    Because the Permission is optional and I added support for "*" and Ops to ignore it, I've merged that into the stable build and added Multi-World support to that build.

    So release 1.2.4 should do what you've been asking. As a disclaimer: I've tested it internally and it works great, but I don't have a lot of Multi-World traffic so I can't personally guarantee you it's 100% bug-free.

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    Latest version seems to not be working for me with no errors ;(
    Got this every start up
    2011-11-05 12:46:04 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/HeroSneak.jar' in folder 'plugins': name '${name}' contains invalid characters.
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidDescriptionException: name '${name}' contains invalid characters.
        at org.bukkit.plugin.PluginDescriptionFile.loadMap(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.PluginDescriptionFile.<init>(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    And server crashes almost as soon as its starts up.
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    I have an issue wherein i added the permissions nodes to several groups, however the only people who can sneak are ops, soon as they are not op no matter what the group or what the permissions noone can sneak.

    however as i said ops are able to sneak thats completley functional
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    Sorry! Error in deployment; the right version is up now, go ahead and grab it from the JAR-only link.

    Check your config.yml, let me know what the "permissions:" property is set to. It must be "permissions: Permissions" to use plugin-based permissions. If this property isn't set or if Permissions isn't detected, it defaults to Ops-only for security.

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    Gday, I dont know if its just me but it seems to be glitching a little, I have tested it for like half an hour and this is what I have concluded,
    all perms seem to be working great, But for some odd reason when I walk after about a second I un-sneak for some reason, until I duck again I wont sneak again I am using 2 non-oped accounts to test.

    CB: 1337
    HS: 1.2.4

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    Do you have any plugins or CraftBukkit modifications that make unsecured changes to the server's classes, such as Spout? One of the limitations of the Minecraft server/client is the player tracker, which decides when to send data about a player and to whom. If you want to appear sneaking, this tracker has to update any time a player comes into range to see you so that they'll know you're sneaking. The bit about whether or not you're in sneak status is in this metadata packet that the tracker is supposed to send, and unfortunately the tracker will only update if there's a *change* in status so that it doesn't just spam packets out unnecessarily.

    So in order to ensure that everyone around you gets the message that you're supposed to be sneaking, HeroSneak actually runs a timer alongside the server that un-sneaks and re-sneaks you to force the tracker to update everyone. If you're using any plugins or modifications that affect the player tracker or Packet40EntityMetadata, that may not work properly.
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    OMG WOOOOO! WOW, I cant believe I forgot about NoCheat! that was it, I set the sneak speed limit to 40 in that which is sprinting speed, and its PERFECT!
    Weeeell, there is one TINY problem...SORRY! Its just for some reason when you enter a world or log in, it does apply sneak but until you tap shift your not sneaking.

    Thanks 1 Million times!

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    Well, first of all I'm glad you got it (mostly) working.

    As for that last bug report, I'll take some time to investigate it; sorry for the inconvenience, I hope your users can accept the workaround in the meantime of just tapping shift real quick whenever they're "zoning".
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    tyvm for your reply, my config looks like this

    sneakOff: '&7You are no longer sneaking.'
    sneakCooldown: '&4You must wait <time> seconds before you may sneak again.'
    sneakOn: '&7You are now sneaking.'
    duration: 0
    cooldown: 0
    refresh: 5
    permissions: permissions
    opsAutoSneak: false

    this bottom permissions line has the value permissions, however im not sure if you mean the top line instead

    thank you
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    Which Permissions plugin are you using? HeroSneak only supports Niji/TheYeti's Permissions, but most permissions plugins provide a compatibility bridge for this setup. If you are using a compatible Permissions plugin, the next step would be to try adding "herosneak.*" to an individual non-Op user's permissions and see if they are able to sneak with that, to rule out a configuration issue.
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    Ok i'll try it user based, i had added all the permissions lines i could find to the groups i have, im using Essentials GroupManager (a plugin im rapidly growing to dislike) for my permissions tyvm for your fast reply this is awesome
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    what to do with the COPYING file?
    do i need it?
    the plugin doesnt work :-(
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    That file is just the license, could you be slightly more specific about what doesn't work?

    At minecon now but will be checking periodically.
  19. Any plans to move to BukkitDev or to update the plugin?
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    Would this work on 1.0.1-r1??

    can you add an options for like if you take dmg it will brake the sneak?
    lets say fall dmg. or when you run it also brakes

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    Hello! I did like to ask you. Can you make a function in this plugin or make different plugin, so the name will be displayed only then the player stands 7block away from target(also it could be configurable).
  22. The OP hasn't been since Dec 11 :(
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    Sorry I'm not grasping how I can set it so that everybody automatically sneaks... is that possible?

    (is this up to date?)
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    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ, Update...If you ever come back online.
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    What is the need for an update?
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    many people loved this plug in.
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    Lol okay but there is nothing wrong with it. . .
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    I cant get this to work either plz help me i am using GroupManager and have the same problems as Dominhiho that only Owners can use it and even if my moderators got the Permissions for using it they cant use it, it even dont come up an error exactly as it was for him. Thanks for your time
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    Im curious if this plugin is updated to the new events system as the old one was removed starting CB 1944.
    Just a headsup before the coming RB which will cause quite the mess :p

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