Inactive [MISC] HeroSneak 1.2.4 - The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! [302~1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SquallSeeD31, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Okay sweet. thanks
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    Thank for your plugin!
    But is there a way to make all the people sneaking and unsneaking with an admin command?
    And make someone else sneaking?
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    Not presently; as with all other feature requests if there's a lot of support for it I can look into it.
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    Oh man! We made a Woods Arrow arena on my server (paintball or airsoft, just in minecraft) and this would be sooo useful!
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    Works [720]
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    works 733.

    i have autosneak for every player on logon. When a player dies, he loose autosneak. can you please fix this? i don't want them to be able to NOT sneak.
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    It was intended by design and technical limitations to lose sneak upon death, but when I get home I'll take a look at 733 and see if Bukkit fixed the underlying issue yet.
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    This + our Woods Arrow arena = best plugin ever. I love it.
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    Plugin is amazing.
    Bugs I've noticed:
    Breaks on /tp.
    Breaks on multiverse portals.
    Breaks on death.
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    Plugin/CraftBukkit version?

    I'm going to have to dig deeper into the notchcode and maybe bypass Bukkit entirely to fix this, because I'm using Bukkit's API to set the sneaking status of a player. If there's an underlying bug in their code or a technical limitation that their API presents, I may just build against CraftBukkit instead and fix it myself.
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    Squall it seems from the bugs I'm having the easiest solution would be to.
    - disable then enable sneak for players that come through Multiverse portals and Teleports(/tp) that have "autosneak" enabled
    -run a loop through all the players list disabling and re-enabling their sneak status if the players on the list have it set on.

    Edit: cb733
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    The funny thing is, your latter recommendation is *exactly how HeroSneak has worked since it was released*; the "refresh interval" sets how often this happens (specifically, that the program loops over the list of currently-sneaking players and explicitly sets OFF and then sets ON their sneak status).

    Released 1.2.2 to (hopefully) fix this problem once and for all.

    Unfortunately there is a *minor* window of exposure to serious raiders, but that window is capped at the refresh interval.

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    Great plugin, it allows me to actually be hidden in my secret floors and tunnels :)
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    using 1.1.0. whats difference between the 2 red marked options in config?

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    "refreshInterval:" is an old configuration value and may be safely ignored. If you have 1.2.X+, it will automatically be removed for you to avoid confusion.
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    I have a feature request.

    Can you make it so when a user in sneakmode enters a world where they don't have permissions to use sneakmode it will automatically disable itself? Other then that plugin is perfect :D!
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    Is there an event that's thrown by CraftBukkit when a user changes worlds? I'm not familiar with that, specifically. Basically, to add your feature request, I'd have to have some way of knowing when a user changes worlds.
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    Hey, nice mod :) Is there anyway to make names invisible at all times? (just like when sneaking behind a wall)
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    Completely invisible, even in line of sight?

    No, or at least not via the Bukkit API. It may be possible through some creative server hacking, but it's beyond the scope of this plugin. It may even be a client issue, which would mean your users would all need to be running a client mod to see it.
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    really good idea. thank ya
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    Works fine in 818, spawn world or nether.
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    I was actually about to post that myself, but thank you very much for giving an in-the-wild test case. =)
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    This plugin is a necessary component for our pvp server so it had to be done and thought I'd share. :)
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    Yes this is a necessary plugin for PvP server. Thank you for creating it and maintaining this plugin.
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    Squall, could we please get an update to disable to the plugin in separate worlds? I have a PvP area and with full auto-sneak which is one of the most useful plugins I have. The problem I have is that users are still using sneak in towns worlds and my creative worlds also once they leave the PvP world. please help!
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    It doesnt work for me ;c
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    Still works great ;)

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