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    HeroSneak - The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! (v1.2.4)
    Download HeroSneak 1.2.4 [CraftBukkit 561+]
    Download HeroSneak 1.0.4 [CraftBukkit 560-]
    Latest Jar Only

    COMPATIBILITY UPDATE: Due to recent changes in CraftBukkit version 561, all server admins upgrading to this version of CraftBukkit or higher will need to download HeroSneak 1.0.5 or higher. Server admins running CraftBukkit 560 and below should download HeroSneak 1.0.4, thank you for your understanding.

    HeroSneak allows players to persistently turn on "sneaking", making them appear to other players to be crouching and making their name transparent. This project was originally developed for the HeroCraft SMP server based on demand for a port of the "AutoSneak" hey0 plugin by SirApropos.

    • Type /sneak to hide your name while still moving at full speed!
    • Optionally specify a duration (in seconds) for how long the sneak should last, and a cooldown (in seconds) to prevent casting /sneak again too soon!
    • Grant Autosneak permission to sneak automatically on login - great for maintaining stealth even through a disconnect!
    • Support for Permissions plugin, defining your own list of players or just using Server Ops
    • Doesn't interfere with the Minecraft sneak mechanic, which still allows players to slow their movement speed and not fall!

    1. Download latest .ZIP archive from the link at the top
    2. Extract the archive into your plugins directory
    3. Open /plugins/HeroSneak/config.yml and configure to taste
    4. Save configuration file and reload your server

    The config file contains default messages (use "&#" notation to define colors), options, and designated players to use sneak/autosneak (if not using the Permissions plugin).

    This file is saved in the YAML format, so please be sure to maintain the formatting and change only the element values. It will be created automatically with default values if it doesn't exist.

    Configuration Example:
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    ##Set colors with &[0-F], so &7 would be grey
        sneakOn: '&4You are now sneaking.'
        sneakOff: '&5You are no longer sneaking.'
        sneakCooldown: '&4You must wait <time> seconds before you may sneak again.'
        - kaliven
        - bargraphics
        - squallseed31
        - kaliven
        - bargraphics
    ##permissions: Which permission system to use.  "permissions" for Nijikokun's plugin; "config" to define your own permissions above; "ops" to only let server ops sneak; "none" to let everybody sneak!
    ##opsAutoSneak: For "permissions" permission system, decide whether or not users with '*' permissions should autosneak. For "ops" or "config", decide whether or not MC ops should autosneak.  For "none", decide whether or not everyone should autosneak.
    ##timers: How often (in seconds) for each action to occur, set 0 to disable.
    ###refresh: How often sneak status should be refreshed (players who are not near you when you type /sneak won't see you sneaking unless you're refreshed)
    ###duration: How long sneak should last before being toggled off automatically
    ###cooldown: How long to wait after turning sneak on before it can be activated again
            duration: 0
            cooldown: 0
            refresh: 5
        permissions: config
        opsAutoSneak: false

    herosneak.sneak (Use /sneak to toggle sneaking status) (Sneak will automatically be set on login)
    herosneak.exempt (User is exempt from cooldown/duration)

    Changelog (Download Full Changelog)
    Version 1.2.4
    • Fixed/added Multi-World support lost on teleport
    Version 1.2.3
    • Added "" permission to remove sneak upon world change if present
    Version 1.2.2
    • Finally, at long last, fixed players losing sneak on teleport/respawn.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed Permissions failsafe to not overwrite the permission system in config.yml
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    cool but is there a way to make admins not sneak automatically ?
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    Clever :p It doesn't hide it completely but its still pretty cool :D
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    i was using vanish plugin for something like this which was pretty cool making a stealthy job but never worked gotta try this out.
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    Still trying to think of a good way to implement this option with the Permissions plugin. Most server admins grant themselves '*', which would naturally pass the "" test, but may not necessarily want themselves to autosneak.

    I can't rely on them to be in ops.txt, so I can't just use the opsAutoSneak option to cover that.

    So I'm still thinking about it, but in the meantime, it may be easier to simply instruct admins to type /sneak once when they log in, and it'll turn it off.
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    Yet another addition to our coding team! Hoorah!
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    Updated to 1.0.1 to remove the nag-message about using a stupidly-long constructor for later versions of CraftBukkit.
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    Erm, the plugin isn't loading up.
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    Which version of HeroSneak, which version of CraftBukkit, and are you getting any error messages?
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    I am not using the permissions plugin.
    How do you configure it so everyone can use /sneak, and not only the ops without using permissions?
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    link not working for me
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    Hmm... is there any error message, or just 404?

    I was able to get it to work, but it's just a Dropbox. If I had better hosting available on the cheap, I'd use it. Either way, could you try again and let me know?
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    ah working now, thanks
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    Tested against build 432
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    Done before, but this still seems great. Thanks for yet another useful plugin!
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    Sorry for reposting, but I really want an answer :)

    I am not using the permissions plugin.
    How do you configure it so everyone can use /sneak, and not only the ops without using permissions?
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    Sorry; I had seen that and meant to respond, but got busy outside of the Minecraft community. Interestingly enough, I had thought about whether or not a server admin would want to allow everyone to use /sneak, but I decided against explicit support because "they can just grant herosneak.sneak to default"... unless you don't use "Permissions".

    So I added support in v1.0.2 (compatible with 432!) for you to specify "none" as your "permissions:" in the config.yml (in the /plugins/HeroSneak directory), which will allow everyone to use /sneak. If you want them to autosneak on top of that, set "opsAutoSneak: true".
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    For some reason my config resets whenever I try to edit it
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    When HeroSneak is enabled (either by starting the server or using the reload command), it loads all of its configuration variables into memory from the file. Then, it immediately saves the file with all the variables it just read. This is done so that if the admin doesn't have a config.yml, or if I add new configuration options in the future, default values will be saved to the file. If the option exists, its current value will be saved, so it is only overwriting the file with what's already there.

    So I guess it depends on when you're trying to edit the file. As long as you save the file before you start or reload the server, it should just read your file and save it as-is.
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    I'm seeing the same thing;
    • Edit file prior to loading server, it resets itself to permissions: ops on server stop.
    • Edit file during server running, it resets itself to permissions: ops on server stop.
    Pretty much the config.yml is uneditable.
    craftbukkit build 439 and whatever build of HeroSneak is available up there.
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    you can make all users have sneak on by default, and a permissions value disables it.

    edit: shit, nevermind, will result in the same problem in reverse =/
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    If the only value that gets reset is permissions:, that's actually intended as a safeguard to allow the plugin to load at all. What's happening is the Permissions plugin you're using isn't detected by HeroSneak, so it defaults to ops so it can continue loading.

    So if that's your issue, I'd recommend updating Permissions, or setting permissions: to "config" and setting it up manually via config.yml
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    That's awesome. Thanks alot!
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    I'm not using the Permissions plugin - I'm just using your plugin and want all players to be able to sneak by default. How do I do that in your configs Permission section, [*] instead of null?

    [edit] - Nope, that didn't work; it choked on the asterix. :(
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    If you want everyone to be able to sneak, set options.permissions to "none". If you want everyone to also autosneak (be sneaking when they log in), set opsAutoSneak to "true"

        refreshInterval: 5
        permissions: none
        opsAutoSneak: false
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    I'm saying that doesn't work; your plugin resets permissions to Ops and nobody is able to use it.
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    Sorry to ask so many questions, but which CraftBukkit build is this? I'm testing against 432, but I'm going to look into it deeper and see if I can figure out what--precisely--is causing the issue you're observing.

    Nevermind, I found it; download v1.0.3 and it should work just fine for you with the "none" permission.

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    Whatever you did, solved it! Thank you!
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    Could you possilby upload it for version 1.2 please ?
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    It should work in version 1.2 as long as your CraftBukkit version is 403+ (but under whenever they switched to 1.3).

    If you need a build that works from 302~403, let me know.

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