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    HeroBounty Bounty Board / Hitlist Plugin (v 1.9.0)
    Download HeroBounty
    Source Code on GitHub This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

    Show your thanks! Maintaining plugins like this one is very nearly a full time job. If you enjoy my plugins and appreciate the support I provide, then please consider providing some support of your own. Donating even a tiny amount keeps me motivated and makes me feel loved so go ahead and donate!

    HeroBounty adds a whole new dimension to Minecraft PvP. For anyone who has ever been killed by another player and wanted them to pay, but just didn't want to spend the time hunting them down, here is your answer! HeroBounty adds a public hit list to your server, allowing players to anonymously post hits against their enemies for a reward paid out of their pocket. Other players can take on the role of bounty hunter, competing to fulfill bounties and earn the reward.

    HeroBounty is a plugin originally developed for the HeroCraft server and is now officially being released to the public.


    • Anonymously issue hits against your enemies!
    • Become a bounty hunter and kill for pay!
    • Economy support! Earn in-game money for completing hits! Supports any economy that Register supports.
    • And more!

    The available commands are summarized in the screenshot below. Any parameters in <angled brackets> are required. Any <id#> parameters require the position of the item in the relevant bounty list.


    1. Creating a bounty
    The /bounty new command posts a new bounty against the player and for the amount provided. A percentage based cut is taken out of the supplied amount; the remaining money is posted as the reward for the hit.


    2. Viewing available bounties
    The /bounty list command lists all available bounties and their associated rewards. Bounties are sorted from highest to lowest reward. This list keeps both the bounty issuer and the target anonymous. You will not discover the target of the bounty until you accept it.


    3. Accepting a bounty
    To accept a bounty, use the /bounty accept command and give it the id# of the bounty you'd like. Accepting a bounty incurs a small fee - usually 5% of the award value. Once accepted, you will be given the target's name and the duration of your issued bounty will start to count down. If you fail to kill the target in the given duration, the bounty will be retracted and you will have to purchase it again to continue.


    4. Finding a target
    To help in finding targets, use the /bounty locate command. This command displays a list of your targets and their approximate. Target locations are rounded to the nearest 100 blocks by default, but this value can be changed in the configuration. These locations are only meant to give you a rough idea of where your target is. It is up to you as the bounty hunter to actually track down the player and complete the hit.


    5. Completing a bounty
    If you manage to kill a player for whom you have purchased a bounty for, you will be given the reward associated with the hit. The server will be publicly alerted of your success. The target (now dead) will receive a small monetary penalty - usually 5% of the award value.


    1. Download the latest version of the plugin from the link at the top of this page.
    2. Extract the contents of the archive to your /plugins folder.
    3. Open /plugins/HeroBounty/config.yml and configure to your liking.
    4. Save the modified file and start your server.

    All of the settings related to HeroBounty are stored in your /plugins/HeroBounty/data.yml file in YAML format. If you are unfamiliar with YAML, simply follow the pattern found in the config.yml file in the archive you downloaded. The comments in this default file, prefaced with a #, describe what each of the configuration options do.

    If found, HeroBounty will make use of TheYeti's Permissions plugin. The three available permission nodes are described below:
    • - allows use of /bounty new
    • herobounty.accept - allows use of /bounty accept
    • herobounty.locate - allows use of /bounty locate
    • herobounty.list - allows use of /bounty list
    • herobounty.untargettable - makes a player unable to be targetted by bounties
    A Message to Users

    Thanks for all your support! I will do my best to keep this plugin updated and bug free. If you have any issues or feature requests, feel free to either leave a message here or find me on IRC.

    Thanks to Nijikokun for help with making the plugin display nicely formatted messages!

    Extra special thanks to my donors: wildshoetwt

    Change Log:
    Version 1.9.0
    • Added Register support. Removed the negative balances option.
    Version 1.8.0

    Version 1.7.7

    • Added additional NPE checks in Economy
    • Added the herobounty.list permission to regulate use of /bounty list
    Version 1.7.6

    • Updated for CB 612
    Version 1.7.4

    • Commands now load even if iConomy isn't found (woops)
    Version 1.7.3

    • Fixed a silly mistake regarding parameterized messages
    Version 1.7.2

    • Finished majority of internal rewrite
    • Made iConomy optional (although it might be buggy without it - please test!)
    Version 1.7.1

    • Added the bounty.locate permission
    Version 1.7.0

    • Added Permissions support, including the, herobounty.accept and herobounty.untargettable nodes
    Version 1.6.0

    • Added compass-based locations with /bounty locate <id#>
    • Revamped help menu
    • Added command specific help. Type /<command> ? to use it (ie. /bounty new ?)
    Version 1.5.0

    • Updated to work with iConomy 4.3
    Version 1.46

    • Removed a debug message I accidentally left in - no more console spam
    Version 1.45

    • Fixed bounty kills not registering.
    Version 1.44

    • Revamped the /bounty locate command
    • Added new configuration option to adjust location rounding
    Version 1.41

    • Updated to meet new Bukkit standards
    • Fixed long constructor spam
    • Now using new damage events
    Version 1.40

    • Added the option to allow a target's balance to go negative if they cannot afford the death penalty
    Version 1.30

    • Added the option to pay hunters an inconvenience fee for cancelled bounties
    Version 1.20

    • Introduced the /bounty locate command
    • Added new configuration options regarding location updating
    Version 1.10

    • Bug fix: players can no longer accept bounties on themselves
    • Redone message displays
    • Death penalty is now configurable
    • Plugin message prefix is now configurable
    • Server admins can now decide whether they want target names to show on the bounty list
    • Supports plugins that modify names such as iChat
    Version 1.01

    • A global message is now sent when a new bounty has been placed.
    Version 1.00

    • Initial public release!
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    Care to elaborate?
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 7:54 AM ---
    I have released a new update introducing the /bounty locate command. Read part 4 of the usage section for details. Along with the command come two new configuration options so make sure to update your config files based on the included default. You must update your config to access these commands.

    Happy hunting!

    Change Log:
    Version 1.20
    • Introduced the /bounty locate command
    • Added new configuration options regarding location updating
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    Prolly already planned but wanted to put it out there, a visual Bounty Board perhaps, can set up signs on a wall with who the target it how much and clicking the sign u accept the hunt? just tossing out ideas
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    I doubt I'll ever implement this as it's redundant with existing functionality. Players can still put up wanted signs describing a bounty let players know that they have a specific bounty posted on the available bounty list.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 9:31 AM ---
    Another update! A bounty's posting fee can be split amongst hunters if the bounty is cancelled to pay the hunters for the inconvenience of putting time into a cancelled bounty. The payment of this inconvenience fee can be turned on and off in the configuration file. Once again, check the updated default config included for the new new option's format.

    Change Log:
    Version 1.30
    • Added the option to pay hunters an inconvenience fee for cancelled bounties
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    Is there a way you could make it so you can somehow blacklist certain names from accepting a bounty? One of my mods just pointed out that someone with a bounty on his head could have a friend pick up the bounty, then kill him naked, essentially getting free money. Either a white list of people that can pick up a posted bounty, or a black list of those who cant, or any other way you can think of hehe.
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    Oh my god, no way, this plugin rocks.
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    Unfortunately this is an issue inherent in any bounty system due to Minecraft's minimal penalties for dying. Adding a white list or black list for each individual bounty isn't a realistic solution, as each bounty owner isn't going to want to list every single person they do or don't want accepting the bounty.

    There are, however, three possible workarounds:
    1. Turn on anonymous bounty targets. With this option turned on, bounty hunters will not discover the target of their bounty until they accept it. This prevents people from specifically accepting bounties targeting their friends.
    2. Increase the death penalty and/or bounty acceptance fee. If the sum of these two are higher than the bounty award, then there is no way to exploit the system to gain money.
    3. Simply warn users not to do this and have server moderators watch the bounty kill (bounty hunters and targets are announced when a bounty is completed). Our server, for instance, will ban repeat offenders of this rule.
    Once our team finishes its town citizenship plugin, I will at least provide support such that players cannot accept bounties against members of their own town.--- merged: Feb 5, 2011 11:04 AM ---
    Thanks for the support!
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    My server stopped as i try to set a bounty on a player.

    My installed Plugins:

    Bukkit 239
    Worldguard 3.2.2
    Worldedit 3.2.2
    Permissions 2.0
    General 2.1
    IChat 1.5

    I dont have installed iConomy, as i dont like the "Command-Heavy" Plugins. I really want to wait for TradeCraft to be ported. Can you make permission Support for the Commands and remove the requirement of IConomy? At least make the reward kinds configurable in the config.yml, like using any item or just Gold Ignots, which would perfect fit into TradeCraft or anykind of Server without any Economy Plugin.

    That would just be really awesome. :)

    Thanks & Regards
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    Can you add a config option to add people who CANT have bounties placed on them. One of the first things a player did was place a bounty on me which is pointless because im in god mode so they wasted their money lol. I would like to place my staff in the "can not have bounties placed on them" list :p

    So if you could add this feature i would appreciate it :D!

    Edit - Also i accepted a bounty and it crashed my client, but when i logged back in it accepted the bounty correctly :eek: I have the anonymous option on
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    Love the plugin, but running into some issues.
    When accepting a bounty in a few secs it kicks all the users out of the game.
    The clients all crash.
    The server is still up and running.
    This happens a good portion of the time.

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    The "cant" add bounties should be coming in - it will either be a name list or a group that they are a part of - ie admins etc.

    We'll see how it goes.
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    I'm looking into the client crashing bug now. Is there any more information you guys could give me? Error logs? Configs? Data files? Anything might help.

    Also, I don't plan on making iConomy an optional dependency, as I don't see the point in hunting people down if there's no reward involved.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 8:55 PM ---
    Yeah, I'm definitely going to need to see config files for the people having issues. Please also include error reports if you can. I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my test server so far.
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    My server actually crashes when I try to put out a new bounty (on myself, if that matters).

    #minimum amount users must pay to post a bounty (includes reward + fee)
    bounty-min: 50
    #percent of the amount paid that is taken as a fee for posting a bounty
    #the remaining portion makes up the reward for the bounty
    bounty-fee-percent: 10
    #percent of the award value hunters must pay to accept a contract
    contract-fee-percent: 10
    #percent of the award value that the killed target loses
    death-penalty-percent: 5
    #the amount of time bounty hunters have to complete a bounty (in minutes)
    bounty-duration: 1440
    #if true, hides the target names until a bounty is accepted
    anonymous-targets: true
    #tag placed before all bounty related messages (supports iChat coloring)
    bounty-tag: '&b[BOUNTY] '
    #sets the interval at which bounty target locations are updated (in minutes)
    location-update-period: 2
    #sets the maximum distance a target must be from another player to have their location recorded
    location-update-distance: 200
    #if true, splits the owner's posting fee between hunters when a bounty is cancelled
    pay-inconvenience: true

    Build 254
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    As a LOGD bounty hunter extraordinaire, I approve this plugin.
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    @EmVee, can you post the error it spits out?

    Does this ONLY occur when you place a bounty on yourself? (This is something I need to make impossible next update anyway).
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 2:32 AM ---
    To anyone having the client crashing issue - does the problem still exist? I'm still curious on what the actual errors you're encountering are.
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    We'll be testing this against build 254 in just a few moments.
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    Update! Servers can now decide whether they want a target's balance to go negative if they cannot afford the death penalty. This should be enabled if you find that players are avoiding the death penalty by temporarily giving their money away to a friend when a bounty is placed on them.

    Change Log:
    Version 1.40
    • Added the option to allow a target's balance to go negative if they cannot afford the death penalty
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    The reward should be set in a cfg. Like you can donate items as bounty..
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    I'll consider making it an option.
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    Is this currently working b266? I don't get a loaded plugin on server start up now can i use any commands while in-game.
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    Probably not, i think a lot of the plugins need to be updated now.. again
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    I'll check it out. The latest build I've tested this on is 254 I believe.
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 2:20 PM ---
    Actually, our server is running 262 without any issues. Are you guys seeing any errors?
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 2:27 PM ---
    I just had multiple people test HeroBounty on version 271 of craft bukkit and no one reported issues. First I would try updating craft bukkit to at least this version and then if you're still having issues, try to disable other plugins to see if there's a conflict somewhere.
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    I luv this! We had a member on my server working on something similar but he has been awol... loading it now!
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    Good to hear!
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    Testing now on CB#271 We can not get the kills to register. Placing the bounty, and accepting it work very well. But when a player kills a "Wanted" player after they accepted the bounty ID, they get no reward and the chat does not get spammed the kill...
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 9:19 PM ---
    Crap we fixed it... user error ;)

    I had a old CB version somehow.

    Running on CB#271 right now!

    Good Job!!!
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    It would be nice to have it - though we're trying to remain as lightweight as possible - adding in itemhooks or inventory calls would counter our stance on lightweightness.
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    Glad to hear you fixed it!
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    We'll hopefully be moving to a sqlite db soon.
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    thanks for you job, for my web admin interface ( i'll envisage to integrate dashboard of Bukkit's plugins into it. Please can you tell me where you store the data of bounty info ?
    thanks for your help.
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    It's all stored in the /plugins/HeroBounty/data.yml.
  31. You should make it possible to 'compound' bounties. As it stands, a user can escape massive hits and targets by simply putting a minimum bounty on themselves. Noone will care enough to hunt them down. If you allow any 'new' bounties for a player with an existing bounty to combine, it will definitely add a bit of excitement to the mix :)

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