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    Hi guys! I just made my second plug-in!
    This time I decided to create a SMITE plug-in, because I freaking love lightnings :D

    Well, with this plug-in you can use a lot of lightnings, here is a list:

    • Normal lightnings (with a little explosion) [IN-GAME]
    • Potion lightnings (with potions effects!) [WILL BE ADDED IN THE NEXT DAYS]
    • Command lightnings (with these lightnings you can kick or ban a player!) [WILL BE ADDED IN THE NEXT DAYS]
    I knew, for now this plug-in sucks :\ but is my second plug-in and I wanted to publish it!
    I swear, I will add the features in the next days :D

    Here are the commands:

    • /strike (It will strike where are you looking)
    • /strike [playername] (It will strike the selected player)

    Please guys, try it and leave a feedback I want to know what do you think! Obviusly, this plug-in has got a Permission node (one for the moment) here it is:

    • got.strike
    If an op uses this plug-in, he doesn't had to use the node. Ok, now I will link the download!
    Thanks for reading! Bye :)

    Download: (This site is secure, with no ADs or various sh*t, just hite the download button!)

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