Inactive [MISC/FUN] ColourFireWorks v2.0.8 - Fireworks, Player drop parties/party and more [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    Colour Fire Works
    V 2.0.8 - Tested on CB build 1.4.6-R0.1​
    Drop Party (Video) ||| Show case (Just film and ask) ||| Latest Version (coming soon)​

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    Christmas 2012

    New for this christmas use "/present" ingame ;) (View bukkitdev for more info)

    • Default fireworks, completely configurable
    • Bukkit Permission Support
    • Use redstone to launch fireworks (from signs)
    • Block fireworks in world guard regions players can not build in
    • Create custom fireworks and spawn any item, mob or exp you want.
    • Create drop parties that your players can add items to
    • Make users pay (vault) to use fireworks
    • Potion effects supported
    • See below for more information
    • 'colourfireworks.*' - Player can access to every part of colour fireworks
    • '*' - Player can launch fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.unlimited.*' - Block will not be consumed at launch
    • 'colourfireworks.redstonesign.*' - Player can use all redstone fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.dropparty.*' - Player can use every aspect of the drop parties
    • 'colourfireworks.economy.*' - Player can use every economy firework
    • 'colourfireworks.reload' - Player can reload the config files
    • 'colourfireworks.notifyupdate' - Player will be notified when there is an update available
    • /colourfireworks - Shows the credits and help
    • /colourfireworks reload - Reload the configs
    • /colourfireworks stop dropparty - Force stops the current drop party
    • /colourfireworks dp ban <id> - Bans an item from all drop parties
    • /colourfireworks dp unban <id> - Unbans an items from all drop parties
    • /dropcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server
    Drop Parties
    • Drop parties are created by placing a sign.
    • * o = Run once
    • * a = Repeat drop party
    • Enter either "v" or "h" on to the first line
    • * v = Show what items are
    • * h = Show as cake until picked up
    • Entering [dp] onto the second line.
    • To create drop parties you must have the permission 'colourfireworks.dropparty.create'.
    • Players can then add to the drop party by clicking the sign ( 'colourfireworks.dropparty.add')
    • Any item can be entered unless you have blocked it.
    • The time for any item can be changed
    • If people are told when a specific item is entered can be toggled
    • Can auto repeat
    • Items can be displayed as other items so people don't know what their getting
    • For redstone place a sign
    • On the 2nd line put [Firework] then on 3rd line put the firework type
    • For example [White], [Red], [Pumpkin], [Exp] or [Custom1].
    • For best results each sign should only have one redstone wire touching it.
    Quick Help

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Older Changelogs

    v1.3.6 - Many fixes to Drop Parties, adds a few more drop party features. Custom firework height can be changed.

    v1.3.5 - Drop parties and a small reload fix

    v1.3.4 - Improvements to way data is stored, removed console error

    v1.3.2 - Exp Firework, Custom Exp, a few fixed

    v1.3.1 - Remove dyes after X ticks, play effect on remove. Updated for minecraft 1.2.5.

    v1.3.0 - Minor Tweaks/Bug Fixes. Added new mobs, adjusted item limits for new items. Updated for minecraft 1.2.3.

    v1.2.8 - Improved config file for mobs, added custom messages, added block durability
    and stoped default fireworks being used in custom fireworks.

    v1.2.7 - All fireworks block Damage can be toggled off, Mobs can be spawned from custom fireworks, messages can be turned off and added checks for config.

    v1.2.6 - Reload Command, Block custom firework block damage, Blocks air spawning, Improved generation

    v1.2.5 - Custom fireworks work on signs, items are checked and improved creation

    v1.2.4 - Adds custom fireworks!

    v1.2.3 - Adds the snowblock firework to the sign, firework height can be changed

    v1.2.2 - Adds a snowblock firework

    v1.2.1 - Improved Config file, more permissions, no longer two links for jars with w.g

    v1.2.0 - W.G Support. Items can be removed on attempted pickup. Signs are better.

    v1.1.6 - Damage from the fireworks to blocks can now be turned off

    v1.1.5 - New way to set of redstone fireworks, spider ammount is configurable

    v1.1.4 - Should fix fatal error with redstone. Thanks for the reports.

    v1.1.3 - Adds redstone activation (thanks Samkio for the help with that)

    v1.1.2 - Ops can now launch unlimted firworks. Host can choose to alight dye to reduce server lag

    v1.1.1 - Ops can now launch fireworks with no permissions needed. Host can change the item needed to be held

    v1.1.0 - Dye / other items are spread out. Adds pumpkins! Host can configure the ammount spawned

    v1.0.1 - Abilty to make unlimtied fireworks from one block, dyes are a bit more spread out

    v1.0 - Release

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    when i used redstone a firework hit another firework launching it to my home and destroying it :(w
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    XD, sorry about your home, i will add an option to disable the explosion, or maybe pick what they can destroy.
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    ok yay (ps great plugin)
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    Times that by about 99999 spamming the consol :/
    i like this plugin can u please get it wokring thanks

    011-11-11 18:18:01 [SEVERE] Unable to load /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties (Too many open files)
    2011-11-11 18:18:01 [SEVERE] Unable to load /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties (Too many open files)
    2011-11-11 18:18:01 [SEVERE] Unable to load /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties /minecraft/plugins/ColourFireWorks/Main.Properties (Too many open files)
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    Which version are you using?
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    Latest like ussal
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    hum, what were you (or some one else) doing just before the crash? When using redstone fireworks, try not to have a more than one redstone wire leading into it, or going past as that can cause this error.
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    it wasnt that i just started the server with the plugin cosol got spammed with that error i wasnt even using fireworks lol
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    hum, can you delete the folder it generates, and try again please?
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    hehe nc plugin, :D
    would be an awesome event on new year.
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    Does this still work if I have explosion control?
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    Should do
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    Nice plug-in :D
    BTW, can you tell me how to get CB 1479?
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    You should use the splash potion effects, it would be awesome!
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    Will look into it, thanks for the idea ;)
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    Could you make a command like: /firework cyan
    or something like that? if you did I would be able to link it with a custom item so we could have fireworks players can buy and use :D
    Other than that, this is a great plugin, keep up the great work :D
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    What plugin are you using for the custom items?
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    ok, will look into after spout is stable
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    Great plugin!!

    I second the splash potion effect, that would be a neat option. :)

    Any way to remove the items as soon as they hit the ground instead of just making them not pickable?

    Some folks asked about light, would creating a glowstone block at the point of the explosion for a second or two be feasible? That would give a bit of light to the items as they explode and may make for a really nice effect at night. :)
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    This could be really good in server events! :D
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    Wait so is it possible to make diamonds to come out when it explodes? I'm a little confused about the config
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    Thanks for the suggestion, will look into allowing custom fireworks
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    Yes make custom fireworks, either make it so everything can be a firework and drop the item it is or make configurable blocks to shoot other things.
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    Looks awesome! Might make an event on New Years Eve. I would like to make a suggestion though. Would it be possible to make the dyes seen from an angle/distance? Because in the video, you cant see the dyes until they are nearer to the ground. The icons of them dont rotate so they can be seen from above or below.

    Hope it is possible, very cool plugin
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    If you change it that fireworks fall down and u cant pick the "drops" and they would dissappear within certain time or even before hitting ground. Then i would download it.

    I feel it kind a stupid that u fire it up air , the things come out and fall down to ground and ppl pick them up? LOL. Make the rain not to hit ground (to dissappear before it) and make it unpickable drops
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    @Semirotta you can disable item pick ups, but i dont think making them disapear after a time is possible with bukkit, will look into it though
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    Can you add a snow block one and when you launch it it goes off with snowball and snow golem. Just for chrsitmas
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    thank you!

    This. Id love t his also :p christmas "event" so called

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