[MISC/FUN] Appleseed - Plant apple trees! Not your standard apples from leaves plugin!

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    Appleseed is now on dev.bukkit.org! Go there for the latest versions, a dedicated support forum, and ticket tracking system: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/appleseed/

    Appleseed - Plant trees that drop apples on the ground (or other items!):
    There are other plugins out there that make trees drop apples/items when you break the leaves, but this plugin doesn't do that. With Appleseed, all existing trees are left as-is. To get an apple tree, you must use a hoe to create soil, then right click the soil with an apple in hand. Done correctly(and if you have permission), a sapling will appear in the soil. When the sapling grows(use bonemeal to speed this up), the tree will drop apples on the ground.

    • Plant items in soil(aka farmland) and grow a tree that drops that item on the ground
    • Config file that controls allowed types of trees, item drop interval, and likelihood
    • Permissions to control who can plant trees(and what type)
    Download Appleseed: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/appleseed/

    Fertilizer: If trees have the setting "RequireFertilizer" set to "Yes", then they will stop dropping items and require bonemeal as fertilizer to continue. To fertilize a tree, hold bonemeal in your hand and right-click on the very bottom block of the trunk. Fertilizing more than once doesn't hurt, neither will fertilizing while a tree is still dropping items.

    Signs: If a player has permission, they can place a sign on a planted tree that reads "[Appleseed]". The sign will show the type of tree it is, and the color of the text will indicate it's status. If the text is light blue, the tree is an "infinite" tree and will never require fertilizer. If the text is green, then the tree is healthy and dropping items. If the text is red, then the tree requires fertilizer before it will continue dropping items.

    Config File: Remember, the config file is a YAML file, so the indentation is significant.
    • DropInterval: This determines how often items might drop. The default is 60 seconds; any value lower than this might cause lag.
    • FertilizerItem: Item used to fertilize a tree. Defaults to bone meal.
    • MaxUncollectedItems: Optional, approximate maximum number of items that can sit uncollected under a tree
    • MaxTreesPerPlayer: Optional cap on number of trees a player can plant.
    • MaxIsPerWorld: Optional, if MaxTreesPerPlayer is defined, this allows the max to be either per world or server-wide.
    • WandItem: Right click a tree with this item in hand to see its type and fertilizer status.
    • MinimumTreeDistance: Optional, minimum distance between trees.
    • TreeTypes: This section defines the allowed types of trees that can be planted. The following values must be set for each tree type:
      • DropLikelihood: The chance of a drop happening each interval. Can be set from 0-100, where 100 is always drop and 1 is one chance in a hundred intervals. Fractional values now permitted.
      • RequireFertilizer: If set to Yes, the trees of this type will stop dropping items and require bonemeal to continue (if you set this to yes, either DropsBeforeFertilizer or IntervalsBeforeFertilizer must also be set).
      • DropsBeforeFertilizer: Sets the approximate number of drops before the tree gets tired and requires fertilizer (this option cannot be combined with IntervalsBeforeFertilizer).
      • IntervalsBeforeFertilizer: Sets the approximate number of time intervals before the tree gets tired and requires fertilizer (this option cannot be combined with DropsBeforeFertilizer).
      • TreeType: Defines the type of tree that will grow from the sapling. Can be "Standard", "Spruce", or "Birch".
      • MaxFertilizer: Optional, approximate number of times a tree can be fertilized. After the maximum is reached, the tree dies (trunk disappears and the leaves decay).
    Permissions: If you don't have a permissions plugin, then only Ops will be able to plant trees.
    • appleseed.plant.*: This will allow the planting of any item in the AllowedTreeTypes list.
    • appleseed.plant.apple: This only allows the planting of an "apple".
    • appleseed.infinite.plant: Trees planted by a player with this permission will never stop dropping items.
    • appleseed.infinite.fertilizer: Trees fertilized by a player with this permission will never need fertilizer again.
    • appleseed.infinite.cap: This allows a player to plant more than the defined MaxTreesPerPlayer.
    • appleseed.wand: Players can right-click a tree with a wand item(defaults to wooden hoe) to get type of tree and fertilizer status.
    • appleseed.sign.place: Player has permission to place an [Appleseed] sign on a tree.

    2011-05-19_15.50.19.png An apple tree with some apples under it.

    2011-05-30_13.22.39.png Two trees with signs. On the left is an "infinite" apple tree, and on the right is a tree that needs fertilizer.

    Video: This video demonstrates how to plant an apple and a cookie. Note that the drop rate has been increased for demonstration purposes.

    Old Changelog (open)
    Version 0.6.4 (08/25/2011)
    • Refactored trees per player counting
    Version 0.6.3 (08/09/2011)
    • Replaced calls to deprecated Bukkit methods
    • Added AllowNonOpAccess parameter to config file for servers without permissions
    • If a player exceeds the maximum allowed trees, the error message will now display the number they have planted and the maximum allowed.
    Version 0.6.2 (07/10/2011)
    • Fix error handling when ShowErrorsInClient is disabled
    Version 0.6.1 (07/01/2011)
    • Fix for "n must be positive" exception
    Version 0.6.0 (06/13/2011)
    • Added optional MaxUncollectedItems config parameter that can prevent items from piling up under trees
    Version 0.5.6 (06/12/2011)
    • Players are prevented from "eating" a seed item if a tree can't be planted for some reason (requested by Joy)
    Version 0.5.5 (06/05/2011)
    • Non-integer DropLikelihood values allowed
    • Configurable per player cap on how many trees can be planted (per world or server-wide)
    • Fertilizer item can be customized
    Version 0.5.0 (05/30/2011)
    • Added support for signs on trees (suggested by kaasinees)
    • Better support for items with damage values
    • Corrected spelling of "fertilizer" in config file (misspelling still works)
    • Added IntervalsBeforeFertilizer parameter to tree type config (suggested by Zarius)
    Version 0.4.1 (05/29/2011)
    • Small tweak to handling of "wrong location" exception.
    Version 0.4.0 (05/26/2011)
    • Fixed a major bug in multiworld saving/loading. If you load this version without restarting the server, ie. with the "reload" command, then you might not lose data. Otherwise the trees outside of your main world will probably be lost. :'(
    • Added config option to enforce minimum distance between trees
    • Added config option to kill trees after some number of fertilizer cycles
    • Added wand item support to show tree type and fertilizer status
    • Allow clicking with wand or fertilizer anywhere on tree trunk
    • Fixed bug with ShowErrorsInClient config flag
    Version 0.3.2 (05/24/2011)
    • Added detection of WorldGuard regions when trees are planted
    Version 0.3.1 (05/23/2011)
    • Fixed bug with permission node "appleseed.plant.cocoa_beans"
    Version 0.3 (05/22/2011)
    • Restructured config file to allow per tree type drop rates and sapling types
    • Trees occasionally stop dropping items and require fertilizer to keep going
    • Added two permission nodes for admins to plant trees that don't require fertilizer, and allow admins to use fertilizer to cause an existing tree to no longer require fertilizer
    • Saving the trees.yml file now runs in a separate thread to improve performance when a large number of trees exist
    • Fixed bug where last tree is not removed from trees.yml (reported by GipsyKing)
    Version 0.2 (05/19/2011)
    • Fixed potential bug that caused some drops to have infinite quantity (reported by walruscode)
    Version 0.1 (05/19/2011)
    • Initial release
    Feature(s) expected for later releases:
    • Config flag to disable initial sapling growth with bonemeal
    • Adjust DropInterval so it uses real time rather than tickrate (for servers with customized tickrate)
    • Bonus items with very low likelihood / configurable "seed" items
    • Suggestions?

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    Suggestion: Mineral trees.

    Have a tree with the trunk of smoothstone and cobblestone leaves, drops iron/gold/coal/diamond, or a tree for each :D
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    i have this in my bukkitpermission-configfile (default):

                appleseed.plant.*: true
                appleseed.plant.apple: true
                appleseed.infinite.cap: true
                appleseed.wand: true
                appleseed.sign.place: true
    but the default players cant use this, it say: u dont have the permissions.
    as admin u can plant trees without problems, but whats wrong with the default peoples?

    please help !

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    Thank you for the great plugin! Now I just need a milk tree next to my cookie tree. ;)
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    Can you change it so the signs says [Tree] instead of [Appleseed] because it looks weird when it is no apple tree
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    Can you change it so the signs says [Tree] instead of [Appleseed] because it looks weird when it is no apple tree???
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    hey, really cool plugin! I had a question though, in the pictures, you had lime dye............. how do i get trees to make limedye or diamonds like that?
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    how do i get permission to plant the tree im op but dont have permission
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    Deleted user

    Even though you've moved this plugin to BukkitDev, I think that you have to put the RB this plugin supports.
    Apparently this will help server owners in knowing that this plugin is not inactive.

    Use a permissions plugin, such as PermissionsBukkit (outdated now >.>), bPermissions, or PermissionsEx (RECOMMENDED :p).

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    This is nice thank you now i can make iron tool trees
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    can you make it so you can place a sign marked [Appleseed] [line 3] <type>

    on a normal tree to make it into a appleseed tree? only the ones in the config file? so you can make a giant tree then use the sign to make it an apple tree. Thanks if you considered this and please reply.
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    I can plant the apples but not eat?
    Can you fix that.
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    I am unable to reproduce your issue.

    A couple things to keep in mind, though:
    1. If you have a full food meter you will not be able to eat any food
    2. If you are an Op then your food meter will never decrease
  15. Wow! Very good Plugin. i have add this plugin to my server :)
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    Can i plant just cookies and red apples or anythink like diamond or gold?
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    I really want to install this mod on my server, but I have never figured out how to create the properties file.. I am really frustrated about this.. Could anyone explain me how or upload their properties file for this plugin so that I can at least see how it's constructed?

    In advance, Thanks.
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    Mathew Alden

    Okay... It's really easy but I'm going to start from the way start... cause you seem kinda new at this.

    1. Make sure you're server is running Bukkit, not the vanilla.
    2. Stop your server.
    3. Download Appleseed.
    4. Drag the .jar file into the "plugins" folder inside wherever you saved your server.
    5. Run your server. Then stop it.
    6. Inside the "plugins" folder, there's now a folder called "Appleseed".
    7. In "Appleseed" is a file called "config.yml".

    "Config.yml" is where you change all the settings. That's what you're looking for, right?

    8. Once you've changed all your settings, make sure you re-open the server.

    I got Appleseed. It's awesome but it's not recognizing the permissions I set up. I'm using BukkitPermissions. Do I need the Bridge?

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