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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kTrn, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. Hi, adding new monster is planed to later.
  3. I hope bukkit will be released tomorrow !
    i want to launch a public contest on my new inDev feature 'OpenCraft'.

    This will bring some PvP on your server ! Do you know quake ? and the old RocketArena ?
    You will love OpenCraft .. i took a movie of what that will do.

    Trailer here : link

    You can destroy what you want, each game refresh the map.
    - 15sec respawn of ammo
    - 30sec respawn of chain chestplate (auto equip)
    - bow -> rocket launcher (no self and team damage)
    - Bouncer > push you on a specific direction (Jumper)
    - map-editor
    I have to code CTF, translate all the new message and balance gameplay.
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  4. I got 2 questions
    1.Do i need spout for empyrium
    2.Can i run it without errors on the 1149 version?
  5. 1. spout is optional
    2. hmm yes but coop does'nt work with entity HUMAN.. No support for Enderman, Silverfish & cave Spider.

    I hope to be able to release 2.3 when bukkit will be stable. (may be today ?)
    As you know, 2.3(1.8.1) is already builded & tagged, atm i''m working on the 2.4.
    check that link link

    I have uploaded a PRE-release 2.3 <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    check that link

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  6. Thx really much my players will luve urrr PLUGIN
  7. You are welcome ! :)

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  8. Hey Ktrn

    I really want to use a config file where i can manage some things and ir eally want to use iconomy with ur plugin
    but it says this.
    [EMPYRIUM] 'iConomy' system detected but not loaded, defaulting system loaded!
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    What permission plugin does this use?
    Where is the directions on how to actually use this system?
    Any idea how long till iConomy 6 is supported?
  10. - Permissions 3.X.X or inGame self-permission
    - check the devBukkit project website
    - i will add iCo6 support quick (my priority)
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    I have looked on the dev project website, and there is nothing about how to run it, like creating things and skills and what they do.

    This is a sweet looking mod, but there is no documents at all.
  12. ofc i'have no time to write a doc atm
    All i know, is that somebody begin to do it 2 week ago :)
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    okie, well I guess I will just play with it.. Maybe I can help ya then. :)
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    I like this!

    Maybe you open a Empyrium-Wiki, because there all can write something, thats good if you havent much time for a documentation.
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    if this would be more modular, it would be used alot more effectively. id love to use the questing system and mazedungeon system.
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    Hey, can you give more information about this file : ktrn.empyrium.user.EUserList.sv ?
    Thanks :)
  17. Hi all sorry, i was busy with my birthday things [cake]

    how can i set up a wiki ?

    ofc , (may inexact i have to check when i back home)

    // 0=Name
    // 1=Balance (internal economy system)
    // 2=Honor (unused atm)
    // 3...9=PĂ«rsonnal Spawn
    // 10=Statut Permission(-1,0,1,2,3)
    // 11=Last connection (long format)
    // 12=QuestBook (Spout #key)
    // 13=Next spell (Spout #key)
    // 14=Prev spell (Spout #key)
    // 15=Throw spell (Spout #key)
    // 16=God mod (on/off)(O/1)
    // 17=Insta break (on/off)(O/1)
    // 18...21=Last position (using with openCraft : unavailable feature atm)

    what do you suggest ?

    Edit :
    Dont forget to use this ! :)
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    John Vasgird

    Hello, thank you for creating this plugin. Now with that said I have a question I hope you can answer. I have been messing around with npc's. I was wondering how I create objectives in quests. Sure I created the description and selected the type of quest, but I'm not sure what else I have to do. I am not sure what dependencies are, but I thought that had something to do with it considering that it gives n/a for a selection. I am just completely lost here, and help would be appreciated.
  19. type/objectives :
    - exploration/A (default value)
    - gather/A-B
    - Coop/A-C
    - Hunt/A-D

    A: find any npc with the same quest to end
    B: bring back item * qty
    C: Won a specific coop
    D: Kill creature * qty

    Dependecies :
    Ex: Quest01 allow to do Quest02 and Quest02 allow to do Quest03
    So Quest03 depen = Quest02 and Quest02 depen = Quest01
    N/A = no depencencie
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    What means Item QTE in Quests?
  21. qte = qty => quantity
    Item reward quantity

    in progress .. do what you want !

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    Thanks for your answer kTrn, I love your plugin. :)
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    I don't understand the Spells, how i get them and how i can use them?
  24. ok without spout you have to do this :
    craft a BOOK
    do left/right click to cycle next/prev spells
    craft PAPER
    right click to throw spells ;)

    spell consume paper !

    edit : with spout you have to set key to cycle and throw spell directly (paper will be consume also)
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    Okay .. but from where i get Spells?

    i crafted book and papers but i have no spells in my book and with paper no spell in my focus
  26. yes ofc ;)
    each 10 lvl (rank) you gain new spell !
    heal, thunder bolt, shield protection, immolate, vanish, web, ...

    wassilij > did you know that your first kind of spell is the hook.
    Do right click with a STRING, each lvl (rank) increase the max allowed target location.
    Consume String and energy.
    Available rank 0

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    thx for the info!
    i added this to the wiki :)

    I dont understand how i can edit the NPC Dialog :(

    This is all to complicated without a documentation ^^

    I restarted my Server and my NPC is gone :(

    What can do the Spell 'Grip'?

    Sorry for the much questions .. :(

    With your Plugin i can't make fire, when i try to open a nether portal it dont work .. i deleted empyrium and now fire is working well ;(

    The Coop is bugged .. nobody is in the CoopArena but Game is started .. so noone can start a new game there ..

    Could you fix this?
    You could say, that i have to mark an area for my coop arena, and if the guy is outside the area the game will be stopped.

    (sorry for bad english)

    And what rights have jail,ghosts,citizens,mods and admins?

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    The spell grip attract the targeted monster toward you.

    The jailed players can't do anything, the ghosts can just visit the world, the citizens are normal users & the mods/admins are gods !

    I makes a note of the reports of bug and I pass on them to Ktrn, thank you !

  29. As i said, if nobody won the wave (10 mins) , the game will stop.
    Anyway you can do force stop, read the right cmd in /e coop.
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    I know that i can stop .. but I'm not always online .. could i change the time from 10 minuts to 5 Minuts?

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