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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kTrn, Aug 4, 2011.

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    What is that and how do i get it.
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    can someone continue and update this plugin please?
    It is essential for my server!
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    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :)

    I have been very busy for a long time now but im finally starting up again.
    Also just finished reading all the changes. Love on you man :)
    Just waiting for update :)

    When trying to access your dev.bukkit site i get this error

    We're sorry, you've attempted to access a page that you're not allowed to access.
    If you find this to be in error, please notify the administrators.
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    here new updat for minecraft 1.0.1
    For the one want this plugin ask KtRn


    VERSION R 5.2_1
    ADD EAutoCart > add auto drop mineCart on vehicleExited
    RTR EChatService > replace #<FactionTag> by @<FactionTag> cmd

    last changes '03/01/2012' :
    VERSION A 5.2
    ADD ELicence > licence key system
    ADD EAutoCart > add/rmv trigger to enter/exit vehicle with auto:spawn/rmv of minecart.
    ADD EInception > (benchmark) auto generate world collide and city (in dev only, not available)
    ADD ESpoutService > updateAppareance : add cape flag <on/off> *cmd show/hide
    ADD ESubPluginService > isSpoutWELCOME : add spoutWelcome (music) flag <on/off>
    ADD EFireWorksService > +directional launch : /e fw <byte> <x> <y> <z>
    ADD ETownService > GenerateFull : random LOG type.
    ADD ETownService > townInfo : auto disable if not a spout user.
    ADD ESpoutService > Music : +title (nullable)
    ADD ESpoutService > HAM : Town & Property labels
    ADD ESpoutService > TownInfo : /e sp townInfo:ti <on/off> *cmd enable/disable spam message
    ADD ESpoutService > HAM : +Gold +Honnor
    ADD ESpoutService > Music : e spout load <musicUrl> (broadCast to all player) admin cmd/console cmd
    ADD ESpoutService > Music : e spout play <musicUrl> (play music)
    RTR ESpoutService > townInfo : default value turned to false
    RTR ESpoutListener > onSpoutCraftEnable : record log
    RTR ESpoutListener > onServerTick : record log / optimize & tweak performance
    RTR ETownService > implBlockRestriction : disable spam warning on block damage
    RTR ESpoutService > Music : rmv autot saison playlist
    RTR ETownService > rmv netherRack restriction (Town)
    RTR ETownService > rmv netherRack restriction (Prop)
    RTR EQuestService > no more range hunt kill
    FIX EXFaction > SPONSOR user added to pvp restriction
    FIX # > java.lang.ArithmeticException: Non-terminating decimal
    FIX ECreatureType > Endermen : switch to not randomable entity
    FIX ERpgInHand > getInHandType : +stone_sword (very old bug)
    FIX ESpoutService > default x,y size GenericLabel warning.
    FIX ESpoutService > load/play : fix & tweak music.
    FIX EPlayerListener > onPlayerTeleport : remove limit break
    FIX EQuestService > +Ender_Dragon, Blaze, Magma_Cube
    FIX EQuestService > seekForQuestHunt : creature type fix

    VERSION R 5.0
    ADD ESpoutService > isSeason : Welcome music auto switch to 'Noel' package (1-26 / december)
    ADD ETownService > GenerateFull : +ENDER_STONE +MYCEL
    ADD EEntityListener > EnderDragon-Explosion : prevent greiff event canceled
    ADD ESpoutService > onCreatureSpawn do updateApparence : randomSkin
    ADD ESpoutService > user : start/stop music
    ADD EUserService > user : isMusic (on/off)
    ADD EFireWorks > wool + button + fence + admin = beautiful fireworks
    ADD ESpoutService > add cloak [...]
    ADD ESpoutService > add music [...]
    ADD ESpoutService > add colored title [...]
    ADD EMultiWorldService > add +snow -snow command
    ADD ETownService > generateExca : method, generate random block to mine in public property
    ADD ETownService > generateExca : add type FULL (with wood) SIMPLE (pumkin, ..) CLEAR (AIR)
    ADD ETownProperty > add flag allowPublic, no restriction.
    ADD ENpcService > add console command Rmv/List/Rename npc.
    ADD EPlayerListener > add broadcast msg from player not allowed to connect.
    RTR ETownService > genExca : command allowed(admin*) in game /e t [gf/gs/gc]
    RTR ECoopThread > launchWave : secure/aSyncThread
    RTR ESpoutService > updateApparance : secure/aSyncThread
    RTR ECustomBlockService > allow new Glass block again , but with some bugs left also..
    RTR ECoop > MaxWave : min default = 1
    RTR ECreatureType > Ender_Dragon , ... from 1.0
    RTR ESpoutService > maxHealth getters from 1.0
    RTR Teleport > prevent teleport to The_End & NETHER from 1.0 (on/off)
    RTR ESpoutService > admin : isSpoutMUSIC (on/off)
    RTR ESpoutService > externalize url
    RTR ESpoutService > music triggered onJoin (no more onSpoutCraftEnabled)
    RTR ESpoutService > updateAppearance in scheduler (2sec)
    RTR ENpc > toString : format string property
    RTR ENpcService > permission: only admin can add/rename/rmv npc
    RTR ESchedulerThread > secure method get player list
    RTR EUserService > rewrite method getOnlinePlayer, no more concurrency exception.
    FIX ESpoutService > NPC : setCape setTitle on Npc disabled (1.0.1 bug)
    FIX ESpoutService > GenericLabel : default value warning
    FIX ESpoutService > clean a lot of 'depreceted' method.
    FIX ESpoutService > default x,y size GenericLabel warning.
    FIX EUserListService > getOnlinePlayer : fix isOnline player in warp
    FIX ELocation > 'null' woldName set as actif=false
    FIX EConfigService > fix drawContext onConsoleCommande.
    FIX EUserService > userConnect : disable GameMode if lesser than VIP.
    FIX EExportService > fix nullPointerException

    VERSION R 4.0
    ADD API > support bukkit 1.0.0
    ADD ECreatureType > Blaze(+Random), EnderDragon, MagmaCube & Snowman
    ADD EExportService > chest(Auction) > show auctionByUnit statut
    ADD EUserService > new onJoin/onQuit message, hide admin join.
    ADD ECoopEditService > only admin can set type 'EnderDragon, Blaze & Ghast'.
    ADD EPlayerListener > onPlayerPortal : check if allowed by admin control to use portal.
    ADD EPlayerListener > onPlayerTeleport : smooth & smoking teleport.
    ADD ESchedulerService > run : +method isNecessaire() return false if no player online on 5 sec elapse.
    ADD EEntityListener > onProjectileHit : prevent destruction & fire from fireBall(Ghast)
    ADD EMountService > allow to mount player.
    ADD EUserService > add party : '/e usr party' & '/e usr invite:<user>' & '/e usr kick:<user>' & '/e usr accept'.
    ADD ECoopThread > party : teleport & split reward to all party members.
    ADD ETownService > allowTrigger : allow user to use button & lever in a property.
    ADD EChestService > auctionByUnit : allow to sell unit by unit.
    ADD ETownService > CraftCreeper : explode is canceled but do damage to his target.
    ADD ECustomBlock > add metaData info
    ADD ECustomBlock > add quantity info
    ADD EPermissionStatut > Sponsor earn +50% xp & gold.
    ADD EUserListService > ADMIN only cmd* : 'sub:' 'renew:' 'unsub:' manage subscription.
    ADD EUserListService > SPONSOR sub end is prompted when player is connected.
    ADD EExportService > allow to see when SPONSOR is subscription end
    ADD EExportService > town info faction & allow warp/claim/hook/pvp
    ADD EChestService > forceUnlock (admin cmd*) /e ch fu <u> <l>
    ADD EAdminService > ConsoleSender cmd* say 'e a s <msg>' broadcast to vip & greater
    ADD ETeleportService > registered teleport request, normal teleport=3sec pvp teleport=10sec
    ADD ETeleportService > any damage remove request
    ADD EMagicDoor > user gain immune when use door.
    ADD ERpg > reset rpg data cmd*
    ADD EUser > add faction tag to promptConnectedUser
    ADD EExport > add faction tag to userList
    RTR EMultiWorldService > Environement : change 'SKYLANDS' to 'THE_END'.
    RTR EMultiWorldService > allow console cmd to do load/unload/list
    RTR ETownService > CraftCreeper : become powered.
    RTR ERpgService > XpBar : disable internal experience bar. Ca: Enchant syst. requirement
    RTR ESpoutService > ESTarget : support new max health value
    RTR ERpgService > target : only available if player hold paper.
    RTR EMountService > service disabled
    RTR E*Listener > reduce lag by prevent onAction if already canceled
    RTR ERpgService > adjustSponsorValue & divideValue set to #6.5 (15%)
    RTR ETownService > permission: only admin can add/rename/rmv town
    RTR EXFactionService > permission: only admin can add/rename/rmv faction
    RTR ETeleportService > SUFFOCATION, VOID, DROWNING will not diffuse request.
    RTR EUserService > only admin can do "nu", "rs".
    RTR ESpell > Grip range decrease from 12 to 7
    RTR EChestService > prompt admin restricted only : Chest owner&label
    RTR ERpg > main-check : opti & auto rmv old-invalid data.
    RTR ECoop > add spawn protection
    RTR ENpc > add spawn protection
    RTR ESpell > grip cost increase from 25 to 50
    RTR ESpell > thunder cost increase from 35 to 40, and damage reduce from 5 to 4
    FIX ETownService > prevent greif on 'painting' break/place in town and property.
    FIX EChestService > prevent cheat : using doubleChest cross content. Warning ! vendor work only with one chest.
    FIX ETownService > Teleport to town, fix check if not allowed to warp
    FIX ETownService > Teleport to town, register missing teleport request
    FIX EChestService > userUseChestFurnaceAndDispenser fix chest location != player location
    FIX EExportService > crash if mw check when player turn is disconnected
    FIX ELocation > check world list to array (out of sync)
    FIX ENpcService > setLocation world to world
    FIX EMySpawnService > no more broadcast msg when player use globalSpawn.
    FIX ENpcList > load faction tag err.
    FIX EPermissionStatut > permission split in CanPromote & CanUnpromote ; MODO & VIP cannot upgrade sponsor to VIP
    FIX ENpc > Keeper can only be kill by another faction
    FIX ETown > Kill a keeper do claim on the town
    FIX EPermissionStatut > Modo et vip ne peuvent changer que les CITIZEN, GHOST et JAIL
    FIX ENpcService > Hostile:Scheduler:damage(player) crash when focused player is dead.
    FIX ETownService > lavaBucket & waterBucket restricted in town
    RLB ETownService > prevent greif on 'painting' in town and property.
    RLB ENpcService > permission: only admin can add/rename/rmv npc

    VERSION R 3.0
    ADD EXFaction > EFaction replace to EXFaction : create/manage Faction (Tag, Name)
    ADD EXFaction > All nearby players gain honnor
    ADD EChat > +Faction chat #<faction tag> ; chat: ...[<faction tag>] <msg>...
    ADD ETown > +add 'flag' : claim (contested territory), pvp (neutral capital).
    ADD ETown > +add 'propertie' : faction (faction capital).
    ADD ETown > (Tag&NoTag) chest can't be opened in property if user is not prop owner/shared or town owner (admin allow) (user allowed in town outside property range)
    ADD ETown > (Furnace, Dispenser) protection like chest in town
    ADD ETown > Distinct TOWN & TOWN(Faction) msg (join/left)
    ADD ETown > Faction : broadcast 'Intruder alert!' if user faction != town faction
    ADD ETownProperty > add allow pvp flag
    ADD EChest > Admin/Modo can open locked chest.
    ADD ENpc > Hostile : allow to be Faction member, focus all other faction (no neutral target)
    ADD EMagicDoor > Faction : allow only players who are members from a Faction.
    ADD EPermissionStatut > EChat : GOLD tag color
    ADD EExport > add light mode, rank>5 & no npc,quest,town report.
    ADD ENpc > align face to target & action
    ADD ENpc > add flag drop-loot : 1% diamand_sword, 3% gold_sword, 5% iron_sword, 10% bow, 25% arrow*15, 25% apple, 30% bones
    ADD ENpc > Hostile : reset life cooldown if no target (5sec)
    ADD ETown > add 'npcClaim' : kill town 'npcClaim' change town faction, all npc in town change faction.
    ADD ECustomBlock & ECustomItem : custom block&item manager.
    ADD ECoopThread > add currentWave/maxWave
    ADD EChat > add SPONSOR(>=citizen), (+node.permission) + chat cmd #S
    ADD EChat > add ChatColor statut, &A &M &V &S (all the message will be colored)
    ADD EEntityListener > pick/place endermen temporary disabled.
    RTR ESpell > Grip : increase range from 8 to 12, allow to grip item too.
    RTR ESpell > First-Aid : descrease power from 5 to 4.
    RTR ESpell > Work in PvP and vs NPC Hostile/Faction
    RTR EPersistance > data access : opti & tweak
    RTR ELocation > Huge refactor, prevent crash spawner/world.a() msg
    RTR ENpc > opti spawn method rewrited, prevent crash spawner/world.a() msg
    RTR EChat > chat : change template color & add #<factionTag> canal
    RTR EVendors > context cmd moved to EAdmin context.
    FIX ECoopList > fix spawnCreature with no worldName
    FIX EPersistance > support & fix : broken files
    FIX EPersistance > Spell check ";" = ":"
    FIX EUserService > rank upgrade event throw 'nullPointerException'
    FIX EChat > wisp & reply : change template/log on/off
    FIX EChat > wisp offline player
    FIX ERpg > turn off 'BLOCK_MEMORY SOURCE' verbose spam
    FIX EElevator > right click allowed
    FIX ETownService > fix 'sharable' cmd color.
    FIX EElevator > allow alternate sign template
    FIX EElevator > no more kick for fly
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    Im Danish and read perfect english. But not this language. D:

    What should we do?
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    Salut Kt, tu me reconnais sûrement, c'est tnthomson, je t'ai aidé a construire le metro du serveur, ce serait cool si tu pouvais m'informer si il y avait une place de libre comme modo sur Empyrium. Et puis je ne peux pas accéder au site de téléchargement de ce magnifique plugin. :(
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    hey man i realy love your plugin its awesom but i have a problem i cant download the update when i try to go on the web side where i can download it there come a error i dont know if it's you there have uploadet it wrong but i dont know so much with this web side but can you try to fix it
    btw under the rpg part i cant train in att/melee and ranged ???
    and can you plz make som more skills you can train in i realy hope you will do that :D:D:D
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    guess this mod is dead. Now my server is allshit and need to find alternative ones.

    Also that donation was a waste.
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    It was not a waste i already donate i got the plugin if u want for the local contact me and still for fine for 1.1
    khazaxxslay for the att is the sword for melee break some block and range use bow to kill monster
    mgmmikkel sry if u dont understand my language im canadian so
    Tnthomson cé normal car KTrn ma dit que qui ne suis vais pas les exgiences des regle et blablabla

    If u want to play a server whit this plugin updated come to http://lesimmortelsrp.forumgratuit.ca/
    I do some part in english for you guys
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    zbahi i have try to kill mobs with bow and sword and i dont get xp so i dont know if it's a bug or som thing but what can i do ??? or can you send me a link where i can get the newest empyrium
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    J'aurai peut être acheter ce mod mais on a même plus accès a bukkit dev !!!
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    I cant access the bukkit dev?
    It says: We're sorry, you've attempted to access a page that you're not allowed to access.
    If you find this to be in error, please notify the administrators.
    Any way to fix this?
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    oCloud you cant have access because is a dead project forgot this
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    Long time no see kTrn. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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