[MISC]EasyHelp v0.1 - Help from textfiles [1.0.1-R1] and later

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    EasyHelp v0.1 - get help from textfiles [1.0.1-R1] and later


    Yeah, i know. Another help-plugin, there are so many.
    Problem is, plugins dont work, have no documentation, are too complex...


    The helpfile-list:

    The helpfile itself:

    - Put the jar file into your bukkit plugin directory.
    - Reload the server
    - Put some files into the EasyHelp-directory.
    - Thats it.

    How it works ingame:

    - "/help reload" updates the help-files you changed.
    - "/help" shows the list of files you have inside the EasyHelp directory,
    along with the title of the helpfile.
    - "/help <filename>" shows the helpfile. Enter the filename without extension.

    How helpfiles should look like on harddisk:
    Filename should be <filename>.hlp

    First line in every helpfile begins with
    followed by the short description for the helpfile like
    This is the help for Teleportation

    All lines after that are single entries for one line in the help

    They look like
    cmd;tp;args;name;desc;Teleport to another player

    What it means:
    comes first. After that you enter the command without the slash like "tp;"

    After that comes the argument-list "args;".
    You can enter from 0 to n-1 arguments without the "<" and ">".

    At last there is "desc;" followed by the explanation of the command.
    There is no ";" at the end of the line.

    A complete example :
    cmd;tp;args;name;desc;Teleport to another player
    cmd;tphere;args;name;desc;Teleport another player to your location
    cmd;tpc;args;x;y;z;desc;Teleport to coordinates x,y,z
    cmd;compass;args;;desc;Will show you the way

    As you can see, the last command has no args. Nevertheless you have to write
    "args;;" whenever there is no argument for the command.

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    Bionic wave, perfect, except needs latest rb

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