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    Version: 1.2.1
    Download: EasyEnchant v1.2.2
    BukkitDev: Here

    EasyEnchant is a complete overhaul of the current enchanting method, using commands to get accurate enchantments while also allowing for server owners to completely control how much the enchantments cost (using a multiplier and adder) and each enchantments maximum level. This also allows for users to add enchantments to their already enchanted tools, weapons and armor.

    Test Build: EasyEnchant v2.0.0a BETA for CB 1.4.5 R0.2
    To use the test build:
    1. Let a clean config generate
    2. Crouch and Right Click an Enchantment Table
    3. Make sure to have the item you want to enchant in hand
    4. Tell me what you think. Feedback is appreciated
    Whats different/new/not implemented yet:
    • First attempt at a GUI using the inventory
    • No Combos/Eco support yet
    Note: **When updating to v1.2 let a new config generate** IMPORTANT

    Servers using EasyEnchant:
    • BigDogsPvP:
    • MC Legends Realm:
    • BoarderLine:
    • SemiCraft:
    • Land Of Ch'bey:
    • damNation:
    More will be added to this list as I find them.

    • Vault (Only if you choose to use money as currency)
    • /ee
    • /ee list
    • /ee combos
    • /ee exceptions
    • /ee comboinfo (combo)
    • /ee combo (combo)
    • /ee (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee cost (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee remove (enchantment)
    • /ee plugininfo
    • /ee (page number)
    Permission Nodes:
    • easyenchant.use
    • easyenchant.notable
    • easyenchant.nocost
    • easyenchant.combo.(combo-name) ie. easyenchant.combo.example
    Basics Demonstration (thanks to dannybtw):

    Combo Format:
        cost: 15
        enchantments: protection_environmental:5&protection_fire:3&oxygen:2
    Example Max Level Combination List (open)

        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4&oxygen:3&water_worker:1
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_fall:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: damage_all:5&damage_undead:5&damage_arthropods:5&knockback:2&fire_aspect:2&loot_bonus_mobs:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&silk_touch:1
    ComboList: maxhelmet maxarmor maxlegins maxboots maxsword maxtool silkmaxtool

    How it works:
    1. Click on an enchantment table
    2. Use /ee (or /easyenchant or /enchant) to bring up a list of help commands
    3. Use /ee (enchantment) (level)
    4. If it passes all the checks (ie. level <= maxlevel, (playerLevel - cost) >= 0, etc) the item is enchanted and the player looses the amount of levels.
    5. When finished click on the table again or walk away from the table
    Pictures (open)





    • Modifiable alias list
    • Extremely configurable (maxLevel/Level costs per enchantment)
    • Easy to use (simple drag and drop)
    • Original enchantment method can still be used
    • Choice of using Levels or Money as currency
    • Full list on BukkitDev page...
    To-Do for Next Version:
    • Incorporate book shelves
    • More ideas (?)
    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.2
    - Added "easyenchant.notable"
    - Added "easyenchant.nocost"
    - Changed combo permission nodes

    Version 1.2.1
    - Added remove function
    - Changed how it displays the enchantments in some commands

    Version 1.2.0
    - Cleaned code somewhat
    - Added choice of money/levels as currency

    Version 1.1.0b
    - Added '/ee exceptions' to show the exceptions avaliable for the item in hand

    Version 1.1.0
    - Added Exception list for non standard enchanting
    - Added MaxEnchantmentStack
    - Changed a few methods

    Version 1.0.5
    - Changed how players can move while enchanting
    - Removed /ee break
    - Now skips enchantments in combos
    - Ratio for combo costs based on how many are added
    - Added bow enchantment support
    - Updated to new EventHandler

    Version 1.0.3
    - Added Permission Nodes
    - Added combinations
    - Added a conflict check
    - Show max level in enchantment list
    - Fixed death respawn bug

    Version 1.0.2
    - Fixed one spelling error
    - Added "protection_explosions" to config (forgot about it......)
    - Added "/ee remove" to easily remove the table

    Version 1.0.1
    - Bukkit Release
    - Slight help list change

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    You can already raise it. Have a look in the config.yml.
  3. Would it be possible to change the configuration files as to accept other items than usual? I'm using tekkit and would like for example treetaps and wrenches to be enchanted with durability, or the blunderbuss with knockback. Thanks a lot for any aid!
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    Yes that is possible! Simply add the item name (with Tekkit it is usually something like x1234) to the exception list, and add the wanted enchantments after it.

    So for example if I want to add item x1234 with enchantment durability it would look somewhat like this:
      axe: ''
      boots: ''
      bow: ''
      chestplate: ''
      fishing_rod: ''
      flint_and_steel: ''
      helmet: ''
      hoe: ''
      pic: ''
      shears: ''
      spade: ''
      sword: ''
      x1234: durability
    For tekkit items, the item name to add to the list is simply the item ID with an x on the front. If this doesn't work, you can use the item name shown when you type "/ee exceptions" while holding the item.

    Hope this helps :D

    Also, check BukkitDev for updates on this plugin! Sometimes I forget to update this page!

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  5. Cool! Wonderful! MARVELLOUS! :D
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    @Laserhog Hey, your plugin is really great. Maybe i had some ideas for your next update?
    It would be amazing if you add a repair function, so that i can repair my tools with levels.
    It would be also very nice, if you can after a full reparation disenchant your tools and get the levels back from your enchantment.
    But all in all i think it is the best enchantment plugin on bukkit.
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    Thankyou for these nice words and awesome suggestions. Repairing is a definite possibility.

    Gaining levels back from disenchanting, I'm sorry to say, I will not do. Since the vanilla enchanting is based off of randomness, it would be impossible for me to get the amount of levels a player payed for an enchantment, not to mention, it could even give several enchantments at once. Ultimately, there seems like there would be too many flaws with it unless a server went COMPLETELY easyenchant, but even then, combos would make that difficult.

    Maybe with the *hopefully soon-to-come* Minecraft API I can properly write a complete overhaul/configurable minecraft enchanting plugin.
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    how do i put two enchantments one a sword
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    what would be stellar would be to make each enchantment a certain crafting recipe rather than something the chat console is used for. that way you have to go and obtain the items for the recipe, and make all of this a configuration file so we can (*server admins) make them what ever we want based on block IDs (that way a tekkit server could insist on advanced alloy for making an unbreakable sword or somesuch :) )
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    Sorry for the VERY long wait between updates. University just finished so I thought I would begin work on making this plugin even better than before. So here it is. v2.0.0a BETA for CB 1.4.5 R0.2. This is currently for TESTING only and feedback is appreciated. A few features from previous versions are not yet implemented (Combos, Economy Support,...). Allow it to generate a new config.
    To use EasyEnchant now:
    1. Crouch and right click an enchantment table with the item to enchant inhand
    2. Tell me what you think :)

    Added info about the Test Build and what to do with it in the main thread.

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    Nice Plugin! Awesome Job!
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    Thanks for the reply :D
    Did you have a test of the new Test Build? Really hoping to get some feedback on it. What can be changed, what can be added, etc.
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    No not yet but I will check it out :)
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    first of all : thanks for this really nice plugin I use since 1.2 :D

    Now, i'm trying to test your new beta release on my current serv (1.4.5 R1.0) but i've got this error while loading the plugin :
    Any solutions?
  15. installing test build since im still running the beta.
    We love this plugin a lot, would like to rquest to add straight XP as cost rather than LVL's or economy. or rather in ADDITION to the aforementioned.

    feedback on UI.

    Works fine after resetting the file to standard. the only thing i miss is a back button so i can go enchant something else wihout having to start from beginning.

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    The test build doesn't work in 1.4.6.
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    Am I wrong or you can't configure the Thorn enchantment yet?
  18. Just a nudge - we just moved onto 1.4.6 sadly without this plugin. hope all is well and you can find the time and energy to update at least for 1.5 when its out :). we will miss this plugin greatly.

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