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    Version: 1.2.1
    Download: EasyEnchant v1.2.2
    BukkitDev: Here

    EasyEnchant is a complete overhaul of the current enchanting method, using commands to get accurate enchantments while also allowing for server owners to completely control how much the enchantments cost (using a multiplier and adder) and each enchantments maximum level. This also allows for users to add enchantments to their already enchanted tools, weapons and armor.

    Test Build: EasyEnchant v2.0.0a BETA for CB 1.4.5 R0.2
    To use the test build:
    1. Let a clean config generate
    2. Crouch and Right Click an Enchantment Table
    3. Make sure to have the item you want to enchant in hand
    4. Tell me what you think. Feedback is appreciated
    Whats different/new/not implemented yet:
    • First attempt at a GUI using the inventory
    • No Combos/Eco support yet
    Note: **When updating to v1.2 let a new config generate** IMPORTANT

    Servers using EasyEnchant:
    • BigDogsPvP:
    • MC Legends Realm:
    • BoarderLine:
    • SemiCraft:
    • Land Of Ch'bey:
    • damNation:
    More will be added to this list as I find them.

    • Vault (Only if you choose to use money as currency)
    • /ee
    • /ee list
    • /ee combos
    • /ee exceptions
    • /ee comboinfo (combo)
    • /ee combo (combo)
    • /ee (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee cost (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee remove (enchantment)
    • /ee plugininfo
    • /ee (page number)
    Permission Nodes:
    • easyenchant.use
    • easyenchant.notable
    • easyenchant.nocost
    • easyenchant.combo.(combo-name) ie. easyenchant.combo.example
    Basics Demonstration (thanks to dannybtw):

    Combo Format:
        cost: 15
        enchantments: protection_environmental:5&protection_fire:3&oxygen:2
    Example Max Level Combination List (open)

        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4&oxygen:3&water_worker:1
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_fall:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: damage_all:5&damage_undead:5&damage_arthropods:5&knockback:2&fire_aspect:2&loot_bonus_mobs:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&silk_touch:1
    ComboList: maxhelmet maxarmor maxlegins maxboots maxsword maxtool silkmaxtool

    How it works:
    1. Click on an enchantment table
    2. Use /ee (or /easyenchant or /enchant) to bring up a list of help commands
    3. Use /ee (enchantment) (level)
    4. If it passes all the checks (ie. level <= maxlevel, (playerLevel - cost) >= 0, etc) the item is enchanted and the player looses the amount of levels.
    5. When finished click on the table again or walk away from the table
    Pictures (open)





    • Modifiable alias list
    • Extremely configurable (maxLevel/Level costs per enchantment)
    • Easy to use (simple drag and drop)
    • Original enchantment method can still be used
    • Choice of using Levels or Money as currency
    • Full list on BukkitDev page...
    To-Do for Next Version:
    • Incorporate book shelves
    • More ideas (?)
    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.2
    - Added "easyenchant.notable"
    - Added "easyenchant.nocost"
    - Changed combo permission nodes

    Version 1.2.1
    - Added remove function
    - Changed how it displays the enchantments in some commands

    Version 1.2.0
    - Cleaned code somewhat
    - Added choice of money/levels as currency

    Version 1.1.0b
    - Added '/ee exceptions' to show the exceptions avaliable for the item in hand

    Version 1.1.0
    - Added Exception list for non standard enchanting
    - Added MaxEnchantmentStack
    - Changed a few methods

    Version 1.0.5
    - Changed how players can move while enchanting
    - Removed /ee break
    - Now skips enchantments in combos
    - Ratio for combo costs based on how many are added
    - Added bow enchantment support
    - Updated to new EventHandler

    Version 1.0.3
    - Added Permission Nodes
    - Added combinations
    - Added a conflict check
    - Show max level in enchantment list
    - Fixed death respawn bug

    Version 1.0.2
    - Fixed one spelling error
    - Added "protection_explosions" to config (forgot about it......)
    - Added "/ee remove" to easily remove the table

    Version 1.0.1
    - Bukkit Release
    - Slight help list change

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    Just tested it out... Cool plugin very helpful although when i try to break my enchatnment table (by left clicking it) it keeps on bringing me to the 'easy enchanting'... other than that its pree great!

    ps: First reply wooo!
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    To break it is pretty tricky (sorry about that). You need to start breaking it and then it will say "You are now enchanting". Keep breaking it and when u finish type /ee leave (this is the reason i made the /ee leave command).
    Thanks for the positive feed back and glad u like it :D
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    yeh i figured that out. but i reckon you should do it another way. Maybe like you have to LOOK at the enchantment table and type '/ee' or watever. i reckon that would be alot better
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    Hmmmm, How about a command /ee remove and that breaks the table if you have a pickaxe in your hand?

    @Deathlysteve- Added "/ee remove". Hope it works out how you think it should.

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    ok cool ill check it out
    like the plugin keep up the good work :)
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    Anyone else found any problems with this? Im pretty sure i cleaned all of them up
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    Wonderful mod, so useful.

    Also requesting a feature, I have not seen it on any mod before and just wondering if you could make it so when you repair an item the enchantment says on it?

    Thanks a lot. :D
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    Thanks for the nice comment. About the keeping the enchantment when it is repaired, what if the items have different enchantments, ie. Unbreaking II on one and Efficiency I on another, would you want the repaired tool to have enchantments from both input tools? So the repaired tool would be one with Unbreaking II and efficiency I
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    I was mainly thinking just one enchanted item and one plain to repair it but that is certainly an interesting idea, I guess it depends if it would over power it or not and personal preference.
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
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    Better now? Also, not sure if this is MEANT to be like this but your title is "Community Stiff". Typo? Or deliberate.
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    Heh, I know I set it like that a day ago or so.

    Also, you need a section for commands/permissions. You can find the guidelines for submissions stickied in this forum. But it is good you fixed the title.
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    All commands are shown in-game. There is also a picture showing all the commands. And, as of yet, there are no permissions, but there may be in a later version.
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    That may be so, but for the releases section it needs to be there in text.
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    Ok well, in the next version (details on BukkitDev) i will add all the other sections that are necessary and modify the current sections according to what i have introduced, as there will be a very large overhaul of what i have done so far. So, if possible, please wait to bring this into Plugin Releases.
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    Just tag me in a post when you're ready for it to be moved.
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    Nice plugin! This is ALMOST exactly what i need. Could you try to add bPermissions for each enchantment?
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    For EACH enchantment? I was planning on just doing overall ones like "easyenchant.use" and "easyenchant.remove". Doing seperate ones for EACH enchantment can get messy not just for me but also for a server owner.
    What i will be doing however is adding user input combinations (much like a Kit) and i could have permission nodes for each of those.
    See the bukkitdev page for more info on what i will be working on for the next version.
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    Yeah that's true, it would get messy. How about perms for each tier? Like easyenchant.use.tier1 for Sharpness I, Protection I, etc.; easyenchant.use.tier2 for Sharpness II, Protection II, etc. etc. etc.?
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    Again, this could get messy and very difficult for me since the max level is user configurable.
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    Ahh, okay. Can you release the source code so I can do a fork myself? :)
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    Just use a decompiler on the jar file? I cant release the code im working on right now cause its kinda half done, im in the middle of adding the new features.
    Heres a decompiler.
    If you do do a fork, could you please send it to me so i can have a look at how you changed/improved it. It may even work its way into the actual release (with your permission).
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    Oh I have a request. A to-do list on the post. XD
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    Okay, I'll just decompile it :p
    I want to use the fork as my own plugin because i am planning on changing a LOT about it, however i will give you credit and post a link to the original (yours). Once i release it, if you want to use any code from it you can as long as i get credit. So yes, you have pernission to implement any code from the fork into your plugin. :)
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    Finished To-Do list. Currently doing some bug testing and overall checking/enhancing.
    Should be out soon-ish.

    Version 1.0.3 is out. Details are in the Change log. If theres any bugs, please inform. Also @NuclearW . Commands and Permissions sections added.

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    Moved to releases.
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    i was looking for plugin like that in a long time

    my suggestion is can you add something like

    /ee (equip=what equip type you enchant) (level/or max=max lvl)

    /ee armor max
    /ee weapon 4
    /ee tool 3

    so like player can easy and fast give to equip part all enchants available for it type and lvl he will choose or for max lvl avaible

    and for sure shortcuts for names of upgrades

    /ee st 4

    /ee boa 4

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    Codex Arcanum

    This looks cool, but what would make it great for me personally would be a spout gui.
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    That was one of my original expansion ideas buuuuuuut i dont know how to use spout yet. I will learn and give this a go. Would make enchanting a lot easier too.
    Dont expect it any time soon though lol

    There is a complete alias table that you can add new aliases too. I am yet to add a way to show these in-game, but tbh most plugins with aliases (Essentials Item spawning for example) dont show all the aliases, just the main ones and let the people find out what they can substitute.
    About your suggestion, im not sure what you mean but if this is about adding the maximum level enchantments to each tool/armor/weapon i have just added a Combinations configuration where you could do this yourself. Just copy the current template and change "example" to "armor" or what ever you wish and list the enchantments and levels, making sure that the enchantments are suited to what you would use them for (ie. oxygen works with Helmets only, feather fall works with boots only, ...).
    Then to add that combo to the item you are holding just type /ee combo (name).

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