Inactive [MISC] ColoredSigns v1.1 - Add colored text to signs [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Colored Signs - Colored text on signs!:
    Version: v1.1

    Simply put, this plugin allows you to add colored text to signs.

    First off, visit this link.
    Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign.
    Every bit of text after that will be that color code.

    If you want & to be on the sign without a color code, simply type it twice
    (EX: &&)

    Download the latest version! [1.2.3-R0.1]


    Version 1.2
    • Updated for the new event system
    Version 1.1
    • Updated for 602
    Version 1
    • Initial release. Adds colored text to signs!
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    Depends on the color. Yellow shows up really well. :)
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    I was looking through the link in the first reply, is it as good as that?
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    Should be.
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    Thank you so much for updating!
    now I can finnaly use it again! :D
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    Please, can you give me the Permissions, I want give this power juste at 1 rank !
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    but2002 Sorry, didn't see it at all. Thanks a ton for updating it! :)
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    I want this too, I think there are permissions or I might be confused with another plugin, but I'm not sure... it was something like "ColoredSigns.*" ?
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    As I've said numerous times that this plugin will not add permissions. I intend to keep this nothing more than a drag and drop plugin that enables colored signs with no muss, no fuss, and absolutely no configuration for everyone to use. If you want one with permissions, look for one or ask another developer.
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    Where can i Download the Plugin for Bukkit 1.1 ?? pls write back fast
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    Assuming you don't want to update to 1.2 yet, update to 1.1-R5 or higher and this plugin will work
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    ok thx I will update it to 1.1-R5
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    Can you push this plugin to BukkitDev? It would be easyer to follow.
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    I'm thinking about that, actually. I am also actually considering making it use permissions as well. High demand. I really don't want to but I could use the experience. I'm not a Java coder, the language is mostly foreign to me but I know PHP w/OOP and I'm a quick learner.
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    Can you have two versions, one perms and one global? Or would that just be a hassle?
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    I'm thinking of doing it in one version. One simple version that by default doesn't require permissions, but when you drop in a config file with "permissions: true" or something, will actually enable permissions.
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    darn the link seems to be broken x.x is there any other links or sites to download it from? c: thanks
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    Crap! I'm sorry. I cleaned out my public folder. Let me fix that right quick.

    There chickennoodle It has been fixed.
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    This is great! I love this plugin! It's just so nice, but I wan't a premissions-based one too... Because I don't wan't every user to write signs, what I do? And does ''coloredsigns.*: true'' work? Please make a premission-based one and PM me :D Thanks man, saved my life.

    1. Just drag the file in ''Plugins folder''.
    2. DONE!
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    The new update 1.2.4
    makes colored signs push texts towards the left. Any fix?
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    I'm unsure as to why this is. :\
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    does it work for 1.2.4??
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    Yes... if you read the post directly above yours someone mentioned a bug in 1.2.4, yet it still works
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    ok thanks :D
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    Small idea - Could adding &k to this system allow rapidly changing random text in sign? Could You test this - sounds nice ;p
    From Copied Wiki
    Btw great work ;p Relay nice Plugin
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    By nature of the way this plugin works, that is 'already' supported, however I don't think it's supported by signs. Either that, or it's done differently than colored text.
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    Please add permission support!! i dont want my normal players to be able to use this!
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    If you want permissions, use Essentials. Essentials has built in support for this. I'm going to not use permissions simply because Essentials already does it. This will be a plug and play, everyone can use plugin.

    My previous statement about using permissions is now invalid.
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    Please update to 1.2.5! The color in the signs only show up when I look at them in a certain way lol. If I'm looking at it straight on it doesn't appear.
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    This has nothing to do with my plugin.
    This has to be a glitch in one of your client mods.

    My plugin still works on 1.2.5
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    I Need A Plugin For This Type Of Thing. Yet, I Need Permission support, as i plan on giving all the colours to donors of my server, . i seen u reply to someone who asked about permissions, and i have essentails and i have been all over the internet looking for fix, the &4text doesnt show in red, it stays at &4text, ( i have '*' perm node and op ) and i know how to use coloued codes. So Could You Make A Copy of this plugin wiht permissions and let users have a selection between to download a permission supported version of this or a non perm version?


    Also, could you make it centered , when i type Welcome in a colour, it moves to the start of the sign, and not the middle. Because the colour code is 2 characters. i used to have SignColours, but its inactive now and that had centered text even if it had been coloured

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