Inactive [MISC] ColoredSigns v1.1 - Add colored text to signs [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Colored Signs - Colored text on signs!:
    Version: v1.1

    Simply put, this plugin allows you to add colored text to signs.

    First off, visit this link.
    Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign.
    Every bit of text after that will be that color code.

    If you want & to be on the sign without a color code, simply type it twice
    (EX: &&)

    Download the latest version! [1.2.3-R0.1]


    Version 1.2
    • Updated for the new event system
    Version 1.1
    • Updated for 602
    Version 1
    • Initial release. Adds colored text to signs!
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    The whole point of my plugin is to not have permissions.

    Oh, nice edit. Still my point stands. There are other Colored Sign plugins that have permissions, waddle off and use those.

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    Wait, so the entire point of your plugin is to not have permissions?

    Not for signs to have colors?
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    You know what I meant.
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    This would be a great plugin if you added permissions. Instead servers are just using your plugin and coding in permissions. I don't understand your point and neither do a majority of the posters.

    Other then that crap... it's a sweet plugin!
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    @but2002 See? Quit bein a simpleton and just put the permissions in. Your plugin is the only plugin for this and only this, that isn't inactive. All the others include a bunch of other stuff that I will never use and therefore don't want to waste resources on.
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    Fine. I'm dropping 100% support for this plugin.

    If you aren't happy with it then so be it. I won't keep it up to date (If there's even a need)

    Good day.
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    Well, dropped support is upsetting. I was coming to say that if your server uses the free signs from essentials, this allows them to force it to be blue, thus letting the sign work. Just an FYI.
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    @but2002 don't leave. I remember another dev who ragequit because of a copycat plugin, but this is no reason to do it. There will always be people who'll cry for permissions/mysql/multiworld. Hope this plugin works for a really long time, seeing as you aren't going to update it anymore.

    @others: Can a guy release a plugin without permissions/mysql/multiworld these days?
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    @Dagumboss It's a simple plugin that doesn't require permissions, if you want to make your own that uses permissions be my guest. I do not want my plugin to have the need for permissions because it's just not needed. It's a simple plugin I created for the server I managed and just released it to the community so they could have it too. I'm not going to make it any different than that. If you don't like it don't use it; simple as that. There are hundreds of devs here that could make a version with permissions if they so wanted to.

    I don't care how many use this plugin, this plugin has a single target audience and I know that. I don't honestly care that much. I have better things to do than to please the angry.
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    Well as long as you don't care, does anyone mind adding permissions to this plugin for me? I'll throw you a couple bucks. (permissions3x)
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    On account of the creator of this plugin abandoning it, a loyal supporter of mine, Smashbox, brought to my attention the need for some simple Permissions support. After decompiling the plugin, I realized that the entire plugin's code was a jumbled, half-useless pile of overcomplicated work. So, I really cleaned it up a lot, added the source directly to the jar, and I ADDED COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR PERMISSIONS 3 (AND/OR OPS). Just use the node ColoredSigns.use for it all to work. Enjoy!

    Also, I'm not sure if I should create a new thread for this... let me know, if any of you are interested in my update.
    Download ColoredSigns v2.0!
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    Again, you have no idea how much this helps. Thank you @insanj for updating this.
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    @insanj Go ahead, make a new thread. I was working off of someone else's code anyways, so I didn't even care that much. We just needed one for our server, and I figured I'd release it since there wasn't a permissions-less one in existence.

    Consider this one inactive.
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    Hey, alright.
    I'll get around to it sometime soon. Thanks for pushing out the most recent stable build, otherwise I would've had nothing to work with. :D
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    This pluing is dead now. Notch removed how colored signs actually glow to just change color
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    update to 1185?
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    Don't think I can!
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    Can you fix this?
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    Wait no signs colors anymore ? :O
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    This is a good plugin why would you need permissions, simple and nice but do it work with 1185 any one know . ?

    thats unfortunate but still thanks

    why is it that people like you come complain about plugins not supporting what you want it to seriously if you want permission support look for another plugin instead of tormenting the dev of this one to the point where he dont want to work on it any more ,

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    I still utilize this plugin. Even though there are other sign-type plugins out there, my interest is a simple lightweight plugin that allows you to put color nodes when adding text to sign.

    Can we get an edit on the title to 1240?
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    you done anything with this yet?
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    I was going to make a new thread post, but since this plugin isn't getting much attention, and I thought it didn't work anymore, I just left it be... why?
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    just thought like it would be good to have an up to date version of this
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    @Yurikoma From what I'm told 1.8 doesn't even let colored signs work at all. If that's the case I can't bring it up to date, and nor can anyone else
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    idk but i thought i seen some arround
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    @but2002 @Yurikoma I can confirm this plugin is working perfectly as of 1317 :) You can update the title of this thread if you like, it works flawlessly
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    thats good to hear
  31. I hope this works for CB1317 and if it does work please update your title and post ^^

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