Inactive [MISC] ColoredSigns v1.1 - Add colored text to signs [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Colored Signs - Colored text on signs!:
    Version: v1.1

    Simply put, this plugin allows you to add colored text to signs.

    First off, visit this link.
    Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign.
    Every bit of text after that will be that color code.

    If you want & to be on the sign without a color code, simply type it twice
    (EX: &&)

    Download the latest version! [1.2.3-R0.1]


    Version 1.2
    • Updated for the new event system
    Version 1.1
    • Updated for 602
    Version 1
    • Initial release. Adds colored text to signs!
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  2. I tried several times, but stupid exlporer tells me its a corrupt site and wont download
    I so need this plugin!
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    Internet Explorer? Could you send me a screenshot? I'd -REALLY- like to see this. Dropbox is -NOT- a corrupt site and I can tell you that for a 100% fact.
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    Good Plugin :p
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    its possible to add permissions?
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Hmm, good job with this plugin, but one point: SignColours does not need Permissions to work. It defaults to OP-only if Permissions is not available on the server. So for me, there is absolutely no difference between this and SignColours. I also prefer using the # symbol to denote colours, so I'm afraid I'll be sticking with the other plugin :)
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    That's fine.
    Mine is one that everyone can use, which I think is how it should be. I also choose to use the & symbol because nearly every other color based system uses & to detonate the thing. For example Permissions/iChat
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    Paste your server.log
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    I did It im fine now

    Anyone know a good teleportation plugin so like when people end my tut the walk in something then they teleport somewhere?

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    How do you make colored signs?? Someone help!

    A good warp plugin is Warpz0r. Try that out.

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    WormHole X-Treme

    Please read the OP. It tells you how.

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    Oh. I didn't see that.
  13. it works in 928??
    but why no update ?
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    No update is needed, I suppose, no one on my server has complained yet.
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    Does this work for bukkit 953?
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    It should, the API shouldn't have changed. Test it an see, if it does, I'll update the topic title (I can't exactly test myself right now. D: )
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    Alright, I was trying to update all my plugins yesterday, and I was mostly getting errors from Permissions and Essentials, and I don't remember any errors from this plugin, so we'll see. :D
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    VERY GOOD! Works perfectly on the new 1.7.2 minecraft build <3
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    Could you make it so that once a colour is defined it will colour all text after it until another colour is defined?
    Such as:

    Line 1: &2 Hello there
    Line 2: still green
    Line 3: still green
    Line 4: &4 Now Red

    Rather than what you have currently:
    Line 1: &2 Hello there
    Line 2: Black again
    Line 3: Still black
    Line 4: &4 Now Red
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    It's a per-line basis and I actually intend to keep it that way.
    Minecraft has a 15 character limit on signs, and you'll be able to see that when you're typing on the sign. if I have to inject a color code on the next line then it could end up with string truncation. I think it would be best that the player KNOW that it won't fit before they even place the sign, rather than having to re-write it.
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    but if you make it the way i suggested you can simply put the colour on the first line and not worry about following lines being too long because is most times when somebody wants to use colour on a sign they want the whole sign to be coloured
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    The minecraft system doesn't work like that. I would have to append the two character color code to the next line and that would cut the line length down to 13 characters
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    yes, so that doesn't change anything except you dont have to put the colour in again yourself?
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    Okay. Imagine you write this on a sign


    If I were to make it so the next line would be colored, I would have to place an &e in front of it before it writes to the sign like so

    Since that goes over the limit the 45 would then be truncated. That's an unexpected behavior since the user wasn't prevented from making it that long. By forcing the user to put the color code in each time, they are aware of the final result.
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    Oh, I see what you mean now, would it be possible to do it any other way?
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    Jake Radcliff

    You could use MultiVerse's portal feature, it doesn't have to be from world to world. Or you could use the plugin called "TravelPorals". This is basically a portal made out of obsidian

    When is this going to be updated?

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    It should work without a hitch. I'm waiting for the other guy to report back with results as I can't test on the latest build. I'm 95% sure it works.
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    Well, here's the one and only problem i have with this plugin. I use the colored signs for various things... but I have permissions blocking players from placing buy/sell signs. However, if they do &1[Buy] or &1[Sell] the signs they create actually turn into real buy/sell signs.

    Pleaaaase, can you find a way to prevent this? Its quite annoying having to go everywhere to remove signs from houses.
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    That would seem to be a problem with their plugin and not mine. I may have to make an alteration, and would need to look into it. Post the issue there and get an opinion from the developer of that plugin please
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    client-side users will not have to install this, right?
    i'm just unsure because this is the first mod i'm installing that alters the appearance of things.
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    No. The text on signs is no different than the text in chat, and the color codes used are the same provided by the Minecraft client. No mods to the client will be required.

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