Inactive [MISC] ColoredSigns v1.1 - Add colored text to signs [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Colored Signs - Colored text on signs!:
    Version: v1.1

    Simply put, this plugin allows you to add colored text to signs.

    First off, visit this link.
    Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign.
    Every bit of text after that will be that color code.

    If you want & to be on the sign without a color code, simply type it twice
    (EX: &&)

    Download the latest version! [1.2.3-R0.1]


    Version 1.2
    • Updated for the new event system
    Version 1.1
    • Updated for 602
    Version 1
    • Initial release. Adds colored text to signs!
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    Unfortunately that defeats the purpose of my plugin. I want it to be as simplistic as possible, without the need for permissions. Simple, lightweight, and fast.

    You'll have to talk to the developers of those other plugins if you want those features, sorry
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    oh ok. Sorry then, but over all nice Plugin.
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    any chance of getting an update for 670+?
    really want to use this on a new 720 server im making

    Edit- Nvm it works perfectly on 720! thank you!
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    considered inactive, update the title
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    Moved back ; The version range should only be used when necessary, otherwise it just confuses searching
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    It was built on 602, but works knowingly until 740. I want people who may still be on 602 to know that it works there, ;)
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    JD DeGaetano

    Source please. xD
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    Make a video on how to use the signs?
    I don't know how to add color on signs...

    Nevermind found out, but you should make mixture of colors or more colors to add.

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    I can't do that, the colors are handled by the minecraft engine, I just create a method to expose them to signs.
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    Thought so, but still.
    Need at least the Rainbow colors, legit Rainbow.
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    Unfortunately that's not possible either. Minecraft has a hard limit of 15 characters per line, and you can't go above that. The color characters count towards this limit.
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    does it work in 766?
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    Yes, it works
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    Oh great, a plugin to replace Edward Hand's dead one. Thanks!
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    The lighting is identical because it's not done by the plugin, it's done by the client-side engine. :)
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    Great ! I'll definitely install this on my server!
    I like simple&fast plugins without permissions support! :)

    (And I like a lot the colors which are visible at night)

    EDIT: I know my demand will maybe add some weight to the plugin but, could you add a config file to set the default color of the messages in the signs ?
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    oh nice. didnt no that lol
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    I'd like to keep it as simple as possible

    If I were to do default color, some unintended trimming could occur because of signs 15 character per line limit.
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    Well, I'm running build 740 and even without any plugins, this is randomly timing out my server and is using more memory then I would think, the memory isn't a problem, but I have had 9 people on my server and it times out because of ColoredSigns. It times out with one person also, it's madness! :/ For now I have to stick to permission based signs, which I guess is alright.
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    You're the only one with this issue, and I don't see how it could even BE an issue. :\
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    Okay, it's any plugin that has anything to do with colored signs. I'm wondering myself.. Doesn't minecraft SUPPORT colors after all? :S
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    Will you please update this to the latest recommended build when you get a chance? (RB: 818)

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    I'll test it, but just as a note it worked on 817, so I see no reason it won't work on 818

    Tested on build 818 and it works.

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    I don't suppose I could convince you to add some simple permissions support? (v2.*)
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    I'd highly prefer not to, but I may release a separate version that supports permissions.
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    This is very fun to use! It's simple and easy to install, and simple and easy to use in-game! :D
  30. I cant download the file, says its a unsafe website :/
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    I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that that "Unsafe website" warning is a false positive. I'd like to know what program said that so I can report it as a false positive. It's dropbox, which is 100% safe.

    I'd like you to try it again though.

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