Inactive [MISC] ColoredSigns v1.1 - Add colored text to signs [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Colored Signs - Colored text on signs!:
    Version: v1.1

    Simply put, this plugin allows you to add colored text to signs.

    First off, visit this link.
    Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign.
    Every bit of text after that will be that color code.

    If you want & to be on the sign without a color code, simply type it twice
    (EX: &&)

    Download the latest version! [1.2.3-R0.1]


    Version 1.2
    • Updated for the new event system
    Version 1.1
    • Updated for 602
    Version 1
    • Initial release. Adds colored text to signs!
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    This plugin is not permissions based, and works for every user. It also uses the & symbol instead of a #. & is more commonly used for colored text in Minecraft, I've found.
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    Alright :) Just curious is all.
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    No worried ;) Everyone likes to be curious.

    I just wanted a simple plugin that was lightweight and non-permission based. There didn't seem to be one like that, so I quickly made one, and released it thinking someone else might feel the same. :D
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    Wonderful, Just put in plugin folder and Color Signs! Prefer this to the other one. :D
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    I'm actually quite pleased to hear that. <3
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    How do you make the signs colored? I'm confused. Help!

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    First off. Visit this link

    After you've seen that page, type one of the color codes ( EX: &e ) on a sign. Then every bit of text directly after on that line will be that color code.

    If you want to be able to type the & symbol on a sign, and it won't let you, simply type & twice ( && ) It will show up as just one.
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    Great plugin nice job! I had a different one for colors (SignEdit, I think), but it was super complicated. Thanks for an easy to use sign color plugin!
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    Wow! Thanks for the help! Definitely preferred over the other complicated sign plug-ins!
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    Nice... Wonderful. Now I'm just waiting for when Minecraft adds more color to its overall color codes.
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    Im on build 608 and this isnt working for me, i put a sign down and put &e testing, and the text on the sign is still just a normal black... =[
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    I'll possibly have to recompile it, but I have other tasks to attend to first.
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    awe ok..
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    thanks, this is a really nice plugin and simple to use w/o commands :)
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    The plugin is compatible with 621 for those wondering. It's not officially compiled against it but I don't have issues. I will compile against for an 'official' build when I'm done screwing with my server.
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    Jake Radcliff

    Make it so that when you look at the sign, all you have to do is scroll your mousewheel to change the color. That would be easier than it is now
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    One: There's already a plugin that does that.

    Two: That wouldn't allow multiple colors on one line. A lot of people like to do that

    Three: I found the plugin mentioned in point one rather annoying, and anyone could do it to anyone's sign.
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    Great Plugin. The Players on our Server like it very much.
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    Simple, clearly, easy ! Thank you so much :)
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    Yea this has to update for the CB706, CB707 build, or later. Currently all signs that already had the colors on them still work, but I can't make new signs with color. It just shows the code like normal. Does this still work for anybody?
    (Currently running CB706)
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    I won't update until 700+ is a recommended build. Simply for the sake of simplicity. They could make a last second change to the API that would force me to update again. When it's a recommended build, I'll update.
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    Works for build #700+
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    Yep, I'm running CB714 and this plugin works exactly as intended.
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    That's a good sign. It'll mean to update I'll just have to compile against the latest RB without a change to the code. Easy work for me. :)
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    I don't wanna add extra stress towards you, but this plugin is great, I just have one suggestion, maybe adding permissions. I've been using ColourSigns or SignColours and its not working with the latest build. All the signs I make are in white text (I'm the owner) and I don't want people imitating my messages.

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