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    What version of BukkitSpeak are you using?
    From what classes I can see here it looks like you're using BukkitSpeak v0.47 or older.
    You should consider updating to the newest version (v0.54), and that should fix your problem.
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    That seems to have done the trick. Thanks for a great plugin!
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    I got question? I installed this plugin on my server and setup it, but when I start server I do /tsa status and it says
    Version of plugin and it says that is running, but as soon as somebody write /ts chat "message". It crushes and says can't communicate with Team-Speaker Server.
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    is it possible to let multiple server linked to 1 ts server?
    I have 2 minecraft server and I have seprate channels for them in my teamspeak but I want to link those 2 minecraft server to the teamspeak server.
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    Getting the following error:
    Everything is right in the config and it connects fine then spits that out, I read some of the replies above mine but not really sure how to fix it.. any help you could provide would be awesome thank you.

    Hmm very interesting, I went and white listed my IP and it seems to be working fine now.. no errors and all the commands and such appear to work great! After looking at 4 different BukkitSpeaks I am glad I found this one lol! Great job and can't wait to test it further!

    **EDIT TWO**
    I got the same error when shutting down the server, I assume I shouldn't worry to much though?
    Also when a player logs in the login message for Teamspeak appears twice, any ideas?
    2012-07-17 20:09:58 [INFO] [BukkitSpeak] *** has joined TeamSpeak
    2012-07-17 20:09:58 [INFO] [BukkitSpeak] *** has joined TeamSpeak
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    You should check the wiki pages about setting up the plugin.

    Sure, but you need to set TeamspeakNickname: in the config to two different values.

    Allright, I don't know if the error when you shut down the server happened because you were still connecting or something like that. If it occurrs again, you could send me your configuration file and maybe the server log and I could see if there is a bug in the code.
    About the double login messages, I've heard about this problem.
    It could be because ChannelID: is set to 0 in the config.
    If that's the case you should set it to the actual channel ID of the main channel or whatever :D
    I'll look through the code and see if I can spot the bug for sure, but after my holiday, I think.

    Thanks for testing, by the way :cool:
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    I have a small feature / configuration option addition request:

    I absolutely love seeing all the ts3 messages when I am in-game, however, seeing them in the console (and later bloating the minecraft log file) is starting to be tiresome. Sometimes I just want the console to show Minecraft related entires rather than duplicate a large part of the ts3 connections log.

    Would it be possible to add some sort of configuration option to disable or otherwise hide messages from this plugin from being sent to the console (i.e. send them in-game ONLY)?

    Thank you very much for your time, both reading this and developing the plugin!
  8. Can I make the MC chat go to multiple channels?

    (Current config)
    TeamspeakNickname: Minecraft
    ConsoleName: '&9Server'
    ChannelID: 3

    (What I am asking)
    TeamspeakNickname: Minecraft
    ConsoleName: '&9Server'
    ChannelID: 3, 4, 5
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    I haven't seen it happen again so I think it may have done it while it was connecting or something but I will definitely let you know if I see it again.. Running a server from home makes it so easy to keep an eye on everything lol..

    And as for the double messages my channel is actually set to 1 right now sooo not sure, but if you do find it awesome! maybe you just added that part in twice lol but feel free to take a holiday as long as it's not crashing anything I can wait ;)

    I actually like that idea! But there is however an option for you until then, there is a plugin called obuShutTheHellUp and you can filter out any message from the console you choose, it works great!
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    No, I'm afraid this is not possible.
    A TS Server Query Client behaves just like a regular client, it can only be in one channel at a time. If it had to send every message into different channels, it would need to move into every of these channels, send the message there and then return to one of the channels.
    The problem about that is that BukkitSpeak will only receive messages from the one channel it is in at the moment, so there's no way to make all features work with multiple channels.

    Good idea, will be added in the next update.
    Thanks a lot for suggesting this feature!

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  11. You could make tschat have it's own channel that you could toggle on/off
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    Okay, two more feature requests, but this time I think it's asking too much. So I guess this is just my public wishlist for minecrat + teamspeak integration...

    Both of these wishlist items require the addition of a configuration option to associate / set minecraft player names with ts3 unique-ids.

    First one has been requested before on these forums, but a subsequent search hasn't been fruitful.
    Basically the wish is for the positional player data in minecraft to be sent to ts3 to be used for positional audio playback.
    This is the holy grail.

    Second request would be (relatively) more simple.
    Based on player location in minecraft, move people who are too far apart into different channels on ts3, and move those who are in range of each other into the same channel.
    This would likely be best if the MC plugin kept track of who was in a certain subset of channels and only move users around if they were in one of those channels.

    So, like I said, don't think this is going to be possible (well, without a lot of work that is), but in the off chance I thought I would submit the idea(s).

    Thanks again for your quick response to my earlier posts!
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    First off, I know this is a great plugin, I used it back when it was just a message showing who joined and who left. But now I'm having difficulties setting it up. Every time a member of my server types a command or message it pops up with this message
    04:25:11 [SEVERE] [BukkitSpeak] Could not connect to the TS3 server.
    04:25:11 [SEVERE] [BukkitSpeak] Make sure that the IP and the QueryPort are correct!
    04:25:11 [SEVERE] [BukkitSpeak] (Exception connectTS3Query(): java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out)
    Here's my config if you need it and any help is greatly appreciated.
      TeamSpeakPort: 9987
      QueryPort: 10011
      QueryUsername: bukkitspeak
      QueryPassword: ''
      TeamspeakNickname: Minecraft
      ConsoleName: '&9Server'
      # Only required if you use the channel functions!
      ChannelID: 0
      ChannelPassword: ''
      # Can only be true or false
      ListenToServerEvents: true
      ListenToServerBroadcasts: true
      ListenToChannel: true
      ListenToChannelChat: true
      ListenToPrivateMessages: true
      AllowLinksInMessages: true
      # Can be either 'server', 'channel' or 'none'
      SendChatToTeamspeak: server
      # Default reason for bans and (channel) kicks
      DefaultReason: '-'
      # Debug Mode
      # Use if the plugin doesn't work at all
      # Or for posting error logs in the forum
      Debug: false
        Join: '&e%client_nickname% &ahas joined TeamSpeak'
        Quit: '&e%client_nickname% &ahas left TeamSpeak'
        ChannelEnter: '&e%client_nickname% &aentered the channel.'
        ChannelLeave: '&e%client_nickname% &aleft the channel.'
        ServerMsg: '[&cTS&f] &e%client_nickname%&a: %msg%'
        ChannelMsg: '&e%client_nickname%&f: %msg%'
        PrivateMsg: '&e%client_nickname% &a-> &eMe&f: %msg%'
        ServerMessage: '&4&l%msg%'
        ChannelMessage: '&4&l[%player_displayname%&4] &r%msg%'
        PrivateMessage: '&4&l[%player_displayname%&4] &r%msg%'
        PokeMessage: '&l[%player_displayname%] &r%msg%'
        KickMessage: '[%player_displayname%] kicked you from the server for %msg%.'
        ChannelKickMessage: '[%player_displayname%] kicked you from the channel for %msg%.'
        BanMessage: '[%player_displayname%] banned you from the server for %msg%.'
        ChatMessage: '&l%player_displayname%&r: %msg%'
        LoginMessage: '&l%player_displayname%&r logged in.'
        LogoutMessage: '&l%player_displayname%&r logged out.'
        OnlineList: '&aCurrently online: &e%list%'
        ChannelList: '&aCurrently in the channel: &e%list%'
        Mute: '&aYou are now muted.'
        Unmute: '&aYou aren''t muted anymore.'
        Broadcast: '&e%player_displayname% &a-> &f[&cTS&f]&f: %msg%'
        Chat: '&e%player_displayname% &a-> &eTS&f: %msg%'
        Pm: '&eMe &a-> &e%target%&f: %msg%'
        Poke: '&e%player_displayname% &apoked &e%target%&f: %msg%'
        Kick: '&e%player_displayname% &akicked &e%target% &afrom the server for &e%msg%&a.'
        ChannelKick: '&e%player_displayname% &akicked &e%target% &afrom the channel for &e%msg%&a.'
        Ban: '&e%player_displayname% &abanned &e%target% &afor &e%msg%&a.'
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    are you running the MC server (and thus this plugin) from the same computer as the ts3 server is located on?

    If not, try adding the MC server IP to the ts3 whitelist.txt file. (Will refresh in 5 minutes or immediately upon server restart.)

    If they aren't on the same IP, then it's possible bukkitspeak is being banned from making connection in ts3. (Then again I could be totally wrong, so if someone more knowledgeable comes along then I'd take their advice!)
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    Yes, it's on the same server. I thought about that too but never tried it since they were on the same server lol.
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    I'm assuming you went through the process of creating a new ServerQuery account named bukkitspeak? If not, do so or change the configured username to serveradmin. If you DID create an account, try logging in manually via PUTTY or some other telnet client to make sure it works correctly.

    If neither of the above helps I don't know what else it could be.
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    Sorry I thought I replied here, I have tried everything you suggested. Thanks for the help though.
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    we need a little Update for the newer 1.3.1 uild, because the AsynchronousChat.

    [WARNING] [BukkitSpeak] "BukkitSpeak v0.53" has registered a listener for org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerChatEvent on method "public void net.but2002.minecraft.BukkitSpeak.ChatListener.onPlayerChat(org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerChatEvent)", but the event is Deprecated. Server performance will be affected; please notify the authors [Firedroide, but2002, greycap, deathmarine].
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    Oh right, I didn't think that this would break my plugin too :rolleyes:
    I'll get to work ASAP, excpect an update tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
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    Excellent plugin. Just added it for the new 1.3 server. We run a SWTOR guild and play MC on the side, this is perfect for announcements and whatnot.
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    Thanks a lot for the download and the support :D
    If you have any problems, just write another comment.
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    I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not. I looked through the wiki for this plugin but it's not complete.

    I was able to connect to our TS3 server fine, and see text messages both ways. However normal (non-op) players cannot see the messages from the TS3 text channel.

        description: Gives access to most of the user commands and all messages.
          bukkitspeak.commands.list: true
          bukkitspeak.commands.mute: true
          bukkitspeak.commands.chat: true
          bukkitspeak.commands.pm: true
          bukkitspeak.commands.info: true
          bukkitspeak.messages.*: true
    The bukkitspeak.messages.*: true seems to be there and correct but it's not passing the messages to normal users.
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    That's really strange, but I can't find a bug in the code. Is it only for messages from the TS3 channel or for all BukkitSpeak messages?

    Here's a snippet of the code when sending the message to players:
                } else if (info.get("targetmode").equals("2")) {
                    String m = plugin.getStringManager().getMessage("ChannelMsg");
                    if (m.isEmpty()) return;
                    for (Player pl : plugin.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
                        if (!plugin.getMuted(pl) && checkPermissions(pl, "chat")) {
                            pl.sendMessage(replaceValues(m, true));
                    plugin.getLogger().info(replaceValues(m, false));
    And checkPermissions just returns a boolean value if the player has
    set in this case.

    So there's really no errors in the code and I have to assume that there's a problem with your permissions plugin or your permissions config.
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    Hi, so I noticed in the v0.55 changelog you have, "Added a config option to toggle logging everything in the config on or off."

    I removed my old config file, let the plugin generate a fresh one, but perhaps I am blind because I cannot see this setting.

    Care to point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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    There should be a setting called LogChatInConsole: true in the section teamspeak:
    If you set this to false, no /ts actions will be logged in the console.
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    I'm having a small issue regarding obtaining the Channel ID for the teamspeak channel I want.
    I've googled my way around the net regarding this problem but each explanation says the same thing: the Channel ID is displayed, in brackets, following the name of the channel when selected on the right side of the client.
    I see the name displayed on the right side but I do not see a number in brackets.
    Is there another way to get the channel ID?

    EDIT: nevermind, it displayed the Channel ID in the server log once any users channel group is changed.
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    Yeah, there's been a change to the TS3 client, it doesn't show the channel ID anymore...
    There's a "patch" for that though, a different theme for the client called "default_extended".
    It can be downloaded here.
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    Heheh now I feel like that one newb at Teamspeak trying to find the Channel ID when in prior updates it was never a problem.
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    I really wondered about this, too, when they updated the client.
    It was like, why do they throw out a function that's really useful for server admins?
    Just because newbs could be confused about what this number means?
    But the default_extended theme brings it back so everything's allright xD
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    Hi. I saw this option, didn't think it was relevant but tried it anyway as it was the only thing that resembled the setting I was looking for. Unfortunately, it does not help.

    The change-log states: "Added a config option to toggle logging everything in the config on or off."
    This setting might turn off logging /ts actions, but it does not turn off logging connect / disconnect messages etc. into the console. This is the functionality I was mainly after (and as described in the change-log), as seeing many connect/disconnect messages in the MC log simply duplicates my TS3 log.

    Is this the new setting? If it is, can I request an additional config option that really does turn logging EVERYTHING off, rather than /ts actions (that goes unused on my MC server anyway)?

    Thank you very much for your time!

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