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    BukkitSpeak - Show Teamspeak actions in Minecraft & connect the chats
    Version: v0.20

    This plugin will display Teamspeak 3 server joins, quits and messages in Minecraft.

    • Display Teamspeak joins in Minecraft
    • Display Teamspeak quits in Minecraft
    • Display Teamspeak (server-wide) messages in Minecraft
    • Fully customizable messages - check the Wiki for information on what variables you can use
    • Colour support in messages! Use $[colourcode] (e.g. $2) in your messages

    Remember to adjust the config.yml!!

    ConfigInformationHelp (open)

    msg_join: '%client_nickname% has joined TeamSpeak' #Custom Message for Join
    msg_quit: '%client_nickname% has quit TeamSpeak' #Custom Message for Quit
    msg_servermsg: '[TS][Server][%client_nickname%] %msg%' #Custom Message for Server-Wide message
    queryPort: '10011' #Default port for query information (Usually is 10011)

    serverPort: '9987' #Default port for the teamspeak itself (May vary)
    serverAdmin: serveradmin #Get this by going to Tools --> ServerQuery Login
    serverPass: serverpass #Get this by going to Tools --> ServerQuery Login
    ip: hostname.example.com #The hostname / IP Address to your TeamSpeak server

    Quick install:
    wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1103639/BukkitSpeak.zip &&  unzip BukkitSpeak.zip && rm BukkitSpeak.zip && echo  'Important: Adjust ServerIP, ports, and serverAdmin information in  BukkitSpeak/config.yml'

    Version 0.22
    • General Bug-Fixes. Now ignores query clients.
    Version 0.21
    • Re-added chat color, and filtered "Unknown from"
    Version 0.20
    • Updated to use the now-required login information.
    Version 0.16
    • filter joins/leavs starting with "Unknown from"
    Version 0.15
    • colour support (thanks to Binaryclock)
    Version 0.14
    • added connecting via hostname
    • changed virtualServerID to serverPort; you must now use your server's port instead of ID
    Version 0.13
    • fixed high CPU usage
    Version 0.12
    • improved keepAlive
    Version 0.11
    • fixed the Teamspeak server disconnects
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Original thread here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mi...nnect-minecraft-and-teamspeak3-531-764.10430/
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    Hey, nice Plugin i will test This.
    May you can make an Plugin (or build in this) for the Other direction?
    To see in Teamspeak3 Chat (Global), when a Player joins the Minecraft-Server?
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    I'm actually working on something else right now. I'm trying to fix a flaw that makes it ignore people already in the TeamSpeak at the time the plugin loads.

    @tkausl That seems extremely feasible. I will look into it.
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    I've noticed that. Good to hear you're onto it. :)
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    I'm dropping feature updates for this plugin as I do not have the time to keep it up. I will only ensure that it will run on the latest RB.

    This is to any developers: If you wish to uptake this plugin, please message me, or feel free to fork the plugin, just so long as I know. :)
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    Mike Geitz

    Is there any way to enable in-game chat between TS3 and those on the server (like CraftIRC)? Also, how can I declare a serverwidemsg? So far I've noticed it only posts links as a serverwidemsg
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    Is there a possibility that the Teamspeak 3 Side can recieve messages from the Minecraft Server. Such as recieving messages from other players in game? If this is already included, I must be doing this wrong.
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    can we hear voices?
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    No, you can't.
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    pls update it for 1060 =(
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    no, after update to 1060 was bukkitspeak broke
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    Are there any console errors?
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    bump- we cant get this to work either on bukkit 1060. it just.. doesnt work
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    no, i dont think so, ill check and get back to you.
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    Mike Geitz

    Works just fine for me, even on CB 1185.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm could you add the following?

    - Listen to messages from a specific channel (so not the server wide one)
    - Post messages from chat to that channel
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    @Don Redhorse
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    Don Redhorse

    oh I didn't see that.. just starting "developing".. any information about the teamspeak protocol? I will take a closer look.. atm I'm trying to merge 2 plugins and add own code to it.. so if this is TOO complicated atm I would not like to officially take it over..
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    can you please update it to last bukkit build?
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    works for me on RB
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    really? okay i will try again thanks
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    Works with 1240
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    Thanks for updating this. It's a nice plugin.
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    Can you talk ingame with this?
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    really great plugin.

    You can Chat from TS to Minecraft, but not the other way round, right ?
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    I get errors with 1240 :S
  30. is it possible to make that posts in MC goes to the Teamspeak chat?
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    Works with 1337 after changing the TS3-Server to Nitrado.
    Seems like all problems belong to the TS.

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