[MISC] Blockout World Link v1.0 - Teleport to other worlds at heights! [1.1-RC3]

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    What is Blockout World Link?
    Blockout World Link is a plugin which allows you to teleport you to certain worlds once you have hit a certain height limit. By default when you hit the sky limit you will teleport to the end and when you hit the void you will teleport to the nether.

    What Permissions Does Blockout World Link have?
    There are no permissions. Just drop it into your plugins folder and go!

    Example Configuration
      top-world: world_the_end
      top-world-yaxis: 128
      bottom-world: world_nether
      bottom-world-yaxis: 0
    Teleport to other worlds at certain height limits

    1.0 - Released!
  2. BlockoutDev [1.1-RC3] should be changed to [1.1-R4]

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