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    BiomeSound - Biome-Based Ambient Sounds:

    Version: v1.1

    This plugin requires BukkitContrib or Spout, and only clients using the BukkitContribSP mod or SpoutCraft client will benefit.
    Running the server once with BiomeSound installed will generate an example config.yml in the BiomeSound folder.
    Edit this as required (it will do nothing in its default state).

        desert: http://your.site.here/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http://your.site.here/forest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http://your.site.here/rowing.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http://your.site.here/nighttime.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/daytime.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http://your.site.here/train.ogg
        arctic: http://your.site.here/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http://your.site.here/nether.ogg
        underground: http://your.site.here/underground.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/swamp_day.ogg
        lava: http://your.site.here/lava.ogg
    The plugin works by causing a client-side sound to play at the player's current location.
    Another sound will play when the player has moved a certain distance from the last location where a sound started playing.
    You can adjust this distance with the nodeseparation parameter.
    The reason for doing it this way is to create subtle volume variations and the possible mixing of sounds (i.e. between two biomes).
    Exceptions are the boat and train sounds; these have no world locations and play at a uniform volume.
    The range parameter defines how far away the sound is audible.
    The volume parameter defines the absolute volume at which sounds play. Adjust this to taste.
    Sounds must reside on a webserver from where clients download them automatically. Downloaded sounds are cached, and so will only be redownloaded if the cache is deleted.
    Soundfiles must be long (10-15 minutes), with the exception of the boat and train sounds (these should be about 10 seconds long)..
    A set of royalty-free soundfiles that work well can be downloaded below.
    A silence.wav file is included, and can be used in case there are instances where you don't want a sound to play.

    This plugin is based on BiomeMessage by robin0van0der0v, and retains the /biome command functionality from it.

    • Causes client to play ambient sound appropriate to Biome.
    • Plays different sounds in the day and in the night, where appropriate.
    • Plays specific ambient sound when the player is deep enough underground.
    • Plays sound effects when the player is using a minecart or boat.
    • Plays sound effect when the player is near lava.
    • Use the /biome (or /b) command to learn what biome you're standing in.
    • Ops can use the command to check the biome locations of other players.
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for BukkitContrib 0.1.7)
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for Spout 1.0.1)
    (source code included in .jar)

    Download Sound Pack
    (85 MiB)
    Download only the lava sound (for those who have the old Sound Pack)

    Version 1.1
    • Project split into continued BukkitContrib support as well as Spout support.
    • Lava effect added.
    • Clients now always play ambient sound at their login location. Before, they would only do so the first time they logged in after a server restart.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    This WILL sound lazy i know but do i have to find all the sounds myself can i not put the website in from some one else if they have done it it will help ALOT
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    Did you even read first post?

    Download Sound Pack
    (85 MiB)
    Download only the lava sound (for those who have the old Sound Pack)
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    nope i didnt silly me thanks
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    Great idea, and a nice spouty equivalent to MAtmos. Are there alternative sound packs yet?

    And one not-so-nice thing I encountered in the few minutes using it is: the train sound adds up. On a rail some hundreds of blocks long I hear more and more train soundfiles, each one slightly off. My personal best is five times the train soudn on a 400 blocks railway ;). Anyone else having this issue?

    Forgot to mention: I'm using CB 1185, Spout 1.0.6 for 1185, and SpoutCraft 471. No problems with this bunch yet, hence the adding of the train sound.
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    the plugin doesn't work for me:(

    when I enter the sound-URL in my Browser it starts to play, in the Game nothing happens. Any ideas what I've done wrong?

    Here is my config file:
        desert: http://*****.de/sounds/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http://*****.de/sounds/forest_night.ogg
            day: http://*****.de/sounds/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http://*****.de/sounds/rowing.ogg
            night: http://*****.de/sounds/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http://*****.de/sounds/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http://*****.de/sounds/nighttime.ogg
            day: http://*****.de/sounds/daytime.ogg
        lava: http://*****.de/sounds/lava.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http://*****.de/sounds/train.ogg
        arctic: http://*****.de/sounds/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http://*****.de/sounds/nether.ogg
        underground: http://*****.de/sounds/underground.ogg
            night: http://*****.de/sounds/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http://*****.de/sounds/swamp_day.ogg
    used Versions:
    bukkit 1185
    Spout 1.0.6
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    Bradley Hilton

    I haven't tested this out yet, but does anyone know if it still works with bukkit 1240 and spout 1.0.6? I plan on testing this out later tonight and was just curious before I started...
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    Don't believe it does. Might be safe to assume this plugin has died. :(
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    Bradley Hilton

    :( Wonder if anyone can update it...
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    It's working with CB1240 and Spout 1.0.6, just had it running like that just yet.

    Anyways, if it's updated anywhere soon I hope someone fixes the "still playing the rest of biome sounds when disconnected from server" thing ... and maybe finds a new "open" sound. What I believe to be the sounds of crickets is giving me headache right away ^^

    @ rbs
    Seems okay, except for the URLs it's looking just like my config. I assume you're not just standing there waiting for it to start playing in-game, but walking around over to another biome or taking a minecart ride or something?
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    She's probably busy, this is one of the most innovative plugins out there, do not let it die :)
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    I Sooo want an update for this. New biomes need sounds and some minor framerate issues need a fix.
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    suggestion: include MAtmos into this plugin
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    I took myself the liberty to update the spout version to 1.8.1. Built and tested with CraftBukkit 1337. This is the first thing I've made in Java in ages but it seems to be working fine on my server right now.
    Chages include:
    • Made "Extreme Hills" play the Artic Sound
    • Removed Rain Forest as Notch took it away in 1.8
    • Added Ocean biome and a new sfx for it in the sound pack
    • Cleaned up the code from the old unused biomes
    Download plugin
    Download SoundPack
    Download the new ocean sound
    Source should be in the jar file.
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    I dont know if my clients want to download 85mb each play =s. another thing, the audio files I have set up dont loop is it possible to make them do so?
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    Well they just have to download is once if they just don't clear their cache. And for the looping you should just have long sounds because looping isn't really possible yet in Minecraft.
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    I'm gonna try this out. I really do hope it works, because it's just that bad ass. :)

    It works for me but lags some other players. :(

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    Yeah, there is a reason that it lags so ungodly amounts. The plug-in runs every time a player moves and that means it updates a whole lot as even looking a round counts as moving. I have an updated version that is a lot more optimised. As it only updates every 100 move and some other stuff, but I think it might be a small sound lag in it. You probably won't notice it unless you use some über headphones.
    I was not planning on releasing a new version until minecraft come out of beta though. But this will likely be the last release I make in this thread. When the next release comes I will have to make a own thread as I can't go stealing Laurina's thread forever.

    But anyway here is the updated one
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    Jeez, thanks. I'll try it out.
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    Can you make it using sign not command? Like this Line 1: (What name of that music will be use) Line 2: Range (per block square) Line 3: (More music if want make it cool like a train stations when operator is speaking another operator is speaking too :D) Because i'm looking that soundsystem like that for my train stations :D and that will help many user of your plugins to use your soundsystem and they can add the music anywhere they want not only dessert or what.
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    I could give that a try, the only problem that I see right now is that in order to play a tune it needs the full url to the file and fitting that on a sign was impossible last time I checked. What with only having 15 chars per row.

    But I will look into it, but probably not work on it until bukkit and spout gets updated.
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    No, simply don't use url anymore change the setting into connecting to biomesound folder plugins directly, thats all here the example:

    BiomeSound Plugins already make a shortcut when we writing a word in sign line 1 [biomesound] so when we type on line 2 a music name the real we was writing /plugins/biomesound/music.ogg


    Btw who are you? You are not the developer of this plugins.
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    I like this plug-in but it doesn't look like the Laurina is updating it. So instead of letting it fall into the pit of forgotten plug-ins I took it to me to update it. I would create an own bukkit dev page now, but the thing stopping me is that I need her permission to, and she haven't been here for months.

    Anyway I don't think you can allow downloads direct from the hosts plug-in folder so haveing a url is the only option AFAIK. But I can rewrithe the config to.
    FileHostUrl: http:/www.example.com/mcsfx
    Desert: desert.ogg
    Swamp: swamp.ogg
    Desert: http:/www.example.com/mcsfx/desert.ogg
    Swamp: http:/www.example.com/mcsfx/swamp.ogg
    Then the second row of the sign could be the name of the custom sound. But this will also force people to put all the sounds in the same place. I think most do that already so it's probable no big deal. But sign support is a good idea and I will more likely add it.
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    Can we just directly using it? Not editing the .yml manually
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    I can look into other ways of changing the setting, like permission based commands or something. May I ask why you don't like to edit the config.yml? Changing them from ingame seems more problematic than just editing the .yml.

    I could see if I can make a reload command so that you don't need to restart the server all the time if that is the problem.
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    Anyone have an updated version of this amazing plugin?
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    I just read a bit in the comments but Im aint know now if that works with Spoutcraft...
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    This only works with Spoutcraft clients.

    I tested a little bit arround and added some debug messages, when a sound should be played...
    I still get only some sounds working (extreme hills/arctic, forest day/night).

    I also optimized some code. If you want we could develop together on this plugin;)

    I'm not really sure why the sounds would not work for me, if i open the urls in a browser it plays the sounds. Should I hear sound the whole time when logged in? or is it like the minecraft music?:D
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    Thx to keep update i try it today and my member love it :)
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    This is a much better idea, also the sign triggered thing sounds AMAZING if you can pull it off!

    Thanks for all your help in keeping this plugin going, it really is an amazing asset to our servers!
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    I concur, we are still eagerly waiting on updates for this blessed plugin.

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