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    BiomeSound - Biome-Based Ambient Sounds:

    Version: v1.1

    This plugin requires BukkitContrib or Spout, and only clients using the BukkitContribSP mod or SpoutCraft client will benefit.
    Running the server once with BiomeSound installed will generate an example config.yml in the BiomeSound folder.
    Edit this as required (it will do nothing in its default state).

        desert: http://your.site.here/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http://your.site.here/forest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http://your.site.here/rowing.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http://your.site.here/nighttime.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/daytime.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http://your.site.here/train.ogg
        arctic: http://your.site.here/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http://your.site.here/nether.ogg
        underground: http://your.site.here/underground.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/swamp_day.ogg
        lava: http://your.site.here/lava.ogg
    The plugin works by causing a client-side sound to play at the player's current location.
    Another sound will play when the player has moved a certain distance from the last location where a sound started playing.
    You can adjust this distance with the nodeseparation parameter.
    The reason for doing it this way is to create subtle volume variations and the possible mixing of sounds (i.e. between two biomes).
    Exceptions are the boat and train sounds; these have no world locations and play at a uniform volume.
    The range parameter defines how far away the sound is audible.
    The volume parameter defines the absolute volume at which sounds play. Adjust this to taste.
    Sounds must reside on a webserver from where clients download them automatically. Downloaded sounds are cached, and so will only be redownloaded if the cache is deleted.
    Soundfiles must be long (10-15 minutes), with the exception of the boat and train sounds (these should be about 10 seconds long)..
    A set of royalty-free soundfiles that work well can be downloaded below.
    A silence.wav file is included, and can be used in case there are instances where you don't want a sound to play.

    This plugin is based on BiomeMessage by robin0van0der0v, and retains the /biome command functionality from it.

    • Causes client to play ambient sound appropriate to Biome.
    • Plays different sounds in the day and in the night, where appropriate.
    • Plays specific ambient sound when the player is deep enough underground.
    • Plays sound effects when the player is using a minecart or boat.
    • Plays sound effect when the player is near lava.
    • Use the /biome (or /b) command to learn what biome you're standing in.
    • Ops can use the command to check the biome locations of other players.
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for BukkitContrib 0.1.7)
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for Spout 1.0.1)
    (source code included in .jar)

    Download Sound Pack
    (85 MiB)
    Download only the lava sound (for those who have the old Sound Pack)

    Version 1.1
    • Project split into continued BukkitContrib support as well as Spout support.
    • Lava effect added.
    • Clients now always play ambient sound at their login location. Before, they would only do so the first time they logged in after a server restart.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    Iam not sure if thiss is fixable, but it is really weir if you have jungle sounds in a huge city build in a jungebiome, not having any tree near to you.
  3. Ok i got the mongoose thing and it works with localhost - one question though

    I host it off my computer for me and my brother, but my ip changes each time i turn the computer off (192.168.1.xx), is there any way I can set it to automatically use my ipv4 thing??
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    you might want to try setting a static ip for your computer's network connection. this guide is for win7: http://portforward.com/networking/static-win7.htm
  5. Thanks man, lol didn't realise you could actually set that number :D
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    np mate. it's pretty much a necessity once you start doing server stuff
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    4 Things.

    1. This is amazing, I tested it, freaking awesome, seriously, A+ Work!
    2. Your "recommended" sound pack is awesome!

    3. Is it possible to add a selection of wav, ogg, midi, after one is played?
    4. Will default MC music play too (ontop)


    Edit: 1

    Let me explain better,

    Okay, so you get into a boat:
    bowrow.ogg plays
    and music1.wav plays aswell
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    Just placed all the files in my recently discovered audiocache folder...all good now.
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    I'm having a problem like fatmarley's. I've got the plugin installed, running spoutcraft, got the location setup in the config, but nothing downloads. No errors, no server messages, nothing.

  10. if you've got it set up with your ip, make sure you've got the http:// at the start :)
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    Didn't work. I've got it set as:

    http://*MY IP*/T:/Bit Torrent Downloads/Minecraft 1.2.2/Bukkit 0.0.1/plugins/BiomeSound/biomesound_effects/rainforest_night.ogg
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    Hello. I've recently encountered an issue on my server concerning this plugin. I shut the server down and ran it by myself, and the issues is repeating itself, so I assume that this is the cause.

    I'm not receiving any console error, but essentially if I anyone with Spout logs onto the server it tends to cause tremendous lag, both server and client side, to the point of jarbled music and frequent disconnects. The sounds themselves are playing, after some struggle with getting the proper links, but the lag is incredibly unbearable.

    Is there any known cause to this? My server is very small, usually anywhere form 1 to 3 people on at any time, and I am currently the only one using Spout. I don't think it should be lagging like this. :<

    If particular information is needed, please ask. I can't really think of what would be relevant at the moment.
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    Amazing plugin, i installed it earlier today and the ambient noises just add so much depth to the gameplay, now if only mo' creatures was a bukkit plugin i would be in heaven, feel like your really in a natural world
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    I can't think of any reason why it should lag particularly much with that few users, even if all were using Spout.
    However, I haven' t been following the development of Spout closely. I don't use it myself, you see, because it was more convenient for me, on my server, to use BukkitContrib; it consists of fewer classes (some of which can be omitted), and so allows me to use certain client mods.

    It's conceivable that you might be suffering from a lack of available memory, perhaps.

    What's the T: doing in there?
    You have to put the sounds on a webserver, whether you run it yourself or if it's some webspace somewhere.
    If you're just running the server for yourself, you might try copying the sound files into the audio cache folder.

    1. Thanks :)
    2. Spent a while hunting for those sounds. They work well, I think :)
    3. BukkitContrib/Spout has no way of knowing when a track ends, unfortunately (as far as I know).
    4. Default music will play, as this plugin plays sounds as soundeffects rather than music.
    Music played through another plugin works also.

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    That's possible, but does playing the passive ambient sounds really eat up that much memory? I've run larger servers before with few issues, and now all of a sudden one person downloading one sound makes my computer crap itself? Seems odd if you ask me.
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    It does, but on the other hand if the plugin really caused massive lag, I'd expect more people than you to complain about it. And I'd probably experience it myself as well.
    Does the lag stop when the download is completed?
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    To be honest I don't even know if it's downloading. I know that it is playing the sounds which means it downloaded them at one point or another, and since I've added the plugin it has done nothing but lag. I can only assume it was recorded in the console at the time, but I was probably not in the right state of mind to have noticed.

    Could just be Spout, to be honest. I have no clue anymore.
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    No, it doesn't output downloads to the console.
    When you experience this lag, do the other users also experience lag?
    If yes, the server is lagged. If no, only your client is having trouble.
    In the latter case, try allocating more memory to it.
    Perhaps this is where I should ask for the specs of your hardware. Also, do you run the server and play minecraft on the same machine?

    Either dropbox was down or slow enough in responding to time out the download routine, which is part of BukkitContrib/Spout.
    You might try putting the sounds in your Public dropbox folder (without subfolders) and using the URLs that generates instead, just in case the download routine lacks some functionality and is having trouble with the links for that reason.

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    I changed my config, uploaded files on dropbox, used the links for everything and even used one of the config's listed on page 3. Nothing is working.
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    Must be an issue with Spoutcraft, then, I suppose. Or firewall. Does manually copying the sounds into the audio cache folder work?
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    No, I tried that as well.
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    Well it works now. Dunno. Sometimes work, sometimes not. It might be dropbox issue.
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    Maybe you exceeded the bandwidth use limitations that Dropbox imposes?
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    Is there a certified working config I could test out. Every config.yml shared on this thread so far hasn't worked.
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    If i had exceeded bandwidth limitations of Dropbox then It wouldn't work now.
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    The one kingpin posted earlier works, and is least likely to hit bandwidth limits.
        desert: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/forest_night.ogg
            day: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/rowing.ogg
            night: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/nighttime.ogg
            day: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/daytime.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/train.ogg
        arctic: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/nether.ogg
        underground: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/underground.ogg
            night: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/swamp_day.ogg
        lava: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/lava.ogg
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    Yeah, I tried that and it doesn't work unfortunately. It isn't my firewall, and my server works with every plugin except this one.

    Edit: Sounds like more people are having problem with this and Spoutcraft in general. I'll stick with the regular launcher for now until the bugs get hammered out.
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    Is it possible to store .ogg files not to download each time?
    DropBox only allows 10Gb a day.
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    is it possible that I can set a custom location to play sounds??
    for example an office building, it will play a sound like the ambient in a typical office
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    Nevermind. I has great host now with great bandwidth :p

    @Laurina - is it possible to block Notch music?

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