[Misc] APIHandler 0.3 - Connecting Plugins :3 [522]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Isabaellchen, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I quite like this idea.
    There are a lot of plugins that do the same thing and being compatible with each other would be great! (and a lot less coding :3)
    What i have also noticed is that plugins use for instance the same driver for sql. This could be encoproated into the api so that is uses the same driver as upposed to haveing 10 drivers all in different directories.
    But yeah i think it will be good (if enough people collaborate). So if theres anything i can do to help count me in.
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    There is a lib folder... it's where I placed hsqldb.jar that was used by some plugin, forgot which...
    But that might just be the way my host works, the folder was created when we migrated to bukkit.
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    I think the main problem could be, that if every API would discussed here it get pretty chaotic. My suggestion would be, if there is a thread for each API discussion.

    Also I'm thinking how a plugin could use yours. So there is a plugin which want an economy interface. Therefore it searches for the APIHandler plugin and requests the interface. But how I could check if I could USE this interface? For example if, the economy plugin is only available if the plugin itself is activated. So I need a way to check if I could use the plugin and if it is not available, what now? Select another interface? Add an listener to get informed when the interface is ready?

    And what is, if there are many interfaces for the same use.

    @ZachBora: But then without any plugin features (e.g. to show which plugins are bind to an API).

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