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    Version: v1.0

    Ever had the annoyance that you had built a super neat house and then you see that dramatic creeper walking towards your house and explode? Well, you can prevent these horrifying creepers!

    This plugin just prevents all creepers from spawning, this can be useful on servers which are pure construction. I use it on my server and in my opinion really great to be able to build without having to worry about creepers, that's why I am sharing this. I am not sure if there are other plugins like this around, but I didn't find anything.
    Features (open)

    Preventing creepers from spawning

    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.0
    ** Release of AntiCreeper

    Additional usable plugins (open)

    Download AntiCreeper

    If you still see creepers while running this plugin, please tell me, but I don't think that's possible.
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    i love this plugin! thx ^_^ its a LOT of help.
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    Any ETA for 766 support?

    Thanks :)
  4. Run on 766? thanks :)
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    since ive used this, then un installed because i found it was built into essentails already, i cant seem to spawn any mobs whats so ever ? ive sotp and restarted. still nothing :S i cant even spawn them :S
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    OK, the plugin worked fine. Up until my server went 24/7, now, Creepers all over the place. I have the plugin in the right place and all of my other plugins work fine, it's just this one, any reasons this could have happened/solutions?
    And yes, I'm running Craftbukkit build 740.
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    Sorry for bitching, but not everyone uses essentials or has any desire to do so. Advertise somewhere else. Thanks.
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    hey can you do so it works whit muti world ?!
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    I am sorry people, but I think I am going to quit minecraft modding.. I have been here for only a short time, but it was sure fun to have that much people liking this! Maybe I will return someday when my clan dies again. I will release my source publicly here, so anyone can modify it further and I approve if they want to release it, as long as you keep me in the credits for making the original version with an URL to the page of the original plugin.

    All of my plugins (even unreleased) and source of it can be found in this package: Public Releases/

    Note you can also use Java Decompiler in order to decompile .jar files.
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    Essentials failed to prevent creeper explosions. Essentials fails altogether. Sorry, great idea and concept but buggier than a $5 motel room.
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    Hey, awesome plugin! I've been looking for something like this to stop those pesky creepers.
    I noticed, though, that some people are having creepers continue to spawn because of some plugins interacting.
    Do you, or does anyone know if the following plugins would break this one:
    If so, please tell me. I hope to get this plugin but not if i'm going to set monsters to spawn and get a load of creeper in my face!
    Anyways, Thanks!
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    I think that would be CreatureSpawner, but I'm not really sure. Excuse me if it isn't conflicting.
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    This plugin is awesome, though its not updated :(
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    Essentials would block creepers on my server for a while but I'll get random "waves" of them spawning.
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    This is an extremely simple plugin - I'd be surprised if there were any breaks between 766 and now.

    If I'm wrong, please feel free to tell me so. But in the meantime, I think it's worth noting.
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    Does this still work with RB 10o0?
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    Test. Find out.
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    Yup. Confirmed, works with RB 1000. RB 1060 just came out so be testing again tomorrow.
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    Sincerely doubt there's any breaks. I wonder if we couldn't get a moderator in here to change the thread a bit?
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    Request a change in the title perhaps to reflect its compatibility with RB 1000. I'll report back tomorrow about RB 1060.
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    I think I'll take over this plugin. It's so crazy easy, I'll just have to change the thread every so often... :p
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    Working with RB 1060
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    ok this is rlly nice of jesse and KoryuObihiro, maybe I got no profile pic, maybe I jus joined, but I have an eye on plugins everyday, Go for it man, do it!!!
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    for me 1 or 2 creepers spawn once in awhile :eek:
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    Posted new thread here.
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    Way to necropost.
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    Sorry - stupid question - did I miss instructions about the config.yml file? What each line does, exactly?
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    dose the tnt aspect work with permissions for example so that only some people can active tnt
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    Blacklisting ON will make the listed worlds blacklisted for Creepers - otherwise it acts as a whitelist, and ONLY lets the listed worlds spawn Creepers.

    Nope, sorry.
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    actually i see creepers :(

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